Let the games begin

Riley Constantine gathers his hockey gear in the parking lot as he prepares to head into the Veteran’s Allied Rink for EHS hockey practice. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Hockey will drop the puck March 9, football kicks off April 16


In recent years, Everett High School hockey’s been heating up. 

Beginning March 9, the official start date of this year’s Coronavirus-shortened regular season, which is slated to stretch over 8 games total, the Crimson Tide will hit the ice looking to assert themselves as one of the Greater Boston League’s (GBL) top teams.

At 4PM on Tuesday, fittingly, they’ll start their mission against Medford, one of the top hockey programs in the area. Getting an opening day win there would immediately put the Tide in the top-teams conversation.  

“Last year, [we didn’t win a championship] there was moral victories, including a big win over Medford,” said longtime EHS coach Alex Naumann, assessing where his team stands now while looking back at a late season win (8-5) over Medford last year. The win meant so much because Medford pummeled the Tide, 17-1, in their first meeting. 

The redemption tour for EHS hockey may have started with the win over Medford last year, as they narrowly missed by just one point their first postseason berth in several years.

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School Committee finally meets in real-time


The first three callers into the School Committee meeting Monday night all sounded as though they were calling from another planet, Mars or Pluto, or maybe from another universe. The fourth caller asked a question – which is really the wrong thing to do when calling in before the meeting.

Public commentary Monday night was about hearing the wind distort one caller; listening to another caller who made no sense while speeding in his car – those on Facebook Live could hear the car accelerating. A third caller mumbled and stumbled a bit and faded away into ZOOM oblivion. The fourth caller hung up after being informed politely by School Committeeman Frank Parker that public commentary is about that, public commentary. It is not for School Committee (SC) members to answer the caller’s questions.

The public comment thankfully over, the meeting began.

Superintendent Priya Tahiliani revealed that school attendance is at about 95% with everyday attendance showing strength.

Daily confirmed cases of COVID-19 have dropped dramatically. Everett reported less than 40 cases between the end of February and March 1.

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City government criminally absent of diversity

The near absence of diversity at Everett City Hall in 2021 is shocking, painful, and proof of the disingenuous the mayor is about changing the course of racial history here.

The mayor stands against diversity.

He has been a detriment, indeed, a roadblock against diversity for twelve years.

The figures prove this.

The situation warrants a Justice Department investigation and intervention.

Everett City Hall and the nearly all-white city workforce and administration leadership look more like the all-white pre-Nelson Mandela South Africa than a modern American city that is largely non-white.

The racial inequality in this city is an indictment of the mayor’s incapacity and unwillingness to see beyond color.

It is also indicative of the pejorative beliefs he carries about Blacks and browns and immigrants as second-rate people who should not be given a chance to run the city of Everett, let alone to have a role in how the government is managed.

Everett, today, remains a segregated city.

The situation is shameful.

The city government’s workforce is a bastion of segregation and overt racism.

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The Pandemic conundrum

All of us have watched and experienced to the fullest, nearly everything the pandemic has thrown at us.

Some have lost loved ones. Others have lost businesses and their jobs. Many others cannot pay their rent or meet their mortgage obligations. Many, many thousands of people now unemployed cannot find jobs.

In the meantime, the economy sputters along.

Mostly everyone in the restaurant business is trying to survive. For restaurant employees and gig workers who work for themselves, the pandemic has been a disaster.

At least the next Stimulus package will provide for adequate unemployment compensation to carry these displaced employees for months to come, and to provide checks for families making $150,000 or less and for younger people out on their own over 18.

Small businesses will qualify for aid and on and on.

The conundrum comes because we are again lulling ourselves into complacency as though the pandemic is over.

It is not over.

Two-thousand people a day are dying all over the nation. Seventy-thousand is being infected every day.

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Photographs of Mars

Many of us have stared with wonder at the photographs from Mars being sent to us from the probe hat recently landed there.

Think about it – landing a rover on Mars and then receiving brilliant photographs of that planet showing it in all its grandeur.

Think again about traveling millions upon millions of miles over six months to get to Mars…only to find when you get there, piles of rocks, ash, craters, and mountains. No life flourishes on Mars.

In fact, we could travel to the closest star system and planetary system to Earth’s solar system; a place called Alpha Centauri.

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