School Committee Members Marcony Almeida-Barros (left) and Frank Parker (right) and Lafayette School Principal John Obremski attended the Second Annual Summit on Poverty held at Clark University in Worcester. Students in Everett are effected daily by the impact of poverty within the community. Currently, under the state’s new funding formula, more than fifty percent of the children in Everett are considered economically disadvantaged — significantly higher than the state average of 32 percent. Discussions throughout the day of the conference revolved around fees within public schools, accessibility to programming, and the availability of food. Guest speakers at the conference included Dr. William Parrett, Director, Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies, Boise State University; Jeff Riley of the Massachusetts Department of Education Commissioner-Elect; and Rep. James McGovern, Congressman, 2nd District of Massachusetts.

DiDomenico Supports and Promotes Civics Education Curriculum

Last week, Senator Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett) and his colleagues in the Massachusetts Senate voted to pass, S.2355, An Act to Promote and Enhance Civic Engagement. The legislation enacts a hands-on and experiential approach to fostering civic engagement by incorporating project- based learning components, encouraging the instruction of civic competencies – including news and media literacy – and providing extracurricular civic- participation opportunities. Continue reading DiDomenico Supports and Promotes Civics Education Curriculum

DiDomenico Votes for Bill on Financial Literacy in Public Schools

Legislation Aims to Reduce Foreclosures, Unsustainable Debt

Last week, Senator Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett) and his colleagues in the Massachusetts State Senate unanimously passed legislation aimed at improving students’ knowledge on saving, investing, insurance, banking, inflation, and other financial matters.

“Financial literacy is important for our students on so many levels, and it is critical that we take the necessary steps to ensure that our youth learn about how they can manage their personal finances to better prepare themselves for the future,” said Senator Sal DiDomenico, Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. “I was proud to support this legislation that will ensure that our students graduate with the skills they need to make educated financial decisions and attain future economic success.” Continue reading DiDomenico Votes for Bill on Financial Literacy in Public Schools

Think About It

When the Everett City Council meets twice monthly the cameras are on the members and so they all tend to want to speak – to the cameras.

This means that for each item on a 50 item agenda, there will be 550 short speeches.

Most of the items on the agenda aren’t worth speaking about in any meaningful way.

The president of the council Peter Napolitano should lean on his membership to skip the 11 speech minimum for each item on the agenda.

Either that, or shut off the cameras and then everyone will want to go home earlier.

Easter and Passover

Easter is about the resurrection.

Passover is about the Jews delivery from slavery and oppression in Egypt.

Both holidays, in their totality, are all about hope and freedom, spirituality and soaring hopes as well as somber remembrances of the past.

In this world we live in which has been turned upside down by so much that once was so important seeming to mean so little we can rejoice, even for a moment, about Easter and Passover.

Have a great meal, surround yourself with family, have a few thoughtful private moments and then smell the roses.

From us here at the Leader Herald we wish you all, all our readers and advertisers and everyone we reach in this shrinking world of ours, a very healthy, happy prosperous holiday.