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Halloween spider webs. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Halloween coming

If you and your kids and your grandkids are looking to celebrate Halloween, well, Salem is the placed to be.

Don’t get me wrong, Everett has some great decorations throughout the city, but Halloween in Salem is quite like any other celebration of the holiday.

Right now, with Halloween less than two weeks away, about 25,000 to 30,000 people a day are visiting the Witch City.

On Halloween night, Salem will be visited by thousands of those will be dressed up as Frankensteins, Vampires, Zombies, Witches, Freddy and on and on.

What a night that will be to experience – or to stay as far away from as one can!

Right now, you can still get in and out of Salem and enjoy its many restaurants and outdoor venues, grab a great artisan pastry from AJ King’s Bakery, grab a cheap hearty lunch at Red’s, visit the Witch Museum, The Peabody Museum, The House of Seven Gables, or Gallows Hill where all the witches were hanged in the 17th Century and you can have your palm read and talk with witches and dress up as you like and get lost in the vast crowds visiting the place.

It is a spectacle.

Check it out – as we are sure many of you have. If you haven’t been to Salem in a while, well, Halloween is a good time to stay away or to dive right in.

There is something there for everyone.

Transporting national champions

The Crimson Tide High School’s Percussion Group has taken possession of one of its most prized objects – a new major league method of storage and transportation for its equipment in a major league cross country truck trailer capable of hauling all its equipment.

This will allow for a seamless method of delivery to points of destination where the Everett High School Percussion Ensemble can compete with others across the nation.

Last year, the EHS Percussion Ensemble was a national finalist.

It is consistently a top finisher in competitions.

Thanks to Senator Sal DiDomenico for his considerable aid in making this trailer happen – and to all the parents and the leaders of the Percussion group as well as its core, the kids themselves!

Costa versus DiPierro

Can Councilor Dennis Costa beat former Councilor Anthony DiPierro?

Costa believes that with hard work and an open ear, anything can be achieved in a ward council race.

He is facing a former councilor who is very confident, in fact, overconfident.

The former councilor has been doing the perfunctory campaigning – photo ops with influential relatives, hanging signs, hundreds of them, distributing “newsletters” to door steps throughout the ward.

Much has changed since DiPierro was last a councilor.

Much has changed since Costa filled his vacant seat.

It is difficult to know how voters are going to react to the “new” DiPierro as much as it is a mystery to know whether or not his campaigning and close up discussions with so many residents in the ward can have an impact on Costa’s candidacy.

One candidate is overconfident. The other candidate makes no boasts.

We shall see what happens soon enough.

Encore juggernaut slowing down…a bit

Just at a time when the city is trying to squeeze millions more dollars out of Encore, gaming revenues have taken a bit of a downturn.

Mind you, not a dramatic downturn, but a downturn significant enough to cast a small shadow on negotiations now apparently going on to redo the Host agreement.

Those negotiations are secret, at least that’s what we’ve been informed by Councilor Darren Costa – and he should know. He pays close attention to such things.

So we have an idea – let’s stretch out the negotiations a bit until the figures go back to the upswing and get more money for the city.

At the very least, someone at city hall should apprise residents what’s going on with the negotiations.

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