— Eye on Everett —

An Everett resident, Dominic Guglieme, encountered the Blue Suit last week. This is a report of what went on between them when they met, in Gugliemi’s words.


Editorial staff:

I am writing this letter to document my recent encounter with Everett’s most famous article of clothing, the Mayor’s Blue Suit.

For some time, not unlike most people, I had dismissed the suit as an editorial contrivance or the product of Josh Resnek’s whimsical fancy.

I am ready to admit that I was wrong.

Early last week, I sat down to tie my shoe near the River Green Park. As I stood up, I turned to see the Blue Suit. I blinked. I shook my head. I tried to dismiss what I was seeing.

It was the Blue Suit. In the cloth.

“Excuse me,” the Blue Suit said to me.

I tried to ignore what I was seeing and hearing, assuming, hoping that it was the product of caffeine and Benadryl built up in my system. Either that, or I was simply going mad.

“Excuse me,” the Blue Suit repeated.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Do you know what time it is?” he asked.

I told the Blue Suit that it was about 2 p.m. (Surely, I thought myself, this was a hallucination, caused by the post-lunch slump.)

“Can I help you?” I inquired.

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Everett Airbnb super hosts setting standard for citywide visitations

Modern Luxury Room w/ Jacuzzi near Boston for $71 per night.

By Josh Resnek

An Internet review of Everett Airbnb locations throughout the city reveals numerous outstanding rental possibilities in a wide variety of differently priced and appointed units.

Everett is not known as a visitor destination for tourists.

But that was then. This is now.

With Encore generating almost $1 billion last year, the city has become a natural place for casino lovers to rent Air bnb spaces.

In other words, the casino’s tremendous draw as one of the region’s major entertainment destinations, has thrust Everett into the role of a true host city.

No longer are visitors to any great or minor city in the world forced to book expensive lodging at local hotels.

Rooms in Boston’s better hotels – that is 4 stars at least – average anywhere from $217 a night to $668 a night at the Mandarin Hotel.

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Interest rates rising, inflation falling; banks paying better interest again

By Josh Resnek

The Federal Reserve Board last week raised interest rates another ¼ point causing mortgages and consumer loans for cars to go higher.

Also going higher are the returns those with cash can achieve with bank interest on cash accounts.

They have also risen nicely during the past five months.

In fact, keeping money at interest in a local bank has not looked safer or more lucrative in years.

Basic banking allows for institutions where you keep your money at interest to earn more interest if the bank can lend out the money at a higher interest than it pays you.

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Where is the Everett real estate marketplace at today?

By Joshua Resnek

By all accounts, Everett real estate today remains unusually, extraordinarily high priced despite the rise of interest rates and the cost for home mortgages.


“One of the reasons is because investors are coming in and boosting the prices by buying houses that are wort $750,000 and paying more than a million dollars for them. That is bumping up the price for real estate in this city,” said Sandy Juliano, local real estate owner of the noted JRS Properties.

Juliano said that right now part of the problem about higher prices is exacerbated because so few properties are being put up for sale. However, she said, the expectation is that with the spring will come a more robust marketplace.

“Within the next month we should see more properties come up for sale,” Juliano added.

She said that April is always a good month for listings and for sales.

Who is selling their properties these days in Everett?

“Family’s with parents who have passed on and left a property behind is one source of listings,” she said.

Who is buying in Everett? Who is the average Everett buyer in today’s home marketplace?

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Big East March Madness basketball tournament produces betting torrent

March Madness betting is looking promising at Encore. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

The final tally hasn’t yet been tabulated nationwide, or locally here at the Encore Casino and Hotel, but sports betting was over the top for the nation’s most popular basketball tournament – the Big East.

According to a detailed report on CBS, bout 68 million Americans placed a wager on the games, up from 45 million in 2022, the American Gaming Association predicted.

Of that number, 31 million bet online, at a sportsbook or with a bookie, while 21.5 million bet casually with friends, it found.

Some 56 million Americans likely filled out a bracket.

Alabama, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Texas A&M and UCLA were this year’s favorites to win.

The American Gaming Association expected total bets on the tournament to be roughly $15.5 billion, slightly less than the $16 billion Americans wagered on this year’s Super Bowl, according to CBS.

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