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Have you ever been to a dedication of a parking lot? In 1958 the city of Everett dedicated the parking lot between Norwood and Corey St. Most of the city officials were there. The local radio station WHIL (now known as WKOX-AM) also saw t to cover the event. The radio reporter is on the far right holding a microphone.

— Eye on Everett —

The End of Homecoming

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By Josh Resnek
There will be no Homecoming this year.

The powers that be, mainly the mayor and CFO Eric Demas, have deemed it too expensive and there for irrelevant.

They both believe that every dime of spending by the School Department for items like the Homecoming is an abomination. What is gained and what is lost?

The School Department will save as much as $50,000 when all is said and done. This can be put against the annual underfunding effort that has led to 100 teachers and aids being dismissed from the School Department. In this instance, the end of Homecoming can be perceived as a gain.

What is lost is not quite as easy to demarcate exactly.

What is lost is the city’s major annual parade, a giant event with thousands of Everett residents from all walks of life participating.

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Wellness Center Employee Files Sexual Harassment Claim

By Josh Resnek

An Everett woman has alleged she was bullied and sexually harassed at her job at the Wellness Center, the Leader Herald has learned.

The young woman has apparently filed an official complaint with the city’s Human Services chief, Steve Supino.

Supino was unavailable for comment, according to Tom Philbin, the mayor’s communications chief.

The woman alleging she was bullied and sexually harassed at the Center on Broadway in the former high school building, is believed to be considering a lawsuit against the city.

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Taxes Rising 11% Next Year, Despite Casino Money

By Josh Resnek

Taxes will be rising by as much as 11% next year according to a spate of city hall officials who spoke about it but who wished to remain unnamed.

The 11% figure first came up during a finance hearing before the city council.

Eric Demas, the city’s chief financial officer, answered a question raised by Councilor Rosa DiFlorio.

The exchange took place when the council was debating  the School Department’s $6 million payment to cover its needs.

DiFlorio asked Demas about taxes, about how much they might be going up.

“11% up,” she was told. Demas did not respond to a call from the Leader Herald.

Final tallies of the city’s income and expenses in November will determine the final outcome.

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