Mystery Photo

Every Thursday, the Everett Leader-Herald, and the Parlin Memorial Library publish a “Mystery Photo of the Week.” Each week we will show a photo from Everett’s past featuring Everett residents from several decades ago. Readers are encouraged to identify the people in the photo. If you know who is in this picture, call Mark Parisi at the Parlin Library, at 617-394-2305, or email him at

This Week’s Photo

Mystery Photo (4)
Our present City Hall was dedicated in September, 1960. Here is a photo of members of city government at that time. Who do you recognize? At first glance there is one future Mayor. Who else can you identify?

Mckinnon’s Ready To provide For Memorial Day BBQ

By Kate Resnek 

McKinnon’s is ready to serve its hungry customers for Memorial Day Weekend.

While Memorial Day gives Americans time to remember fallen veterans it also falls perfectly at the cusp of summer time.

Summer and barbeque go hand in hand, and Memorial Day weekend is undoubtedly the (un) official kickoff of the grilling season.

Everyone will be out grilling this Memorial Day in Everett and across the country and buying supplies for this weekend’s festivities is on many people’s to-do list this week.

Of course, you could go to Market Basket or Stop & Shop, but in Everett many people will be taking their business to McKinnon’s. Continue reading “Mckinnon’s Ready To provide For Memorial Day BBQ”

Gerly Adrien Knocks on 2,500 Doors

Gerly Adrien, candidate for the democratic primary for State Representative, has completed 2500 doors as of this past Sunday, May 21, 2018. “When I decided to run for this seat, I said it was about our community. I want to meet and listen to everyone here in Everett. We make up this city and we all have a voice. I am frankly tired of my opponents making false truths about the lack of work they are doing and am glad Everett is recognizing this as well.”

State Rep. candidate Gerly Adrien.

Gerly has decided that this would be a people powered campaign, focusing on meeting as many people in Everett and she has done so.

In doing doors, Gerly notes that everyone is very welcoming. They admire her ability to be able to take this risk and commitment. Many people are happy to know Gerly Adrien has experience in Finance, working with budgets and deficits because they acknowledge that is what is missing. Continue reading “Gerly Adrien Knocks on 2,500 Doors”

Guidance Department Points The Way

More And More Everett Kids Are Going to School

Top Row: Kathleen McCormack, Gledi Bresha, Amanda Byrnes, Pere Maldonado, Reggie Jean, Lucas Bermudez, Matthew Charles, Derek Barbosa, Anthony Sousa, and Stanley Chamblain. Bottom Row: Helber Fagundes, Tremain Barboza, and Jason Cardinale.

By Kate Resnek

Eighty percent of Everett High School seniors will be going off to a two or four-year college or university next year. That number is very likely the highest in the school’s history.

Mrs. McCormack, the head of the guidance department, and the senior class guidance counselor Stanley Chamblain attribute this increase to a slew of changes in policy in the last few years.

“When I started at this school the graduation rate was at sixty percent,” said Kathleen McCormack, the director of the guidance department. Continue reading “Guidance Department Points The Way”

Sale Of Broadway Business Building Sets Record For Smaller Space


Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 7.20.27 PM
Shown above is the Keystone Building, a well known local location for more than a dozen  businesses.

By Josh Resnek

Another astounding sale of real estate at a high price in the city indicates how dramatically prices are soaring for retail spaces.

The $2.1 million sale of 369 Broadway, known as the Keystone Building – which is located on a 7052 square foot lot reveals how vastly the real estate landscape is changing. The Keystone Building was last sold in June, 2014 for $850,000.

The new owner of the Keystone Building is Alexander Kuritnik, Trustee for the 89 Lyndhurst Trust. Continue reading “Sale Of Broadway Business Building Sets Record For Smaller Space”