22nd Anniversary of 9/11 once again rivets city and nation attention to loss

By Josh Resnek

The 9/11 tragedy will forever be a part of this city’s connection to the outside world and to the tragic events that unfolded on that day 22 years ago.

An Everett couple, Jim Trentini and his wife Mary, who lived in this city – Mr. Trentini was 1954 graduate of Everett High School – were passengers on American Flight 11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center.

Twenty-years have passed, and the somber recollection of what happened on that fateful day is again called to our consciousness.

On the Ten Year Anniversary of 9/11 a Candlelight Vigil and Service was held with many Everett residents attending on Sunday night, September 11, 2011.

Residents gathered outside the Parlin Library in Everett Square, which at the time, was the site of a proposed memorial to the 9/11 dead.

That memorial is now a reality and has been for many years as a reminder to all who pass by it that the victims, the heroes, and their families are permanently honored.

In the case of the Trentini’s, who resided here, this is especially true.

The Trentini’s lives were snuffed out by international terrorism with its roots in the Middle East.

Like so many of the nearly 3,000 who died that day when the Twin Towers went down, they had begun their day like any other only to have their lives snuffed out by a terrorist act.

Their memory is preserved by the monument in Everett Square.

They live on in the minds of those who knew them, who lived in this city with them, who considered them friends and by their family members for whom the grieving will never stop.

September 11 is a time to remember…and more importantly, a time to never forget.

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