Mayor Raising Money to Pay For Legal Bills?

Certainly Appears That Way

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is planning a fundraiser in November at Anthony’s in Malden on the same evening the E-Club is having its annual dinner and scholarship awards night.

The convergence of these two events attracting so many of the same people has raised some eyebrows in local political circles.

The mayor’s campaign account is apparently close to empty and in need of a shot in the arm in order for the mayor to continue paying criminal attorneys who represent him.

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— Eye on Everett —

Scary Stuff

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

Who is trying to scare who?

The mayor’s notion about “scare tactics” being used to cause an uprising among parents and teachers in the school system as reported in last week’s Independent shows the extent to which the mayor can attempt to manipulate some of the news.

The mayor needed to get all this complaining off his chest, to let everyone know (those who aren’t his allies) how he is feeling.

It was mostly about $2.5 million that he is hesitating to allow the School Department to have even though it is the School Department’s funding gotten by Senator Sal DiDomenico.

The “crime” of not giving the funding to the schools is interpreted by the mayor as the high road – that is – the money shouldn’t be given to the schools and those complaining are traitors to the mayor’s brand of genius.

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Mayor Forced to Act Against His Wishes at School Commission?

A Watershed Moment Looms

By Josh Resnek

The School Finance Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday evening at city hall in the council chamber may very well prove to be a seminal moment for the mayor.

It appears likely he will have to come clean about the city’s financial situation, although the Commission agenda finds him asking the school department about its hiring practices.

School officials miffed at being questioned about their expenses by him are expected to make it clear that it is the mayor who is on trial at this meeting, not the School Department.

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Everett’s Juan Meza Rojas (9) dribbles past a Lynn Classical player during a Northeastern Conference game inside Everett Stadium on Monday October 22.

The Everett High School boys soccer team is 6-6-4 on the season and needs two points in its final two games to secure a spot in the MIAA Div. 1 State Tournament. One win or two ties (at least) will get the job done for the Crimson Tide, who have had a very strong season in their second year as a member of the competitive Northeastern Conference. EHS played at Salem on Wednesday night, and it is scheduled to conclude the regular season on Friday at Chelsea. Best of luck to coach Oswaldo Constanza and the Crimson Tide as they make a push for the playoffs.

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EHS Football Hosts Andover

Friday, Oct. 26 • Veterans Memorial Stadium

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 7.24.39 PM.png
Running back Isaac Seide and the Crimson Tide host Andover Friday night in a Div. 1 North quarter final clash. Everett is the top seed in the bracket.

Everett High is undefeated, winners of 25 straight games, and owners of the No. 1 seed in the Div. 1 North playoff bracket. That means Crimson Tide fans can stand in unison and recite the gratifying, if clichéd, affirmation: “The Road to Gillette Goes Through Veterans Memorial Stadium.”

The postseason bracket was released over the weekend, and once all the
numbers were crunched and the points added up, Everett ended up where it belongs at the top. First- year head coach Theluxon Pierre and the Crimson Tide will start chasing the program’s third consecutive Div. 1 state title Friday night (Oct. 26) at home vs. No. 8 Andover in the North quarter finals. If Everett dispatches Andover, it will be back at home on Friday, Nov. 2 to face either Lexington or Catholic Central. Win that, and EHS will host the sectional title game on Nov. 9. If you’re a big dreamer and don’t view thinking ahead as a jinx, the Div. 1 Super Bowl is the first Saturday of December at Gillette.

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