President Wayne Matewsky is right

City Council President Wayne Matwksy has introduced a few thoughts about the city council cutting down its sometimes endless, repetitive, over and over debate among its members about subjects great and small.

His effort, he tells the Leader Herald, is to shorten city council meetings, which can often run into midnight endings. Matewsky is smart to do this for several reasons.
There is way too much talk about nothing among many of the councilors.

The need for 10 councilors to respond to every bit on the bi-weekly agenda is like having to watch the same television commercial 10 times in a row.

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The Capitol takeover

The Capital Building.

No President of the United States can urge a rabid crowd of right-wing lunatics to attack the Capital, have five people die during the attack and the Capitol trashed, and get away with it.

This editorial is not about picking on President Trump or dismissing conservative thought and process.

This editorial is talking out loud about doing what is right to keep our democracy whole.

The storming of the Capitol and its takeover, instigated by the president and several thousand right-wing haters and society wreckers, requires that the president be brought to pay for what he did.

None of us should ever forget – the haters attacking the Capitol were, almost to a person, Black haters, Jew-haters, Hispanic haters, in general, haters of everyone but those who think their way.

Not all the protesters were haters – just the violent protesters were enough to bring the government to a standstill at the exact moment the congress was voting on the official certification of the president’s election.

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Napolitano OK’d to seek asst. city clerk job

Everett City Hall on January 9, 2021. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Former city councilor Peter Napolitano, the front runner for the vacant assistant city clerk’s position, has received an OK from the State Ethic’s Commission that there are no impediments in his way to seek the position.

This, according to Assistant City Solicitor Kevin Slattery.

Slattery informed the city council Monday night that the State Ethics Commission reported finding no conflict or any state ethics violations regarding his application for the position following an investigation.

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Aruba vacation mattered more to mayor than governing city

Was in Caribbean as pandemic rages


The mayor took about 70-90 days of vacation in 2019.

That’s nearly three months of vacation.

When questioned about it he was quoted as saying: “I deserve it for all that I do for the city.”

His other excuse is that he works 24/7 and has no vacation days allotted to him. He has said he can run the city from his cellphone either while vacationing in Italy, Aruba, Arizona, or Las Vegas.

One of the beaches on the island of Aruba.

He grabbed in 2019 an extra $12,500 for a car stipend but never used it for a car. He threatened the city council to appropriate the money for him or he’d make things bad for the city council.

“You’re fooling around with me over $12,500 after everything I do for this city!” He ended up giving back the car stipend this year.

He was riding high, money coming in at every turn of his shoulder.

The casino opened. The hotel was glamorous. The $30 million a year paid by Encore to the city was looking like a bottomless oil well-gushing gold for the city treasury.

That was 2019.

That was then. This is now.

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