City council recognizes animal advocates

Four animal advocates working in partnership with Everett’s Animal Control Officer Stacia Gorgone to rescue, hold, and treat animals found in Everett received citations from the Everett City Council on Tuesday, October 12th.

Lisa Cutting from Oceanview Kennel, Melissa Doherty- Guevin, the Dogmother LLC, Carol Pollastrone, and Laurie Stathopoulos from Salem Saves Animals have worked relentlessly to rescue and cover the costs of spaying, neutering, and life-saving procedures for dogs, kittens, and wildlife in Everett. These advocates have taken upon themselves the mission to keep the animals alive and have held animals extra days at no cost so healthy animals would not be surrendered to kill shelters without a second chance. Several animals have been reunited with their owners and adopted out at no charge to new owners because the kennels were able to hold them beyond the state’s 7-day guideline. Currently, shelters have a mandatory seven-day hold and then unclaimed dogs can get euthanized.

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Encore revenues booming

Takes in $57M during record two months


The Encore Casino has recorded record numbers during the past two months indicating a major growth spurt has leveled off just a bit.

Casino income is booming at about $57 million for the past two months.

August was slightly better than September but taken together, they were record-setting months proving the ability of the casino and hotel complex to draw gamblers to its table games and slot machines.

Encore Boston Harbor signage. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

September revenues amounted to $57.4 million as compared with August revenues of $57.8 million.

With the hotel now open seven days a week and those visiting the facility are increasing in numbers, there is every reason to believe the holiday season could be plentiful.

If it is plentiful for the Wynn Corporation, it is plentiful for the City of Everett.

The city receives $30 million a year from the Wynn Corporation in lieu of taxes.

The city also receives hotel room taxes that in a good year can amount to almost $5 million in added revenue.

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— Eye on Everett —

The Blue Suit

What’s he going to do if he loses? Yikes. I hate to think about that. He won’t take to losin’ kindly, i can assure you of that.”

– The mayor’s Blue Suit to josh Resnek


“He better win. That’s all I can say about Carlo. I don’t want to be around him if he loses. What a bad scene that will be for everyone near him. Can you imagine me being worn by him on election night and him losing!! God,

I hate to think about it. I could end up completely trashed in the aftermath of a loss!”

That’s how the mayor’s Blue Suit, my good friend, put it to me Tuesday morning when we palled around Everett for a few hours just killing some time. We drove up and down some of my favorite Everett Streets in my red Honda, the corrosively ugly piece of aging junk I drive around in.

“Why do take so much pleasure in driving a piece of junk?” the Blue Suit asked me.

“You have to know Carlo would never be caught dead letting people see him in your car – let alone to be seen in it with you driving! Your type of car is way below his perceived class level. Only poor people drive cars like yours, Josh,” the Blue Suit added.

“Oh really,” I answered. “I don’t view my automobile as a function of my status in the world, if you don’t mind,” I said to the Blue Suit.

“Obviously you don’t do that, Josh. I might add you do a very good job of looking poor in that car.” He laughed. He reflected for a moment.

“Carlo’s been driving around the city in his father’s red truck. It is a pretty nice truck by comparison to your car. It’s a newer pickup in perfect condition.”

“What the hell is Carlo doing riding around in a red pickup truck?” I asked.

The Blue Suit raised his eyebrows.

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Maxwell H. Parsons

Loving husband and father

Maxwell H. Parsons Jr., 54, of Londonderry, NH, died Tuesday, October 5, 2021, in the Southern NH Medical Center in Nashua, NH surrounded by his loving family and friends.

He was born in Boston, MA on June 24, 1967, a son of Maxwell and Estelle (Porter) Parsons. He had been a resident of Londonderry for the past 14 years, formerly living in Peabody, MA, and Everett, MA.

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Panarese seeks City Councilor-at-Large seat


Vote for Allen Panarese, number 8 on the November 2nd ballot for City Councilor-at-Large voted citywide. It will be a great privilege to continue serving my community and help the challenges our city is now facing as it continues to grow. The future of Everett lies in the hands of a community that continues to work together for a better Everett and together, we as a community, can accomplish this. I want to ensure that Everett remains a community that people still feel safe and have a voice. With my 20 years of experience as a member of the Everett School Committee, I can help the council better understand the needs of our schools. I have always said, “the city that takes care of their children ensures those children will come back and take care of their city”.

Lifelong resident of Ward One, graduated from Everett High School, Class of 1974.

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