From bad times to tragedy

The New England Patriots loss Sunday to the Commanders catapults this season’s Patriot’s exploits from bad to tragic.

The ending Sunday with an intercepted pass from the hapless quarterback Mac Jones, signaled a new and more depressing low to a pro football season that is already over for the Pats, and for those of us who are loyal followers of the Patriots.

Now 2-7, the Pats appear unable to buy themselves a win consistently.

The only consistent thing about this season of despair are the losses.

Winning isn’t everything, so many of us like to say. It’s how you play the game.

Losing seven games is just about the season for this Pat’s team – and needless to say, they are finding it hard to notch more W’s. Winning, as Tom Brady often said, is a very hard thing to do consistently in the NFL.

The GOAT new of what he spoke.

At the gut level, that is, at the level where common folks like those of us who tune in to watch the Pats, are nearing the point where tuning in is just too much pain to endure.

We wonder what Jonathan Kraft and his father Bob Kraft are thinking sitting there in the owner’s box watching these games where the franchise is going to hell in a hand basket?

What can they be thinking? What are they going to do?

Whatever it is, it better happen fast.

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