Flores on a roll

The Crimson Tide’s new football coach, Justin Flores, helped his players to score an impressive victory last weekend against Boston College High School.

But more than that, Flores has come into his own quickly with the players and with the staff, to get EHS Crimson Tide football off to a great start this season.

It is not easy to coach the Crimson Tide.

The job, after all, is not just about coaching, but guiding one of the most successful high school football programs in the state.

To the credit of Flores, he is doing just that, and these early successes and positive record gives hope for the rest of the season in front of him and in front of loyal Crimson Tide fans.

Anything can happen in high school sports, and it quite often does.

One thing for now is for certain, the team under Flores watchful eye is melding together into a Crimson Tide winning team – and this is very satisfying to watch.

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