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Rout of incumbents marks voting for school committee

By Josh Resnek

School committee balloting last week produced a nearly complete change of the power structure on the school committee.

Incumbent at large member Cynthia Sarnie did not make the cut in a surprising development.

The winners were: Joseph LaMonica, who pulled off one of his sweetest victories. A stalwart of the mayor’s, he survived while many of his colleagues were left behind.

Samantha Hurley, a first timer who scored a rather impressive victory and the other Samatha, Samantha Lambert, who has become the conscience of the school committee.

Lambert topped the ticket.

Ward voting is what made this election exciting and treacherous for incumbents.

In Ward 1, in a not so surprising victory, Margaret Cornelio topped longtime member and incumbent Millie Cardello.

Incumbent Ward 2 member Jason Marcus was beaten by Joanna Garren.

Although she had no opponent, Incumbent Ward 3 member Jeanne Cristiano scored a bigger vote than anyone on the ward ballots for school committee.

Ward 4 contender James Mastrocola, who believed he had a sure win on Election Day, lost to Robin Babcock.

Ward 5 Marcony Almeida Barros was unopposed.

In Ward 6, Joseph D’Onofrio scored a big victory over former councilor Thomas Abruzzese.

Cardello, Marcus and Sarnie – three incumbents losing- represented three sure votes for the mayor.

Also, Mastrocola losing would likely have been a sure vote for the mayor.

D’Onofrio has not publicly said much about where he stands – but we shall soon enough find out.

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