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The outside world

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By Josh Resnek

During the tenure of nearly every American president from Washington to Lincoln, America was a slave-keeper democracy.

Black men and women were sold to cotton farmers and planters down south to work without freedom as beast of burden.

This means from the formation of our first government in 1776 until Lincoln emancipated the slaves in 1863, people were bought and sold like property.

Hard to grasp, really, considering what we are taught in school as part of our national history.

Washington was the largest slave-holder in the land when he died. Lincoln would rather have died than own a slave.

Until President John F. Kennedy came along in 1962, blacks couldn’t attend school at the University of Alabama.

The Justice Department of the United States did nothing to alter this situation. In other words, all those finely trained and highly educated legal minds dedicated to upholding the US Constitution, couldn’t find the legal excuse to endorse the idea that all men are created equal – that is – until JFK ordered his brother the US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, to send the National Guard and US Marshalls down to Alabama to allow blacks to enter the university to change the world – and he did.

The Justice Department is not, and has not always been the last best hope of this country.

The Attorney General of the United States works for the president – even if the president is Donald Trump and you hate him.

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A mild winter so far

With February reaching its end with the snap of finger, many of us take joy that the winter has been neither cold nor snowy.

Those of us who have lived through many a New England winter understand that March can turn into winter when our minds are already wandering toward the spring.

That’s what we have watch for carefully.

Thinking the winter is over is always a mistake.

The moment we exult in a warm day at the beginning of March we are hit by a snowstorm or two and below freezing temperatures, ice and high winds.

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Everett’s racial inequality questioned, again

The visit by Congressman Joseph Kennedy to Everett over the weekend, coupled with the visit to Everett of Senator Edward Markey two weeks ago, proves the importance of Everett’s diverse voter base.

Markey and Kennedy are on a collision course. Actually, they’ve already collided.

Also on a collision course is the mayor and his nearly all white city government about 700 strong with the city’s residents largely non-white at this point, yearning for the mayor’s nod to evening the make-up of the city government into something much more diverse and representative of the city.

Both Markey and Kennedy noticed the imbalance in racial equality here.

Both the congressman and the senator noticed that very few of the city’s elected officials chose to attend meetings with them.

Those who did not attend, refused to attend, or just shrugged off attending did so because Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien was the driving force for both the senator and the congressman coming here during Black History month to meet with members of the minority community.

Most noticeably absent, but not necessarily missed very much, was the mayor of Everett.

Why was he absent?

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Tacos anyone? Encore rolls Out the Cantina Taco truck

January betting down $6 million

By Josh Resnek

In an effort to find the mix that works just right to pack the casi- no, Encore is making bold and pragmatic business decisions to lure more visitors to the sprawling casino and hotel.

With betting down about $6 million over last month, for a total of $48 million, these changes are arriving not a moment too soon to Encore.

Although the casino was built to replicate in every way the Wynn Resorts extravagant hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, and to at- tract high rollers from Boston and all over the region, the nation and beyond, that early bid and belief has proven insufficient to meet the demands of this region.

Encore executives are finding the Boston marketplace is an unto itself space, with habits of potential visitors to the casino and hotel far different than they first expected.

To this end, Encore executives have decided to experiment, to go off-road, so to speak, to find what combination of enticements will lure the greatest number of people to Encore.

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Police investigating death and body found on Hancock Street

By Josh Resnek

Everett and State Police are investigating the exact cause of the death of a man found on the porch of a multi-family home early Monday morning on Hancock Street.

Although police are refusing to comment on the incident, sources close to the investigation told the Leader Herald the body that was found on the porch was that of a man wearing shorts who most likely died elsewhere and was transported to the porch.

“It is most likely a drug overdose,” said the source, who wished to remain unnamed.

“It is very sad. This particular residence is very quiet with respectable tenants,” he told the Leader Herald Tuesday morning.

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