The state of the union

Many of you who take an interest in national politics understand the split that exists between democrats and republicans as the presidential race unfolds this year.

It is a very acrimonious, angry split that leaves the nation without a clear direction.

In Everett there is a widening division between residents here on which way to move forward, of what is right for the future, and what is not.

The extraordinary economic activity has transformed a bit of the future from lazy to much bolder, and with that change has come a wider bridge to gap between old-time residents trying to preserve their neighborhoods and to find parking spaces, and to developers and newcomers to the city sensing greater economic opportunity.

Bridging the gap is the key to a smoother future here, we believe.

Not moving too further away from the old Everett while creating a new Everett that meets the demands of the future is not a simple task.

Listening to all the voices, being inclusive, sharing equity, building a more well rounded base of support should be what all our politicians are seeking.

City Hall remains the single most important guidepost in the city.

Efforts are being made to make city hall more responsive to all the people.

City hall appears to be listening.

Many battles will be fought in the coming months – not to mention the primary and the election about to be held.

Intrinsic to these coming elections are which way the city will head and how the city will lead.

Voting is what creates consensus.

Voting and the results are what change the path.

Prepare yourselves to vote – and don’t let the opportunity for you to have your say about the future of the city where you live and work.

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