School overcrowding

Suffice to say, not much has been done by the city to reduce over crowding in the public schools and now a new school year is upon us.

The overcrowding situation might have been relieved partially before the opening of schools this year, or might be well on its way toward improvement.

This has not yet happened.

The city is required to reduce the overcrowding in order to give everyone who attends public school here an opportunity to be educated in circumstances conducive to learning.

The overcrowding of the public schools remains a problem that must be solved, sooner rather than later.

The former Pope John High School remains empty and largely ready to go if an effort will be made to do what is necessary to mitigate the overcrowding.

Despite months and months of talking and debate, Everett has not moved forward on this issue.

This isn’t fair and it isn’t right for the students in the public school system.

City hall, the city council and the school committee need to move forward on this matter post haste.

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