Very close to primary day and this we know for sure

By Josh Resnek

We know the following for sure about the municipal election coming up.

Turnout will not be abundant.

In years past, municipal elections without a mayoral election to charge it up draws a generally weak vote.

Municipal elections without a great deal of controversy also tend to fall by the wayside in peoples’ mind, more or less.

There are candidates who have gotten their signatures and done a bit of work who do not have a chance of winning the seats they are running for.

This is fact of political life wherever elections are held.

Incumbents tend to get re-elected.

Newcomers fail.

However, nothing is set in stone. Anything can happen.

More often than not, voters end up getting more of the same.

Voters for the most part this time around aren’t hankering for a revolution or an earthquake.

Without such clamor, there is not hope or appetite for a revolution or an earthquake.

On the other hand, many voters are seeking change these days.

If enough of those folks come out to cast a ballot, well, everything can change. Early balloting for the primary is possible.

Check out the schedule.

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