The Patriots, again

Some New England Patriots football fans said they haven’t lost hope in the 1-4 Patriots after their disastrous 34-0 outing last Sunday.

“Patriots fans say the beginning of the season has been tough to watch,” wrote a WBZ news reporter.

That news reporter might well have been described a root canal without novocaine causing a great deal of discomfort.

Either that, or he might have been describing the feeling one would have with the amputation of say a leg just above the knee without anesthesia.

The Patriots performance last week was so depressing, I shut off the flat screen.

Time and time again I wonder aloud and in this space, how could the Krafts and the Patriots have let Tom Brady go?

How could the GOAT have been allowed to get away?

Was it money?

Was it jealousy?

Was it control?

How did they let him get away?

What we are witnessing this year so far is the beginning of the end of the Patriots, which has been coming our way since Brady left the nest.

In fact, last year the downward trend intensified.

Mac Jones, well, he can’t perform. He doesn’t know the way. He can’t get into the red zone and he can’t score when he gets into the red zone.

It is an impossible thing after two decades of watching heroic, sometimes incredible and miraculous winning Patriots football and now having to turn off the tv because they are last place bad.

What to do?

Let Jonathan Kraft and his father figure it out…and may they always rue the day they let Tom Brady get away.

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