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Vote on Primary Day

Residents can show how they feel about things in general and about candidates in specific by getting out to vote next Tuesday.

Many thousands of voters are expected to cast a ballot next Tuesday. In fact, more than 2,000 have already voted by sending in mail ballots or by appearing at city hall and casting a vote.

The more voters who come out to have their say, the stronger the local democracy will appear to be.

It is the collective voice of the people who vote who determine who runs this city.

A strong vote on Primary Day will be an affirmation that many more residents are paying closer attention to what goes on at city hall.

The will of the people in a free vote is the ultimate verdict about how the people feel and about who they want to represent them.

From election to election, the mantra is simple: get out and vote. You have your say by casting your vote.
If you don’t vote, well, you have failed to participate in perhaps the important aspect of our political system. So get out and vote on Tuesday!

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