Marchese Wants Answers

Request Executive session With The Mayor

‘Are You Under Investigation’

He Wants to Know

By Josh Resnek

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Mayor Carlo DeMaria

Why is the mayor paying hefty monthly legal fees for criminal attorneys to represent him? This is a question Councillor Mike Marchese has raised in response to a Herald Leader investigative report last week which revealed the mayor has paid, and is likely continuing to pay, huge legal fees, so far $130,000, to criminal attorneys.

That report included detailed records of the payments made, when they were made, who they were paid, to and how much they were.

The criminal attorney fees are all being paid from the mayor’s campaign account.

The bulk of the fees have been paid to Greenberg Traurig, a huge national law firm with an office at International Place in Boston. Greenberg Traurig specializes in representing individuals involved in Federal investigations and other criminal matters.

Marchese says the mayor paying such fees from month to month indicates something could be wrong. He said a number of his constituents and friends asked him questions about the report over the weekend.

“This is not just about the mayor, rather, it is about the city and the right to know if he’s facing criminal legal problems,” said Marchese. “If the mayor is facing a legal problem, a criminal investigation by the FBI and the US Attorney’s office, then I believe the council as a whole needs to know what’s up. The mayor needs to meet with us and let us know what’s going on,” Marchese told the Leader Herald.

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Lottery Hits It Big In Everett

Lottery K Resnek.jpg
Lottery hopefuls check their tickets inside one of Everett’s most popular Lottery sales agents in Everett Square.

By Lorenzo Recupero

The Massachusetts Lottery took in the unbelievable amount of $45,994,379.25 in Everett in Fiscal Year 2017.

This is down slightly from 2016, when the Lottery scored $46,491,593.50 here.

While 2018 figures are not yet available, it is believed Lottery figures will again be marginally down when all is said and done. Continue reading Lottery Hits It Big In Everett

The Revolution Ax Issue

We have researched the controversy swirling around Revolution Ax wanting to open a bar with recreational ax throwing as the hook in our fair city.

At first blush, even the thought of the Licensing Board allowing such a place, is a long yard.

But should it be?

Probably not.

Axe throwing bars – where patrons throw axes in a controlled situation – are very common all over the United States. There are thousands of such bars with axe throwing as the hook. Continue reading The Revolution Ax Issue

Legal fees to criminal attorneys not a good sign; Councilor Marchese doing the right thing

Let’s face it, the payments of hefty legal fees to criminal attorneys every month by the mayor is not a sign that everything is the way it ought to be in the corner office at city hall.

The mayor has said nothing of substance to voters, taxpayers, colleagues and even to his friends and contributors about the attorneys fees he is paying.

There is only the public knowledge of the fees, $130,000 worth, and no insight to the reason for the payments to criminal attorneys representing him. Continue reading Legal fees to criminal attorneys not a good sign; Councilor Marchese doing the right thing

Thank you senator Sal

Senator Sal DiDomenico has put together the major parts of a small miracle on Beacon Hill for this city’s public school students and for the public school students in 14 additional communities.

The House needs to approve legislation including DiDomenico’s miracle language about how the equation determining what is given to needier communities like Everett and Chelsea is arrived at.

Bottom line, if the House passes this and then the governor signs it, then the miracle will have happened. Continue reading Thank you senator Sal