From No Program to No Peer; Undefeated PJ Rolls Into State Semis

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Tigers quarterback Anthony Mejia looks for an open receiver.

By Lorenzo Recupero

What’s going on over at Pope John High this fall is pretty historic stuff for the school, a renaissance if you will.

Just a few years ago the football program didn’t have a single athlete suit up in helmet and shoulder pads, going team-less for consecutive years. Click forward to the present and you’ve got an undefeated, well-coached, defensive juggernaut clawing through school records in dominating fashion.

The 2018 Tigers are not only still undefeated at 10-0, a school record through ten games, they are the MIAA Division 8 North Champions after pummeling Boston English/New Mission, 51-8, at Everett Stadium this past weekend.

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EHS Shakes Off Playoff Loss By Rattling A-B; Team Improves to 9-1

Everett Leader Staff Report

At first consideration, Everett fans had a lot to feel sorry about last Friday.

For the first time since the MIAA expanded its playoff format in 2013, the Crimson Tide failed to reach at least the Div. 1 North final.

After their loss to Central Catholic in the previous week’s North semifinals, the Tide were unceremoniously but unavoidably dumped onto the MIAA’s “Non-Playoff Schedule,” which is a little like being forced into a staycation when you had your heart set on jetting to the Caribbean. Continue reading EHS Shakes Off Playoff Loss By Rattling A-B; Team Improves to 9-1

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The Stock Market and Wynn Resorts

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By Josh Resnek

All our Everett readers with retirement accounts and stock portfolios or IRA’s and 401K’s are watching with heightened attention as the stock markets are heading all over the place from week to week.

The swings have been death defying -up 400 one day and down 600 on another, as happened on Monday.

Experts and analysts say the volatility level is dangerously high, as evidenced by the wide swings.

In other words, anything could happen and it likely will. All of our accounts these days are like electronic blips with our personal numbers.

These wild swings can cause our accounts to go up or down by as much as 10%-15% in a day.

Some stocks widely owned by Everett people – Apple, Google, and Amazon – can go up or down $10 – $15 in a day!

Once the apple of everyone’s eye, GE is nearly hitting rock bottom. The stock has fallen on hard times, as the company has fallen on hard times. The dividend has been cut to a penny. The stock price is hovering at $8.00. It was $20 a share this time last year.

Of great local interest, Wynn Resorts stock has been on a long and wearying downward plunge.

Last year this time the stock was about $190.00. As of Tuesday, Wynn Resorts was checking at about $98.

Quiet Everett Man With a Studied Point of View

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Shown above is Steven Pinto, local man about town, observer of the goings on in city government and occasional commentator in the Leader Herald. He has lived in Everett since 1996.

By Josh Resnek

During the past 6 months, Everett resident Steven Pinto has published a number of thoughtful and incisive op-ed pieces in the Leader Herald.

All the pieces drew a large response from readers, from some local officials and from an abundance of taxpayers.

For an Everett guy who claims not to be a writer, who finds writing hard and something not done whimsically, when he puts his pen to the paper he says something, it is noticed, and it is talked about.

He has written about city spending, taxes, burdens, and local politics.

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