DiDomenico & McGonagle Announce Passage of Legislation Providing Immediate Relief to Municipalities During the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

Last week, Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Joe McGonagle announced that the House and Senate passed a bill to provide necessary relief to municipalities, taxpayers, restaurants, and state authorities impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and State of Emergency declaration.

The bipartisan legislation extends the state income tax filing deadline for residents; addresses disruptions in municipal tax collections and permitting; and allows licensed restaurants to sell certain alcoholic beverages with food take-out and delivery orders, among other provisions.

“Now more than ever, our communities, taxpayers, and small businesses need extra support during these difficult times, said Senator DiDomenico. “I am proud of the action we have taken to provide relief for the hardworking people of our Commonwealth, and I am grateful to my colleagues in the Legislature for ensuring that our residents and business community remain a top priority during this unprecedented crisis.”

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Responding to disruptive forces is what truly matters

What will life look like after this?

By Walt Pavlo
For the Leader Herald

A year ago, Everett’s future was about as bright as it had ever been. Looking down Broadway toward Boston one could see a completed casino, a huge bronze building that defined our side of the Mystic river. Then, Everett was on edge and many in the state divided as to whether Wynn would or should get its license because of strong allegations of sexual harassment by its former chairman Steve Wynn and an environment of covering it up. Wynn prevailed, the casino opened and, despite a few scuffles by late-night miscreants, we had 5,000 new jobs in our town.

Now, the casino is closed like many businesses in our town. While Encore is paying its employees for now, something we applaud here at the Leader Herald, we are all experiencing a time of uncertainty. What will life look like on the other side of coronavirus? It will be different.

We are all taking time indoors, for the most part with family, but we have our moments of solitude where we must confront the reality. We are asked to be brave and be strong but it is okay to feel fear, to embrace it for a positive change.

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The 2020 sports season

At this moment it is difficult, indeed, it is almost impossible to imagine stepping inside Fenway Park with 35,000 people seated literally on top of each other.

The same can be said of what it would feel like to be at Gillette Stadium, without Tom Brady quarterbacking the team, during the post virus era.

Will large crowds like those we are used to come out anytime soon to fill our stadiums again?

Will this happen this summer?

It is doubtful summer will find the virus epidemic all cleared up and the stadiums filled with cheering fans rollicking in the stands.

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The city’s response

The health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus has caused the city’s competent and professional well oiled communications apparatus to send out to the residents of Everett by press release and e-mail, on Facebook and through other Internet links, an abundance of up to the day information regarding the city’s response to every situation that comes up as a result of the virus’ impact on our lives.

The mayor writes not a word of what he signs to go out under his signature and with his photograph when it comes to information about what the city is doing to respond to the crisis.

This isn’t plagiarism in its truest form but it is taking credit for something you have not done, that frankly, the mayor would be incapable of doing.

The city’s public face, modeled through the information it dispenses, is created and distributed by his staff.

The city’s media director, its day to day media operations major general is Tom Philbin.

He knows what he’s doing. He’s a straight shooter.

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Thank you to the Everett Health Department

Steve Supino, the Executive Director of Health and Human Services for the City of Everett, should be congratulated for the leadership he has shown during this coronavirus epidemic.

He has stepped up to the plate big time.

He’s been around a long time.

He knows what he’s doing.

He understands how to organize a response to specified health needs. He is a credit to the Health Department and a complete gentleman who cares.

It is a dangerous moment to be a city health official in Everett The Health Department is the city’s first line of defense in this crucial period when the virus has been causing widespread sickness throughout the nation, and here in Everett.

Calls to this office have become a daily crush all day and into the night.

Everyone in the Health Department, Elaine Silva, Director of Health and Nursing, Sabrina Torra, Public Health Nurse, Joanne Agnes, Community Health Nurse, Caitlin Norden, Clerk and Paul Guarino, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, should be given the city’s thanks for a difficult job being well done on an a 24/7 basis.

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