Food insecurity

Everett’s two main free food stations at the Connolly Center and in the church on Church Street remain the city’s bulwark’s against food insecurity during these days of soaring inflation.

Many, many families suffer from food insecurity, that is, not knowing how and where the next meal for their families are going to come from.

The free food outlets service a population absolutely in need of more food than they can buy with the meager funds so many rely on.

However, not everyone who lines up for free food deserve free food.

Take, for instance the fellow who drove up Church Street recently and got his car in line at the food bank to load up his trunk.

A reader sent us a photograph of the Maserati with some of the food stuffed into the trunk.

We do not believe publishing such a photograph does justice to anyone relying on the Church street food bank for their free provisions so they can feed their families and themselves.

Such an event however proves the theory that not all the free food ends up in the right grocery carriages and trunks of those who come to gather it and to take it away.

We are not sure that there is enough food falling into the wrong hands to shore up security in order to pass out the food.

On the other hand, when a Maserati shows up in the free food line most of us should be left to wonder: “What the hell is up with that?”

During the height of the Great Depression during the 1930’s, the great American humorist Will Rogers remarked: “We’’ll be the first nation in the world to drive ourselves to the poor house.”

We suppose it is correct to mention that many people can’t afford to eat because the car payments they are forced to make.

Never the less, free food should go to those who need free food, not to people who drive Maseratis…unless they can prove they are starving.

By the way, the cheapest new Maserati comes in at $63,000.

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