Tom Brady returns

Tom Brady’s appearance in a special ceremony at Gillette Stadium on Sunday was a moment to savor as well as a moment to wonder.

We savored seeing the GOAT, Number 12, receiving the roar of the crowd in appreciation for what he did for 20 years as a Patriot. At the same time, many of us wondered how Brady was ever allowed to move on to another team?

How could that have happened?

Letting Brady go was a bit akin to the Yankees getting rid of Babe Ruth when the Sultan of Swat was at the end of his illustrious career.

Letting Brady go was a sin as far as we are concerned.

Welcoming him back, with everyone appearing friendly to one another was a nice moment.

However it does very little to assuage the sense of loss knowing that the GOAT was let go after the most extraordinary career an NFL quarterback has ever had.

How could that Kraft’s have let Brady go?

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