Where did we go wrong?

By Stephen Pinto

The casino recently pulled in record revenues, yet Everett taxpayers have seen a substantial increase in property taxes without further payments to the city from Encore. The situation is only going to get more painful.

Can’t say I see any real improvements in the city, either esthetically or operationally as a result of Encore’s presence.

It appears the mayor, council and the administration were short sighted on Wynn’s potential earnings.

Everyone also underestimated the mayor’s extravagant spending habits.

Wynn executives are laughing all the way to the bank while Everett taxpayers and renters are taking it on the chin.

The mayor totally blew it when negotiating Wynn’s host agreement. Let’s hope he gets it right the second time around. Should the mayor and council continue their ways of spending, then it won’t matter. There will never be a host agreement sufficient enough to satisfy the taxpayers.

It’s time for the council to take a serious stand against runaway spending.

Now let’s play stack the deck.

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EHS fall athletes honored by Boston Globe

Superintendent Priya Tahiliani stands alongside Everett High School football senior ath- letes at the school’s fall sports banquet held at St. Anthony’s in Malden earlier this month. (From left) Ralph Pierre, Nick Raymond, Tahiliani, Karmarri Ellerbe, and Kevin Ruiz.

Leader Herald Staff

A successful fall sports campaign at Everett High School produced plenty outstanding athletes across the school’s sports stage.

Included in the Boston Globe’s annual high school fall sports honors was EHS senior Karmarri Ellerbe, who was named All-Scholastic for his efforts at quarterback for the Crimson Tide. The bruising football star compiled 1,944 total yards and 18 touchdowns (10 rushing) on the year. In two seasons at QB, he amassed a 17-3 overall record while averaging over 9 yards per carry.

Listed below are all of Everett High School’s 2022-2023 fall sports honorees.

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Public speakers dominate debate at council meeting, again and again

By Josh Resnek

John Puopolo, Paula Sterite, Peggy Serino and John McDonald, articulate voices rising among many others, are not afraid to express themselves at the public speaking portion of the weekly city council hearings.

Monday night at the city council meeting, their collective voices were heard but more importantly, were paid attention to.

Their strong words and powerful thoughts led to the suggestion of a new paid cemetery commission being rejected by a 9-0 vote by the city council.

One year ago, this would not have occurred.

The city council, it appears, is beginning to listen.

Monday night the city council listened and was motivated by the speakers.

The public speakers also lamented and complained about other issues, including taxes and zoning reform, about the criminal lawyers the city has hired to represent the city in the US Attorney’s probe and on a variety of issues all related to taxes going up.

Their collective comments decried excessive spending of taxpayer dollars.

Bob Cogliano and McDonald praised Councilor Darren Costa for his efforts with regard to zoning and parking.

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Our immunity to the horrors of gun violence seems to have no boundaries

By Josh Resnek

Eleven Asian people celebrating the Asian New Year were slaughtered near to Los Angeles in a Monterey dance hall over the weekend by a crazed gunman who later took his own life.

It was certainly an act of domestic terrorism but the fact an Asian gunman did the killing of other Asians makes this a hard case to prove.

Some news organizations have reported this was the 33rd mass shooting of the New Year 2023 and we’re only 25 days into the new year, if you can imagine that.

Add to this Monday another mass shooting in California with another seven innocents dead.

This time, the perpetrator was caught. He sitting in jail.

Some law enforcement officials took comfort in the fact the California shooter in the first instance apparently did not use a high powered assault weapon.

Everett and all our surrounding communities have somehow, so far, been free type of savage violence and senseless mass shootings.

We are left to wonder, how many people living in Everett have assault weapons in their homes?

Legally and illegally?

How many people carrying or owning weapons are mentally ill or deranged enough to shoot innocents?

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Council rejects commission, 9-0 after calls for end to excess waste, spending

By Josh Resnek

After a great deal of strident debate, the city council rejected an effort to create a five member paid cemetery commission by a 9-0 vote.

Erin Deveney, the mayor’s chief of staff explained the options of either paying new cemetery commission members or having them serve with no stipend.

The cemetery commission was being considered to transfer from the city’s Department of Public Works the responsibility for managing 300 new burial plots in Glenwood Cemetery.

Councilor Stephanie Smith was against the measure to create a new commission. She questioned Deveney about it.

She wondered if the commission will have a separate budget or will derive its funding from the DPW?

Smith also asked about money that will be used to upkeep the cemetery and whether or not the money in the perpetual fund will be removed to sustain those expenses or will a new budget item be created with funding to sustain the new cemetery entity?

How new cemetery commissioners are assigned was another question Smith explored.

She said she wanted the five new commissioners to be appointed in a staggered style instead of all commission members being appointed for five year terms at the same time.

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