Costa on Rivergreen

Councilor Darren Costa’s front page Op-Ed piece in this edition of the Leader Herald reveals why Ward 4 voters should re- turn him to office on Election Day.

His balanced, thoughtful, studied criticism of the proposed Rivergreen residential housing development project and a 14 acre park in front of it is of unusual quality for an Everett Ward 4 councilor.

His is the kind of bold and honest expression of common sense that should make him a shoo in to be returned to the seat he has held since being appointed after the former councilor, now running against him, resigned.

That being said, there is a great deal to contrast and to compare between Costa and his opponent.

Costa’s Rivergreen postulations all resonate.

He claims the developer’s failure to adhere to the city’s affordable housing initiative exactly is a “non-starter.”

And he is right.

We urge you to read through Costa’s Op-Ed.

It speaks well of the type of leadership and vision he has. Ward 4 voters should look into the candidates and make judgments about who they are, who they represent, what they are about and whether or not they are rubber stamps or they think for themselves.

Whether or not they see people for who they are or judge them by other standards is another measure of comparison that needs to be made.

The Rivergreen Op-ed is about more than just a real estate development.

It is about a ward councilor race, Darren Costa, and his opponent.

The winner of that race determines how the future unfolds.

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