Monday, June 11th began signups for the mayor’s Club Fit Kids’ program. The program, which will run for four weeks between the months of July and August, was a huge success among Everett’s youth and their families last year.

The Mayor has remained committed to bringing more health and wellness opportunities and education to Everett and its residents. The administration developed the Club Fit Kids’ program out of the Health and Wellness Center to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for children between the ages of 4-9. The curriculum includes indoor as well as outdoor fitness play along with daily nutritional segments.

Fitness games, play and challenges have nutritional lessons directly related to them, so children can better understand each lesson in a fun and creative way. Continue reading SIGNUP YOUR CHILD FOR THE HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER’S CLUB FIT KIDS’ PROGRAM

Celebrity suicides are explainable Like all suicides

The outside world comes inside even here in Everett and so we thought it was useful to discuss briefly the suicides of the designer Kate Spade and the chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain.

As many of our readers might well be aware, these two ended their lives last week, both by hanging. Both left young children, she a daughter 12 and he a daughter 11 respectively.

Their deaths come as a shock because these were two celebrities with tons of money and success and fame and all that.

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Eastern Minerals will do more than its fair share of giving back to the city

Those of us who know the Mahoney Family, the owners of Eastern Minerals, winced when we heard several councilors threatening and degrading the family and the company they own when the company attorney came to city hall last week to make sure the company was granted the licenses to operate it was seeking.

The council granted the licenses, which were given by right. But the denouncement of Eastern Minerals by several councilors was ugly, inappropriate and given the circumstances, about as self-serving and wrong as it gets at Everett city hall.

The Mahoneys are among the most philanthropic and generous business owners to move into this community in decades.

Just ask the folks in Chelsea where Eastern Minerals has transformed the Chelsea River waterfront into a public walkway and parkland while at the same time storing their salt on the property.

Eastern Minerals recently purchased for $15 million a 15 acre site near to our border with Chelsea with an outlet into the Mystic River from Boston Sand and Gravel.

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The mayor’s budget

We are being cautioned by the mayor and the city’s chief financial officer Eric Demas that 2019 will be a lean year to be followed by a year of plenty in 2020.

What is the city’s plan to meet this new challenge?

Keep spending taxpayer dollars without making substantial cuts to meet the possible deficit challenge.

Efforts by the city council to cut the 2019 budget – which stands at $232 million when we last looked – amounted so far to a total of $235,000.

That’s the cost of a nice new Mercedes, the expensive type the mayor prefers to drive.
The talk around city hall is that the city can’t afford the upcoming spending season before the casino has opened.

The talk is this – the city can’t afford the budget but the city can’t afford to cut the budget and besides, the city government is constitutionally unable to cut spending. This includes the mayor and Demas.

There is also the collective negative sigh among the mayor and Demas that the schools are going to need more money because of their perpetual overspending – even though it is the mayor and Demas who underfund the schools causing the appearance of overspending.

On the matter of school spending it has come to us that a member of the mayor’s blue ribbon finance panel looking into the city’s spending habits has apparently said that the schools are underfunded! Continue reading The mayor’s budget

Top Ten Taxpayers in Everett

Tax Graph

By Kate Resnek

The top ten taxpayers in Everett are giving the city a combined amount of about $27 million dollars in property taxes, a review of assessing records at city hall reveals.

These ten taxpayers are as varied as night is from day. They provide a number of different goods and services for the City of Everett and the State of Massachusetts. From one of the largest powerplants in the state, to scrap metal recycling, to banking, investments, and real estate; the top ten taxpayers are a varied group.

The Mystic Power Plant owned and operated by Exelon currently pays the highest property taxes in the city with a yearly tax of $15 million dollars. This they pay for their 66-acre plot of land which is valued by the assessor’s office at around $444 million dollars.

The next highest taxpayer is DDRC Gateway LLC which owns and operates the Gateway Shopping Center on Mystic View Road. In comparison to the Mystic Power Plant however Gateway’s contribution is comparatively more modest at $3.8 million each year for their 97-acre property.

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