SOS Colombia

“El Gobierno es más peligroso que un virus” 

(The government is more dangerous than a virus.)

What is happening in Colombia right now?

The Colombian government decided to present a Tax Reform in the middle of a pandemic, this implies raising taxes affecting thousands of Colombians (especially middle and lower class) as the costs of their basic needs are already very high.

Thousands of Colombians went out to demonstrate against this and they are being KILLED for exercising their constitutional rights. They are not allowed to march or protest, they are repressed and they cannot refute the corruption of the government.

They are practically in a civil battle. 

The Escuadrón Móvil Antidisturbios (ESMAD) has the order to attack the protesting citizens with everything. There are multiple cases of abuse of authority against human rights defenders, the elderly, children, ALL. There are not enough shelters, doctors, or defense teams for citizens to seek support in their battle.

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— Eye on Everett —

The mayor forever is on the ropes


“Hey. Are you OK?” I asked the Blue Suit. “You look like you’re going to throw up. What’s up with you?”

“I didn’t sleep well over the weekend at all. Carlo wore me several times. That’s not good if you’re me. Even though he wore me, he didn’t bother with a tie. How do you wear your best Blue Suit without a tie?”

The Blue Suit shook his head from side to side. He couldn’t look at me. It was difficult for him to focus.

“Josh, you can’t believe what went on after Gerly and Fred announced on Saturday. It was as if the Abbott Street mansion had been visited by brain-eating zombies, the kind that makes Romero films so exciting and scary. It was like Gerly and Fred were exercising mind control over Carlo. Carlo didn’t know what to do. He went from shock to amazement, to inertia, to depression, to overeating all in one great swoop that ruined Saturday and Sunday. It continued like that inside the mansion like a perpetual rainstorm into Monday and Tuesday. I mean the mayor was all twisted up. You have no idea how Carlo’s world has been turned upside down by Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone. Carlo is absolutely out of his mind with fear and worry. He isn’t the same guy this week I’ve known. He’s in a sweat. It isn’t yet the sweat of his life, but I can feel that coming,” the Blue Suit told me unequivocally.

The Blue Suit and I met up at Common Ground in the Pioneer on the Parkway. We sipped Brazilian coffee and ate vegetable wraps at one of the tables in the hallway connecting the huge apartment house to the café. No one noticed us which is just as well. Who needs the hassle of being noticed!

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Vandalism has no place in Everett

The Everett Police are hot on the trail of a pathetic human being who vandalized the Zion Baptist Ministries Church on April 29.

Churches, synagogues, mosque and other places of religious worship should be hate-free places.

But they aren’t.

Ours is a society out of control, where literally nothing matters anymore.

Can you imagine vandalizing a church or robbing a church or desecrating a holy place?

Here at the Leader Herald, we consider this abhorrent, dismal, sickening, and inhuman behavior.

Vandalism of a church or a holy place is all about hate and the disregard for a sacred place of worship.

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Time for new leadership

Mayor Carlo Demaria, and Councilors Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone are all running for mayor.

This presents Everett with the first real and unique mayoral primary in almost 30 years.

There are many firsts in this upcoming primary election.

Adrien is the first Black woman to run for mayor in the city’s history. Her run comes at a seminal moment in the history of the city and the nation when it comes to race, equity, and justice.

Race, color, religion, gender, party are key components for all of the above in this contest.

However, Adrien’s color and gender separates her from the pack.

She will attract a great deal of attention as a Black woman attempting to break the glass ceiling in Everett politics, again.

Capone is a lawyer. He brings to this political contest a highly professional, successful, measured, articulate intelligent persona, that of a longtime politician in this city who understands how the world turns.

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Celebrating Kristin Fulton

The untimely death of Kristin Fulton 7 days after she gave berth to her daughter, Lenna Noel, is a tragedy of first order.

Fulton was 38.

She grew up here. She loved the city. She was a participant, always in youth programs.

She volunteered often at the local food pantry distributing food to those in need.

She was a former employee of the city of Everett.

As a young woman growing up, she attended the Immaculate Conception Grammar School. She was a graduate of Pope John High School and Salem State College.

Those who knew her spoke of her love for poetry.

She loved life.

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