Fine & Discrimination

Leader Staff

The serenity of the Thanksgiving weekend was broken just a bit by two news reports in the Boston Globe.

Dependent upon who you are and where you stand in the Everett political morass, the twin Globe articles were either devastating or just more of the same, destined to have no impact on law enforcement officials than they have for the past five years.

The first report detailed how Greg Antonelli, the well- known supporter of the mayor and Everett’s chief public contractor made illegal donations to the DeMaria campaign – which have been returned in addition to a fine of $6,000 Antonelli paid to the Office for Campaign and Public Finance.

This was a short piece but a telling piece. It revealed that Antonelli and his relatives talked with or were interrogated by officials at OCPF who apparently investigated Antonelli’s checking accounts and those of his relatives, in order to make ultimate determinations that illegal contributions had been made.

Antonelli will likely laugh off the $6,000 fine. He is a very successful businessman for whom paying a $6,000 fine is an inconvenience somewhat like a mosquito bite.

However Antonelli’s payment of the fine indicates his aura of invincibility has been broken by law enforcement – if you want to consider OCPF a law enforcement agency.

An agency of the Massachusetts state government actually investigated Antonelli, et al, and found wrongdoing and caused him to be like all of us who disobey the law. That is, he was made to admit he did something illegal. He was made to pay a fine.

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We Put No Faith In The MCAD

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has received another complaint from one of the administrative heads of the Everett School Department.

About seven months ago, the MCAD received a detailed complaint from School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani.

She made detailed claims of racism and sexism against the mayor and the school committee.

The complaint sat for months at the MCAD.

For whatever reason, the MCAD chose not to pursue the claims.

This, despite the fact Tahiliani is a woman of color and she made claims of racism and sexism which included the mayor.

Mind you, maybe the MCAD was too busy, or Tahiliani’s claims were too evil for a bunch of bureaucratic lawyers to touch.

Then again, the MCAD could have simply sent the complaint on to the Attorney General’s office where nothing would have been done unless of course a crime had been committed.

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Richard Sasso Was A Good Guy

(Photo by Joe Resnek)

Richard Sasso took a great deal of pride in his restaurant on Norwood Street, the 8/10 Bar & Grill.

Those of us who enjoyed Richie’s company, and his food, found the 8/10 a very comfortable place.

Richie took a great deal of interest in what he served and he insisted it should be fresh, always, tasty, and if it was steak that you preferred, the 8/10 excelled at that kind of dish.

He most always sat at the far end of the long bar watching everyone meander in.

He was talkative, friendly, and humorous, always.

The restaurant where he spent his work life was a monument to his understanding about what to do with a small city legendary eating place.

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Everett’s Snake Pit

By Stephen Pinto

Call it what you will. Snake pit or rat hole. Everett politics and its politicians are comfortable right at home in their nest.

Everett politics are dirtier than a reused hypodermic needle.

The bold faced corruption and how they protect each other is disgusting.

If you’re a politician in Everett then you automatically can’t be trusted to do the peoples’ business.

Everett politicians do their own business or do as the mayor tells them to do.

Everett politics tarnishes everything it comes in contact with. It corrupts and rots the soul.

Someone needs to completely dismantle city hall and it’s cast of backward, scared, incompetent and downright stupid politicians.

They should all resign. Hopefully they are better at shuffle board or basket weaving.

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Greek Salad Rocks With Feta Or Without

By Josh Resnek

Homemade salad. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Lettuce is about the last ingredient a real Greek salad is comprised of.

Did you know this?

If you didn’t know this, you know this now.

A traditional Greek salad consists of sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, green bell pepper, red onion, olives and Feta cheese.

This classic combination is delicious.

Why is it Greek salad always tastes so much better at a Greek restaurant than it does in our homes?

Well, there’s no need to worry about that ever again if you follow my directions.

Here’s what I do.

I set aside a cucumber, tomato, green bell pepper, red onion and Greek olives – a combination of them.

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