Garcia and Le in virtual tie in Ward 4; 2 votes separate them, Garcia on top

Kit Bridge (right photo) is out of it but her votes might make the difference against incumbent Jimmy Tri Le (center photo) in the final if they go to Holly Garcia (left photo).

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Jimmy Tri Le was bested by 2 votes by Holly Garcia, a political newcomer who is a lawyer and activist.

This was not exactly a landslide.

Rather, it revealed just how close voting will likely be in the November finale between these two candidates.

Garcia’s finish was a surprise, and no one was more surprised than Le.

He finished out the pre-primary period with hanging many signs and working his base, which is substantial.

Garcia, on the other hand, worked the ward with a grassroots effort, meeting residents and voters, and making great gains doing so.

The result – a 2 vote difference between the two. Garcia’s repeated appearances on city council broadcasts by ECTV as a public speaker had to have aided in her effort for recognition.

Le’s absence from nearly everything having to do with the city council because of a court difficulty for over a year, did not help in his effort to remain a viable candidate.

And yet he did do this without much public attention being paid to him.

Garcia is on a very positive upbeat track considering her position as the new candidate on the block.

She might be aided in her quest to knock Le out of the box if she gains the support of former ward councilor candidate Kit Bridge.

If Bridges 55 votes go to Garcia, this could very well spell the end of Le’s control of this council seat.

Garcia is a very public person.

Le has been hobbled to a certain extent by not being able to attend council meetings because his legal difficulty.

This dynamic is sure to play out during the weeks leading up to the November final.

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