Virus questions haunt summer

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Hasan Bush, of Casablanca Barber Shop, trims Paulo Olivera’s hair on Monday. (Photos by Jim Mahoney )

Locals still wear masks as some claim crisis is over but deaths continue to rise


Memorial Day weekend has come and gone.

The traditional starting point for the American summer of 2020 has begun with big question marks about how it is going to turn out with the virus still making millions of us tentative about what we can do while many millions of others believe going out and enjoying themselves is far more important than being kept safe from the viral storm swirling among us.

With most Everett residents venturing outside now wearing masks and practicing social distancing, it is difficult to reconcile this when viewing video of tens of thousands of people frolicking on the beach without masks and or social distancing in places like Daytona Beach, Florida.

Is this OK or is it not?

Are the frolickers casting their fate to the wind and the sun going to become infected or are they not? Are they going to return home and infect their loved ones, and then their loved ones go out and infect others?

The experts all agree – yes, this is going to happen.

The president does not agree.

He says we need to get open and to go back to work and that everything is just fine.

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Wynn rolls dice on Las Vegas eateries, Encore stays closed

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A fisherman cast his line in the Mystic River in front of the Encore. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Mass Gaming Commission praises resort on new misconduct policies


In Las Vegas, a group of restaurants owned by Wynn Resorts is reopening this week with restrictions, a sure sign that some sense of normalcy is returning to the Strip.

Who and how many people will come to the restaurants are big questions as many of them cater to the millions of visitors that come to the desert for relaxation and fun.

Also, key are the business meetings and conventions held in Las Vegas which fill the restaurants with attendees, none of which will be happening any time soon – not at least until the end of the summer or later, according to reports in the Las Vegas Sun published this weekend.

Much of the news and the speculation is the same for Encore Boston Harbor in Everett which has been closed since mid-March.

Encore and MGC officials have been communicating but no date for reopening has yet been discussed or set.

In the meantime, the MGC gave Encore and Wynn officials a mostly glowing report as it evaluated the operator’s efforts and policies to limit sexual misconduct at the Encore property in Everett and throughout the company.

This came as a result of the law firm Miller & Chevalier’s 127-page report being reviewed by the MGC at last week’s meeting. Miller & Chevalier lawyers spent close to three hours detailing the results of its report on the monitoring of Wynn CEO Matt Maddox and his team.

That report and its finding are partly the result of the $35 MGC million fine Wynn Resorts was forced to pay to get its license and further stipulations for the company to change its culture which the MGC insisted upon.

The effort was intended to end the company’s complicity in covering up sexual misconduct allegations against founder and former chair- man and CEO Steve Wynn.

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Memorial Day ceremony special

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American flags fly in the breeze at Woodlawn Cemetery commemorating Memorial Day. (Photos by Jim Mahoney)

“Under the circumstances, it was awesome.” – Councilor Wayne Matewsky


Memorial Day in the age of Coronavirus was bit different this year.

Large crowds planting flags and listening to orations did not occur over the weekend.

What happened here Monday, however, showed the resiliency of the local community in its yearly affirmation of honoring those who gave their lives in the service of this nation.

“The respect that was shown under such dire conditions was amazing,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky, who attended the event at Woodlawn Cemetery.

“So much respect was shown. I cannot recall a more fitting Memorial Day tribute than what was put on by the city at Woodlawn Cemetery. It was unreal,” he added.

A procession of 75 automobiles led by Everett Police began at Everett High School and wound its way to the cemetery.

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— Eye on Everett —

The Blue Suit  — “The mayor disappoints me from time to time very badly.”

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It is an exceedingly strange sensation for the mayor’s favorite blue suit to speak with me as often as he does. He told me so.

I’ve come to know the Blue Suit as a close friend. He’s confessed to me about being off the rack and a bit worn and so tired from being abused by the mayor.

“Josh, speaking with you about what the mayor does when no one but me is looking gives me a major rush. You know why? Because he mistreats me. Talking to you about him, sharing with you his secrets, and you revealing them to your readership is pay back.

“He hurts me all the time. Why shouldn’t I take pleasure in causing him pain?” the Blue Suit said to me.

“Every Wednesday is a like the Battle of the Bulge for me. I face great odds and a huge weight difference. The mayor leaves himself open to attack. He talks a big game about fighting but there’s not much fight in him. All he cares about is money and himself, mostly himself,” he repeated for emphasis.

“Last week, when the Leader came out he got his copy as he does moments after the paper is delivered. Hiding it from sight, he sneaks away to read The EYE where no one can see him, so no one will know. He reads every word – and then he goes nuts. When people ask if he saw the Leader, he always replies: “No I never read it. It’s a rag. I pay no attention to it,” he said, the Blue Suit told me.

“That’s when the calls start,” the Blue Suit told me.

“Jerry Navarra is usually the first one to call. As much as he loves Jerry, he is driven crazy by him. He has sometimes talked about letting him go. He could never do that,” the Blue Suit said to me.

‘Why?” I responded.

“He knows too much about the mayor,” the Blue Suit said.

“Did you read what was in the Leader today?” Jerry asked the mayor last week on the cell phone, the Blue Suit told me.

“I thought the mayor was going to have a heart attack,” the Blue Suit said to me. “What the mayor doesn’t know is that Jerry and I are buddies. When he says stuff like that to the mayor, he knows how it gets under his skin. He enjoys that!” the Blue Suit added.

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Sports seasons left alone, playoff realignment sought

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The Jack McGrath Press Box at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

MIAA seeks to get more athletes involved in championship bid


The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Football Committee convened virtually via video chat and decided not to fix what isn’t broken.

The committee met to discuss proposed high school football divisional and tournament alignments for the 2021-23 seasons and voted 14-0-2 (two abstentions) in favor of keeping the current 8 division format with a redesigned playoff alignment.

Both the football committees proposals will go up to the Tournament Management Committee next on June 4 for official approval.

Since 2016, football has been played within 8 divisions, but a plan passed in February by the entire MIAA membership maxed the number of divisions in any given sport to five.

The MIAA’s approved plan, however, provided a provision that would allow for sports committees to “request divisional expansion or alternatives to realignment” when necessary to the TMC.

The football committees 8 division format proposal will allow for 16 teams to have a shot at a state championship and even more to participate in the tournament.

Proponents of the format noted the need to afford all athletes across each division the same opportunities to make it to the postseason.

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