Public interviewing incomplete without locals given a Chance

The School Superintendent Choice Committee, led by School Chair Thomas Abruzzese are holding sham meetings this week for the public to interview the final choices for the open superintendent’s position.

Without the three “Everett” finalists being interviewed – excluded by a incoherent exclusionary process – the interviewing of the alleged “finalists” is a fraud at worst, and a symptom of much greater political involvement in the process than is warranted and should not be allowed.

Chair Abruzzese has shown a constitutional inability to let people think on their own. His admonition when the choice process was at its very beginning – “no local candidates allowed over my dead body” – proves how Abruzzesse’s hatred for the School Department’s leadership and certain administrators make it impossible for him to lead the choice committee.

This puts in question as well his aptitude for leadership of the School Committee.

This stunted and discriminatory choice process is also an indictment of a School Committee that has absolutely nothing to say of substance in response to the outrage sweeping certain communities concerned mainly with public education within the city.

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Using free cash to bring taxes down a waste of good Money

The mayor’s announcement last week that he will be taking $7 million of free cash to bring down the city’s tax rate is a waste of good money. Rather than taking $7 million in free cash from the city’s bank account to artificially lower taxes which are frankly running away, the mayor needs to cut the bloated budget by $7-$9 million, keep the $7 million dry in the free cash account.

The taxes will then take care of themselves, lowering themselves because the city is spending less.

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Looking at the News

The cheering was empty

By Josh Resnek

At Monday night’s School Committee meeting, a vote was taken to reconvene the search committee –thatistosay–avotewastakentoaddinto the choice mix of qualified candidates for superintendent the possibility of local candidates participating in the process.

School Committeeman Lester McLaughlin presented the motion. School Committeewoman Millie Cardello seconded it.

A vote was taken.

The measure failed, 4-3 with School Committeemen Bernie D’Onofrio and David Ela not present.

School Chair Thomas Abruzzese delighted in the vote. He asked for reconsideration.

When the vote on reconsideration was taken, all those who voted against the previous measure made an error.

One by one, they answered affirmatively instead of voting against the measure, as they intended.

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Purchasing Department releases hardware store sale numbers to City

By Josh Resnek

The city of Everett has paid the Everett True Value and Hardware Store about $150,000 since 2014 up to the present for purchases of hardware goods, tools, nails, wire, flashlights and a wide variety of items used mainly by the Department of Public Works, according to records sought by the Leader Herald and released by the Purchasing Department.

The five year average amounts to about $30,000 a year in sales to the city – with sales to the Fire Department and the Everett School Department amounting to more than several thousand dollars during this time period.

The $150,000 was for city business only.

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