The quarantined athlete

Shayna Foppiano (above) during a night of professional boxing promoted by Boston Boxing. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Athletes all over the country and beyond and right here in Everett have all had their sports careers come to an abrupt stop as a result of Covid-19 emergency actions. From the city’s high school and younger athletes, to the professionals such as local boxer Shayna Foppiano, lifestyles have changed and when they will return to normal is kind of an unknown.

In a cell phone conversation recently, Foppiano shared what she does know about staying active and possibly ‘reinventing’ yourself during the time of coronavirus and quarantines. From studying film to getting loved ones involved, here’s her take on it all.

What’s your mindset through all this? How are you able to tell yourself as an athlete to keep working your hardest even though you won’t be able to compete?

I personally don’t feel like it’s difficult to keep active every day during all of this – In fact, I think of this time as an advantage. Of course, it’s hard not being able to go to the gym and use the bags and train with my team and coach, but on the upside now I have all of this free time out of work to train. I’ve been studying a lot of boxing film while I’m inside and making sure I work out in some way for 2-3 hours a day. I crave the structure and my body feels awful when I’m not working out regularly.

Has social distancing effected your workouts with not having your trainer and usual equipment? If so, how have you supplemented that loss?

Not having my team and coach has definitely altered my workouts but I’m making sure they still are boxing focused. My husband has been holding the pads for me a few times a week so that’s been helpful. I also started running more every day, which is great because my coach told me that I needed to “fall in love with running”- what better time than now.

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Computers handed out for online distance learning

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 9.21.01 PM.png
Everett Public School’s staff and volunteers distribute chromebooks to families. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Jim Mahoney

Filled with parents and students, patiently waiting for their turn to receive Chromebooks from Everett Public School employees, the line of cars queued up on Dexter St.

A chilly wind sweeping through the parking lot didn’t deter waves of EPS teachers, officials and families, some on foot, from getting the computers. The laptops will allow the cities kids to use the online distance learning programs from their homes.

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— Eye on Everett —

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(Photo by Josh Resnek)

Looking outward

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

This coronavirus epidemic/pandemic and its immediate fall-out will last a long time.

There is no way it wont, despite everyone wanting to get the country’s economy up and running again.

We are in for a very difficult social and economic period. We are at the beginning of it right now.

Whether you are oblivious to this climactic moment when our society hangs in the balance, or whether you are at home shivering with fear about the uncertainties of the future, this is for sure: all our bubbles have burst.

This moment in our lives is historic and dangerous, fraught with perils of every kind, but powered mainly by a deadly virus, unprecedented but similar to catastrophes that have befallen mankind throughout the course of known history since the beginning of time.

Here is what’s coming in the short term.

In fact, the moment is upon us and devouring us as this is being written.

Thousands of Everett residents are already without jobs, without businesses, without savings accounts and without health insurance in a very short time.

Cash disappears at a much more rapid rate than it multiplies.

This closedown is a monster movie featuring, a Frankenstein, a Godzilla and King Kong all put together with a huge cast of flesh eating Zombies.

No matter who you are, from the richest man or woman in Everett, to the poorest, your business, your property, your home, your bank account, your retirement and IRA, everything about your economic life has undergone a seismic event.

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Senator DiDomenico Urges Residents to Respond to the 2020 Census

Last week, Senator Sal DiDomenico put out a call to his constituents and residents across the Commonwealth to respond to the 2020 Census. Wednesday, April 1st was Census Day, a day to raise awareness and promote participation in the 2020 Census.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that we ensure everyone is counted in the 2020 Census,” said Senator Sal DiDomenico. “Our district and the entire Commonwealth depend on your household to respond so our communities get the fair share of federal funding and representation that we need and deserve. Furthermore, now is the perfect time for families who are spending a lot of time at home to fill out the census online, and I encourage them to respond to their questionnaire today.”

Preparations for the 2020 Census has been a top priority for Senator DiDomenico this legislative session. He has worked closely with the Massachusetts Census Equity Fund to secure funding needed in advance of the 2020 Census and to spread awareness on the importance of a complete and accurate census count. Throughout the legislative session, he has partnered with advocacy organizations to host legislative briefings at the Massachusetts State House to secure support for census funding in the state budget and help legislators and staff understand what is at stake in the 2020 Census.

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DiDomenico & McGonagle Announce Passage of Legislation Providing Immediate Relief to Municipalities During the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

Last week, Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Joe McGonagle announced that the House and Senate passed a bill to provide necessary relief to municipalities, taxpayers, restaurants, and state authorities impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and State of Emergency declaration.

The bipartisan legislation extends the state income tax filing deadline for residents; addresses disruptions in municipal tax collections and permitting; and allows licensed restaurants to sell certain alcoholic beverages with food take-out and delivery orders, among other provisions.

“Now more than ever, our communities, taxpayers, and small businesses need extra support during these difficult times, said Senator DiDomenico. “I am proud of the action we have taken to provide relief for the hardworking people of our Commonwealth, and I am grateful to my colleagues in the Legislature for ensuring that our residents and business community remain a top priority during this unprecedented crisis.”

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