Fred Capone’s return

The very public exchange between the mayor and former councilor and Attorney Fred Capone at the last meeting of the school committee showed that Capone has not yet given up on expressing himself in public, and taking on the mayor.

Capone, of course, lost for mayor last time out, to the mayor, who reminded him of that at the meeting.

However, Capone’s overtly aggressive posture at the meeting towards the mayor, and the mayor’s angry response to Capone, indicates that we may not have seen the end of the battle between these two for the corner office.

Capone has remained conspicuously quiet about his future intentions.

Whether or not he runs for mayor again is a big question among many voters throughout the city.

It is very likely something the mayor is wondering about.

What Capone showed last week, he never showed during the last election effort…and that was a nose to nose kind of exchange with the mayor that drew oohs and ahhs from the crowd that attended the meeting.

The most often heard response from a wide variety of those who witnessed the heated exchange expressed the belief that maybe Capone would have won if he exhibited that kind of fight last time out.

The past is prologue.

As for Capone, he remains tight lipped about what his future intentions are.

Many eyes are on him, and this likely includes the mayor’s.

Time will tell what happens.

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