Online Betting OK’D In Last Minute Deal

Photo by Jim Mahoney

By Josh Resnek

A last-minute deal the House and Senate worked out during an all night session that went into Monday morning allows both
in-person and online sports wagering, including some college games, and sets up the Gaming Commission as the regulatory body overseeing the practice.

The bill sailed through each branch Monday morning and now sits on Governor Charlie Baker’s desk.

He has 10 days to act on the legislation.

Governor Baker has consistently maintained he will sign the bill into law.

After years and years of stops and starts, online wagering will become a reality here.

The state expects to reap the benefit of hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenues.

For the Wynn folks who own and run Encore, sports betting online will be a windfall – a powerful, steady, rich stream of new money coming in without the need of building a new facility.

When you can place your first bet is anyone’s guess.

The Senate’s chief budget writer, Sen. Michael Rodrigues, told reporters Monday that betting could “hopefully” start in time for the fall football season, according to a report carried by MassLive.

“Yeah, I think it will be,” the Westport Democrat said when asked if sports betting will be up and running in time for football season.

“Hopefully. You can bet on in-state football teams, so you can bet on the Patriots.”

Casinos and online betting companies hailed the law’s passage as a win for the state and Massachusetts residents.

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— Eye on Everett —


The Mayor’s Blue Suit with Josh Resnek exchanging private conversations about life, politics, religion, economics, immorality and municipal corruption in Everett.


We met Tuesday afternoon in La Perle Restaurant and Bar on Broadway in Everett Square.

This is the former Chinese food place that existed for about
40 years.

It has undergone an extraordinary transition under the operator of the restaurant, Valery Joseph, a young Haitian woman, a mother of two young children and a longtime Everett resident who once ran a restaurant on Bow Street.

This was the first time entering her restaurant in Everett Square.

Joseph spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to rip out the old restaurant in order to create something modern, with high ceilings, a gorgeous long bar with special lighting effects, a state of the art sound system and finer tables and chairs.

The entire effect is the kind of new business Everett needs but that official Everett does not necessarily want.

La Perle specializes in Haitian food, and to be frank, I never really gave a thought to eating Haitian food…that is…until I ordered us up a few treats and tasted them, and frankly, devoured them!

“This is absolutely delicious,” the Blue Suit said to me. He held between his fat fingers a piece of fried okra – a vegetable root. Then he dipped it into a light, fresh sauce before shoving it into his mouth.

“Wow! That’s special.”

Special indeed.

The entire scene inside this restaurant is something to marvel at. It is upper tier, good looking, ice cold with fabulous air conditioning, altogether a nice atmosphere.

“You know what the licensing board did to this place almost six months ago?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“I think I heard about that,” he answered.

“Didn’t they suspend her right to have entertainment and made her shut down every night at 11?” he replied.

“You got that all right,” I said.

“It’s killed the business. At the present time, she’s going out of business,” I added.

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Rep. Joe McGonagle Announces His Candidacy For Re-Election

Rep. Joe McGonagle

Dear Residents of Everett,

I write to you today to announce my candidacy for re-election as your State Representative for the 28th Middlesex District. I humbly ask for your support as I seek my fifth term in the House of Representatives so I can continue building upon the successes of my previous tenure and delivering for Everett.

As a lifelong resident of Everett, I have seen this City grow and evolve. Many things have changed since the days I was little kid playing in the street but I have learned to embrace these changes and that the best way I can serve Everett is to grow and evolve with it.

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Davis Companies Seeking to Make Development of Exxon Site Seamless

Davis Founder and Wife Make $1000 Contributions to Mayor’s Campaign

By Josh Resnek

One of the first actions taken by the president of the Davis Companies, and his wife, before announcing the planned purchase of the 95 acre Exxon site in Everett, was to make twin $1,000 donations to Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s campaign account.

Also listed as contributing from the Davis Companies are executives Richard McCready, who made a $1,000 campaign contribution to the mayor on 8/23/21 and another Davis executive Michael Cantalupa who contributed $500.

McCready lists his residence as 121 Chestnut Road, Weston.

Cantalupa lives at 5 Churchill Circle, Winchester.

Records on file with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) reveal that Jonathan Davis and his wife, Margot of 76 Fernwood Road in Chestnut Hill made the donations on 5/10/21.

The Davis’ made contributions of $1,000 and $500 respectively to DeMaria in 2019 and an additional $1,000
contribution by Jonathan Davis in 2018, according to OCPF records.

The donations speak volumes about the mayor’s propensity for raising campaign funds from potential developers interested in or developing in Everett.

Their timing also indicates a great deal of interest in acquiring the Exxon site by the Davis Companies.

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Buying And Developing The Polluted Exxon Site Is A Bold Undertaking

By Josh Resnek

Exxon site Monday afternoon.

The Davis Companies are taking on a mega money land/development deal that is all about huge outlays of capital and borrowings, an enormous price tag for pollution
mitigation, ballooning construction costs caused by inflation and rising interest rates as a recession appears to be coming on.

Timing is often a key component of every successful huge undertaking such as the Exxon site.

We suspect no one knows this better than the enormously successful folks who run the Davis Companies.

The Davis Companies is a rich outfit filled with talent and ambition.

The founder of the company, Jonathan Davis lives in a 9,000 square foot home in Chestnut Hill valued at $14 million.

The company president Richard McCreary’s Weston home is not quite so large but carries an estimated valuation of about $5 million.

The “pauper” of the group is Davis executive Michael Cantalupa. His Winchester home is modest in size compared with those of his executive colleagues with a valuation of under $2 million.

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