Quick, Cheap, Delicious Steak Dinner In Less Than Ten Minutes…And SOOO Good

By Josh Resnek

I am always searching for the perfect, quick, absolutely delicious dinner. Mind you, I don’t want a large plate of food, rather, things that are delicious.

Each bite must be a treat and completely satisfy me or the dinner doesn’t work.

During a writing day when I ate scraps all morning (potato chips, and afternoon, mixed with small sweets, Hostess cinnamon squares, glasses of milk and Coca Cola, I finally settled down for dinner.

I had bought several days back a three ounce piece of Black Angus steak at Market Basket.

Truth be known, I do not eat meat anymore. Sometimes however, I cannot resist a bit of beef cooked rare and glazed with a thick sweet and sour essence.

The beef was $5.00.

I also purchased a plastic container of arugula lettuce – maybe $3.00 bucks.

I cooked the beef in an iron pan – maybe three minutes on each side leaving the center rare, and tender, and in this instance, tasty too.

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St. John’s Prep Announces Academic Honors for Third Quarter 2021-2022

St. John’s Prep recently announced the names of students who earned academic honors for the third quarter of the 2021–2022 school year. Students who qualified for the Headmaster’s List earned grades of A- or above in all courses; students who qualified for the Principal’s List earned grades of B+ or above in all courses; and students who qualified for the Honor Roll earned grades of B or above in all courses.

The following students were named to the academic honors list for the Third Quarter 2021– 2022.

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Michael Matarazzo, Former City Clerk, Historian, Musician, Politician, Real Estate Broker – an Everett Man for All Seasons

By Josh Resnek

Michael Matarazzo, one of Everett’s best known and best liked former public officials, died suddenly last Thursday.

He was 68.

Mike “Marty” Matarazzo

Mr. Matarazzo’s death was made all the more difficult and impossible to deal with for his family and friends because it occurred so close to the recent death of his son, Michael in April at the age of 36.

Mr. Matarazzo was devastated and he was thrown into a state of deep despair by his son’s death – as was his entire family.

It is very likely that “Marty” as he was lovingly known, died of a broken heart.

Mike Matarazzo as city clerk was among the most widely known and respected public servants in Everett’s modern his- tory. He cast a substantial presence in the clerk’s office during his 11 year tenure as city clerk.

Mr. Matarazzo was a good looking man with a great smile and a hearty laugh and a good sense of humor. He was a major league character in the life and times of the city of Everett. He knew of what he spoke at all times. Residents with needs were always drawn to him – and he never disappointed them.

He was an honest, hard-working, intelligent public official at city hall as clerk and as a member of the former Board of Aldermen many years before.

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Three pull papers for rep race: Can McGonagle pull it out again?

By Josh Resnek

Will disgraced Councilor Anthony DiPierro, beset by a litany of anti-Black and Brown racist comments and calls for him to resign, be leading Representative Joe McGonagle’s campaign in the upcoming election contest?

That is the question.

“No he will not,” McGonagle told the Leader emphatically during a telephone interview Monday afternoon.

“He will have nothing to do with my re-election effort,” he added.

To date, McGonagle, Councilor Mike Marchese and Guerline Alcy, an at large candidate for city council who lost by five votes last time out, have taken out papers.

They have all been gathering signatures for the battle to follow.

Most political observers agree – McGonagle is hard to beat but not impossible to beat.

Alcy revealed a great deal of strength running for at large council.

She is expected to roll that over into her repertoire to give McGonagle a real challenge.

As a Black woman, as a longtime resident, and as one of the Haitian community’s most popular advocates, Alcy will do very well.

But she needs help.

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Roe versus Wade

Just at the moment when this nation couldn’t be more divided comes the US Supreme Court having already decided to overturn Roe-versus Wade.

We all learned this because the decision has already been written – for better or worse, more or less – and revealed to the US public because of a clandestine effort that resulted in the early release of the draft decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

A fury has erupted among those who believe women have the right to the sanctity of their own bodies and those who believe the government should dictate what is right for women and what is wrong.

More than half the nation believes abortion as it stands right now is acceptable, that unwanted children not provided for by an uncaring society is as bad an act as abortion.

The vocal and enormous opposition believes abortion is a crime against humanity, that life above all, always, is the choice to make.

Both sides have a point.

What are we to do about the Supreme Court making such a decision?

We must accept it and work around it. It depends what you believe in.

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