Inspirational 150th Everett High commencement

June 9: EHS grads shout and applaud during 2021 graduation ceremony at Veterans Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

403 graduates receive diplomas


The Everett High School Class of 2021 made it over the finish line with flying colors last Wednesday in an upbeat ceremony during a traditional graduation.

The pandemic now slipping away behind us in memory allowed for a much more unrestrained celebration Wednesday. Keynote speaker Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani struck just the right note during the graduation with her words.

“You have all gotten here on a very similar road together,” she told the graduates seated in front of her.

“You are a graduating class with integrity and grace that will go down in history.”

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232K pay blasted by opponents

Adrien, Capone call it greedy, shocking, say $140k more like it


Revelations the mayor is making more than $232,000 a year working part-time hours sent shock waves throughout the politically connected in this city where politics is a blood sport.

If the city provided for health insurance is included, the mayor’s salary is in the $250,000 a year range, substantially higher than big-city mayors across the nation, according to a Leader Herald story published last week.

The mayor remained silent about protests concerning his bloated compensation and assertions by Adrien that he works part-time hours.

Adrien said last week the mayor’s salary should be in the $140,000 territory, irrespective of what others make working their jobs in city government.

Adrien’s mayoral campaign Facebook site attracted hundreds of visitors to the story, many of whom (well over 100) left comments deriding the salary as “too much”, and as “a waste,” with many visitors expressing outrage and shock that the mayor is being paid so high a salary.

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New HS cost could top $400M


Assistant School Superintendent Charlie Obremski told the city council Monday night that a new high school is needed, is being applied for, and thus a five-year effort has begun.

Councilors questioned Obremski, who came prepared, as is his pro forma.

Obremski was knowledgeable, informed, and adept at treating everyone who questioned him with respect.

“The overcrowding of the schools is a real problem. We’re trying to deal with it as best

we can. Right now, we’re just putting in a document of “interest” to put us in line for another school. Again, that will take about five years. We need a long-term solution,” Obremski told the city council.

“It could cost as much as $400 million – $450 million,” Obremski said in response to a series of questions from the councilors.

The state will reimburse the city approximately 78%-80% of the total cost, which will still leave the city with a substantial financial responsibility.

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How to beat Carlo DeMaria


The mayor forever, who cannot lose, who no one can beat is not guaranteed reelection this year.

The world has changed, the nation is a different place. Everett is hardly recognizable to the old-timers responsible for re-electing the mayor over and over.

What worked four years ago will not likely work this election season.

The mayor is facing two candidates.

Gerly Adrien wants to take the mayor and his cabal of highly paid order takers and send them packing.

She is transparent, honest and she has integrity.

If Adrien can put 500-1000 women in front of city hall with the eyes and ears of the local media world listening to her undress the mayor in public because of his past reported sexual assaults and payoffs to keep women quiet, the general belief is that she can quite possibly pull an upset. Women wanting to be equals in the mayor’s man’s world, women who want their place in city government, and who are excluded or kept out of city government by the mayor could have a big impact.

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Matewsky resumes council presidency

June 14: City Council president Wayne Matewsky returned to the chair Monday at city hall after recovering from a heart attack he suffered while on vacation. (Image capture by Josh Resnek)

Wayne Matewsky returned to city hall Monday night to take over the leadership of the city council again.

“I am pleased and feel blessed to be back here. You cannot imagine how grateful I am to return to the council to serve the people of Everett,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald.

Matewsky’s return follows a remarkable recovery from serious health issues and surgery two months ago.

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