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Are we dreaming or are these prices for lobster real? They are painfully for real!

Whole Foods advertises sale and sea food special delights. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Like many of us, I am a Market Basket shopper, and McKinnon’s shopper.

I try to stay away from spending $200 a basket for groceries when I shop.

I am also attracted to Whole Foods for a variety of reasons. I shop there for treats I cannot get at other markets.

When I find them, paying for them at the check out counter can be painful.

Inflation and conspicuous consumption are ever present at Whole Foods.

Nowhere does the face of runaway inflation present itself outrageously than it does at Whole Foods for some of the popular items sold there.

For instance, when I was last at Whole Foods I went to the fish counter.

I wanted to buy some sushi grade tuna to grill when I got home.

Whole Foods has a great fresh fish counter.

I got distracted by the “specials” being offered.

Let’s look them over.

How about the Sale for Lobster Salad?

Whole Foods was offering Lobster Salad for $44.99 a pound, that’s $5 off the $49.99 charge.

Mind you, the Lobster Salad looks just finer, a few bites of it might be very satisfying.

But at nearly $50 bucks a pound, many of us wonder who can afford to buy such an item, let alone to eat such expensive food?

Whole steamed lobsters can be bought at Market Basket for about $10 a pound of less at times recently. The lobsters steamed there are about 1 1⁄4 pound.

This translates into about 4 pounds of lobster for closer to $40 when by comparison, the Whole Foods shucked lobster for the same 4 pounds would be in the $240 area.

Yes. Cooked lobster meat at Whole Foods is offered at $59.99 a pound!

If that has you hesitant, then maybe you could try the cooked lobster claws.

At $37.99 a pound, they are a bargain!

But then, who among us who delights in eating lobster wants to eat lobster claw meat instead of the real thing, whole lobster meat from the tails mixed with claw meat and the arms connected with the claws.

The lobster marketplace in a state of inflated turmoil.

Down at Kelly’s on Revere Beach, they’ve lowered the price for lobster rolls from $27 to $23.

If you have a family of four who likes lobster, you just need about $100 to order up four of them at Kelley’s.


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