A Deal In The Making

Gamal “Aziz” Abdelaziz, 62, of Las Vegas, former president and executive director of Wynn Macau resort was indicted and arrested last week. According to the FBI, he is cooperating in the investigation.

Aziz was arrested with dozens of others who allegedly paid bribes in order for their children to attend finer universities and colleges across the nation.

The US Attorney’s office in Boston conducted the investigation which led to last week’s wave of arrests of the rich and the powerful, as well as the managers of the company rigging the system in return for payments.

Aziz is better known as one of the moving forces in Wynn Resort’s early efforts to motivate Mayor Carlo DeMaria to set-up a referendum in Everett and to make sure it passed so the license could be awarded to Wynn.

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Local Flag Football Program Offers Athletes a Unique Opportunity

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 5.56.43 PM.png
The Legacy New England 7v7 flag football team (above) includes Everett High School athletes Tyrese Baptiste, Sammy Lamothe, Ismael Zamor, and Eli Auguste (not pictured).

By Lorenzo Recupero

While basketball season stirs up March madness across the region and country, one local flag football program is offering athletes the opportunity to compete and train at a high level during the off-season.

Brenden LaRosa, an Everett High School graduate and four-year football player with the Crimson Tide, has been dedicating his time to help offer all Everett athletes the chance to stay active with the Legacy New England 7-on-7 flag football program at the Legacy Center Sports Complex.

The program not only keeps athletes in shape, it helps introduce them to division 1 collegiate programs along the way. Legacy New England has been home to numerous EHS athletes like LaRosa and nearly a dozen current Crimson Tide players use the program to stay locked in while football is on hold.

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Thank you, Mrs. Gauthier

Since Janet Gauthier took over the reigns of the School Department as acting superintendent some months back she has done a stellar job of keeping things together and moving forward during a turbulent time when nothing seems certain in a place that was all about certainty for almost 30 years.

Mrs. Gauthier is her own person.

According to those watching she knows what she is doing, has a strong work ethic, and is setting the right example during a difficult time at the School Department.

We know this, Mrs. Gauthier will not allow the mayor’s office to take over the School Department.

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The Mayor’s Behavior

There have been several calls from a handful of city councilors for an apology from the mayor to make up for his poor behavior before a city council committee hearing held two weeks ago.

We were there.

We covered the hearing.

We reported about it.

Everett Cable viewers watched it in droves. It has been discussed widely on the Internet.

There is not a hint of doubt the mayor owes an apology to Councilor Mike McLaughlin, but he owes an apology to the entire council as well.

The council, after all, is the peoples’ chamber.

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Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

Encore’s John Tocco came to city hall again Monday night to talk about where the casino project stands at the moment.

He chose mainly to speak about the jobs situation at the casino and hotel which is scheduled to open in June.

What he told the council was incredible.

He said they bare now going about the task of hiring about 5,000m employees!

By itself, this a situation something akin to making creating a small city

It is an incredible number of men and women, many of them from our neighborhood, who have applied and who are about to be hired.

It is a monstrously large number of new jobs by any standard of measure.

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