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Her space is empty

One thing has been proven now that Priya Tahiliani has been placed on administrative leave.

What is that?

That if you have the votes, anything the school committee or the administration wants can be delivered nicely on a silver platter.

Such was the case last week with Tahiliani.

She had been, for many months, like a prisoner with a noose around her neck, standing atop a gallows with the trap door ready to fall at any moment.

Last week, with a 7-3 vote, the trap door swung open.

Curiously or not so curiously, her fate is not unlike that of many superintendents in Massachusetts who must be prepared to do the school committee’s business or be gone.

Superintendents are placed on administrative leave or fired all the time.

That is the ultimate power of all school committees – not to know anything about public school education, but rather, to exercise the ultimate power to hire and fire the superintendent.

How ironic that politics should run public school departments.

52nd Annual Fall Banquet

(Wednesday November 15th)
Tony Massarotti will be the featured speaker at the E Club’s Annual Banquet at Spinelli’s in Lynnfield. Tony has been writing and talking about sports in Boston for more than 30 years. He is currently an on-air personality at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, where he is co-host of Felger & Mazz and host of The Baseball Hour with Tony Mazz. He is a two-time Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year and has authored five books, all on Boston sports.

The E Club will be presenting four Civic Achievement Awards to Yasmine Laabadla, Stacy Schiavo, Dave Erlandson, Dick Mangerian(posthumously) accepted by daughter Christine Gumbrecht. This year’s outstanding senior football player will be presented by the Everett High School Head Football Coach Justin Flores. Come and join an evening of enjoyment with family and friends. Ticket Prices are $65 and can be reserved by calling Mr. Colson at 617-650-0469. These reservations are required, but you may pay at the door. Pay online at WWW.ECLUBOFEVERETT.COM. You can also Sponsor Student tickets, which are $35 each. These sponsorships encourage student athletes to attend the dinner in support of their friends and find out what the E Club has to offer them in the future.

Veterans Day 2023

All veterans are encouraged to attend and all are welcome to honor those who served.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, alongside the City of Everett’s Veterans Services Department, is pleased to announce the City of Everett will be hosting the annual Veterans Day Ceremony and Luncheon on so those who have served in any branch of our country’s military are encouraged to attend the ceremony and enjoy a complimentary luncheon afterwards.

“As we enter the season of giving and being thankful, we are grateful for the opportunity to show our appreciation for the men and women who served our country with this annual ceremony and luncheon,” said Mayor DeMaria. “Everyone, whether you served or not, is welcome to join us in honoring and thanking all those who served and sacrificed so much for us all.”

Saturday, November 11, at 10 a.m., at the Connolly Center, 90 Chelsea Street.

All are welcome to attend this Veterans Day ceremony to honor the men and women who have served our country. For more information, please visit

John Deere 310 SL Backhoe

The city has announced the purchase of a John Deere 310 SL backhoe to be added to the DPW fleet of equipment.

For the uninitiated who think that paying $170,000 for such a piece of equipment is a bit rich, think again.

John Deere equipment is the finest buy a city or a nation can make when buying a backhoe that does the work of 50 men in an hour.

The John Deere Company, which is headed in Iowa, is the world’s largest supplier of farm and industrial equipment.

It will dig trenches. It will dig up tree stumps and can participate in snow removal with its front
end loader.

This is the equivalent of an attack vehicle that has many

moves and if maintained, will last as long as a decade.

John Deere rules.

Handicapping the numbers

The city’s election guru Diane Pietrantonio has predicted a 25% voter turnout in Everett on Tuesday.

If 25% of registered voters turn out, then approximately 5,000 men and women voters in this will have cast a ballot when all is said and done.

So far, almost 2,000 voters have cast their votes early.

The results for many of the hopefuls rests on how many people come out to vote.

More marginal candidates or those close to beating out another candidate all do better with more voters coming out.

Fewer voters coming out serves to benefit those candidates who rely upon older voters as older voters vote more frequently than younger voters in election after election.

Let’s see how close Pietrantonio came to predicting the total vote!

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