The changing weather

It has been a long post summer season leading into this warmer than usual fall.

This we know for certain.

In two months, we will have only the slightest inclination to think about the changing colors, the falling leaves, and the drop- ping temperatures.

In two months, with climate change or not, it will be cold and blustery, even snowy from time to time.

Our heat will be one constantly.

We will not be wearing floppies and summer shorts with short sleeves.

We will be lamenting the onset of the New England winter which, despite climate change, remains exquisitely the New England winter.

There have been several times during previous centuries when the winter never came, and likewise, there have been several times over the centuries when winter never ended and summer failed to appear.

2023 would appear to be heading for a New England winter. Get set. Get ready to turn on your heat!

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