Everett fire chief resigns; deputy chief appointed provisional acting chief

By Josh Resnek

Everett Fire Chief Scott Dalrymple (above) has reigned.

Fire Chief Scott Dalrymple has resigned and Deputy Chief Sabato LoRusso has been appointed provisional acting chief, according to a fire department official and several sources said to be familiar with the sudden change of leadership.

Dalrymple’s resignation apparently came on the heels of a new recruit being fired by the chief after he allegedly left a shift a half day early without being given permission by his commanding officer.

When a request was made to Dalrymple from city hall, and by an official with the firefighter’s union that the new recruit be rehired, Dalrymple melted down at being told what to do.

“I run the fire department,” Dalrymple allegedly told a city hall official.

“No you don’t. I do,” the city hall official apparently shot back.

What ensued after this short interaction was Dalrymple putting in his resignation, set to take effect within three days, and which became effective Monday, according to a fire department official.

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