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All Revved up With Nowhere to Go

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor is bored with being the mayor.

He hates going into his office at city hall.

He is rarely there.

He dislikes having to appear before the city council, and does so only when absolutely necessary.

He’s been there and done that so many times during the past decade that it is like putting nails in his eyes to have to talk with councilors or to debate measures he simply wants passed.

At this point in his career the mayor of Everett wants initiatives, whatever they are, to be done his way or not at all.

His vision is the only vision.

His ideas are the only ideas.

He believes he owns the keys to the city – that Everett is his – that everything he’s done over the years constitutes a big owe to him from the people of the city.

“I’m owed for everything I’ve done for this city,” he has repeatedly said to his colleagues in the public forum.

He believes this.

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The Mayor’s Unlimited Vacation Days

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Massachusetts General Law almost makes the case that the mayor can’t just take off 90 days and be in Europe or the Caribbean on perpetual vacation when he is supposed to be working here in the city, in his office at city hall, or wherever he is called to appear during the course of his tenure.

The law, over time, has been relegated to a back seat on the matter of the mayor’s vacation time.

The law of the political jungle, that is, wondering if the mayor has too many vacation days, is left as a matter of politics and ethics by the courts to the people who elect the mayor in the city where the mayor is serving.

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Thank you, Mrs. Gauthier

The mayor and his erstwhile Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas have $3.2 million worth of reasons to thank acting Superintendent of Schools Janice Gauthier.

Under her interim leadership, the School Department has not spent $3.2 million originally intended for the department to spend.

This money is being returned to the city’s general fund, and the city’s cash position will be enhanced by Mrs. Gauthier’s frugal and intelligent spending measures which have led to this unusual and extraordinary surplus.

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Airbnb Regulations

Councilors Wayne Matewsky and Mike McLaughlin are absolutely right in suggesting before the council last week that Everett’s Airbnb regulations need to be tweaked to come in touch with reality to protect everyone’s right to peace and quiet in this city wherever they live.

City Clerk Sergio Cornelio revealed that not one application for an Airbnb license has been filled out and filed with his office since the council required such a regulation some months back.

What this proves are two important things.

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Integral Arts Everett is set to premiere the first annual Everett Community Art Walk, a temporary art exhibit that will be on display throughout various city locations. Visitors are invited to participate in a city-wide month long art scavenger hunt to explore the city and find artwork hidden throughout local businesses and community organizations. The exhibit will be free and open to the public and will be suitable for all ages.

It will continue throughout the entire month of October, and participants can view artwork on display anytime during the month.

With 30 participating organizations ready to host 50 pieces of artwork, the Everett Community Art Walk is poised to present an engaging art adventure, while showcasing local artists and boosting traffic to local businesses.