Council’s Hearing on EPS Budget Earns a Grade of … Incomplete

SD Budget Meeting
School teachers concerned about losing their jobs are shown filing out of the City Council chamber at Everett city hall last week following a meeting of the School Department, the School Committee and the City Council to discuss the 2019 School Department budget.

By Josh Resnek 

The School Department meeting with the City Council last week featured a huge crowd of concerned teachers, the entire School Committee and Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire with his entire team, discussing the new budget.

Foresteire told the council that even with an additional $6 million or so provided by the city to the schools, the budget will be about $5 million short.

Several councilors, led by Councilor Mike Marchese wondered aloud how to cut school spending.

Marchese toyed with the idea of cutting the day care and early morning child care, from the all day schooling which Everett’s youngest students are provided. Continue reading Council’s Hearing on EPS Budget Earns a Grade of … Incomplete

The Casino Land Deal

Gattineri’s Lawyer:

“We Will Do Whatever Must Be Done to Get Justice”

By Josh Resnek

The Wynn Resorts casino story has taken yet another odd twist with a lawsuit filed in Federal Court last week asserting that Anthony Gattineri is owed $19 million for his share of the land conveyed to Wynn Resorts.

He claims he is owed this money and that the deal was made with a handshake!

Gattineri, one of the owners of FBT Realty, alleges that Robert DeSalvio, a senior executive at Wynn running the Everett Encore project, offered him $18.7 on a handshake if he’d sign paperwork that paved the way for the highly contested land sale to Wynn for $35 million instead of the negotiated price of $75 million.

The negotiations for the land the casino is being built upon are epic – the stuff of a novel – with a gangster, and a former business partner of the Gaming Commission chair all involved in the land deal.

“This law suit is not designed to interfere with the building of the casino,” said Attorney Stephen Gordon, who is representing Gattineri.

“A handshake is an enforceable contract. It is the equivalent of a legally binding agreement. I will do everything that is necessary for my client. Everything,” he said.

Gordon told the Leader Herald he had already been visited at his office by two senior Mintz Leven lawyers. Mintz Levin represents Wynn Resorts and Encore. Continue reading The Casino Land Deal

Gerly Adrien Challenges Opponents to Forum/Debate

Gerly Adrien, candidate for the democratic primary for State Representative, sent out certified letters to opponents, State Representative Joe McGonagle and Stephen Stat Smith for 2-3 forums or debates held prior to the democratic primary on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

“Everett voters want to hear more about why we are running. Many have asked me when will there be a setting where this will happen. I am committed. I have no reservations. I hope my opponents make a commitment as well,” Adrien stated.

Gerly (3)
State rep. candidate, Gerly Adrien.

With the Democratic primary just three months away, unfortunately, as of today, the citizens of Everett have not had the opportunity to evaluate any of the candidates.

Continue reading Gerly Adrien Challenges Opponents to Forum/Debate

City Launches Dock-Free Bikeshare Program

Limebikes, the fairly new app accessible bike sharing service
sweeping the area, lined nearly every street corner up and
down Broadway this weekend, a sure sign that summer is
steadily approaching and it’s time to make way outdoors.

On Thursday, June 7th the Everett mayor joined Lime, the leading U.S. smart mobility company, and supporters of better, affordable transportation to launch a citywide dock free bikeshare program.

The mayor and Lime officially “unlocked” the bikes outside of Everett City Hall, and demonstrated how Everett residents will now be able to enjoy a reliable and fun way to get around the city.

“Providing alternative and active transportation for Everett residents is key to reducing congestion, air pollution and growing economic opportunity, health and well-being in the City,” the mayor said. “I’m excited to be partnering with LimeBike to bring bike sharing to the City that will help us achieve these goals.” Continue reading City Launches Dock-Free Bikeshare Program

The Gaming Commission, Gambling, and McDonalds

Gaming Scene

By Josh Resnek 

We’ve got a casino coming but there are some problems along the way that might change the final outcome. The lawsuit claiming sexual harassment by a former employee at Encore Everett by an Encore employee who apparently acted outrageously is, by itself, an outrage.

Not just an outrage to the woman who filed the law suit, but an outrage to all of us trying to understand what exactly is wrong with Wynn Resorts?

We welcomed Wynn Resorts as a savior of the city.

In fact, Wynn Resorts and Steve Wynn were welcomed as geniuses, successes,and as money makers supreme.

If we knew then what we know now, would Everett voters have approved the gaming referendum here?

I doubt it.

The embarrassment Steve Wynn’s degenerate behavior – and the company’s efforts to cover up nearly everything having to do with systemic sexual harassment – made us uncomfortable and put the eyes of the world on us.

The media glare was ugly. It remains  something reverberating inside many of our minds.

We are left to wonder, did the city do the right thing welcoming this giant misfit company into our midst?

That’s a good question.

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