Wynn Resorts to draw Visitors from all over

by Josh Resnek

Wynn Resorts is a marketing giant pushing with all its might to launch on June 23 with an advertising campaign intended to boost the numbers of visitors to the casino and hotel in our city.

The company is providing international influencers and travel professionals with the chance to visit the resort as part of “familiarization trips” that are intended to boost the number of visitors not just to the site, but to Massachusetts.

Bottom line: Wynn is trying to lure as many as 10 million visitors to the casino during its first year in operation.

This may just happen, and if it does, watch out!

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Casino Opening a Controlled Explosion, Rocket Launch

by Josh Resnek

Each hour brings the city closer to the new era about to dawn in this city.

The opening of the casino and hotel on June 23 is racing closer and closer, causing spirits to rise among those who understand what is about to happen.

This is not a time for naysayers.

It is a time for soaring hopes in the belief that the casino and hotel will bring financial security to the city for decades to come.

If the opening comes off neatly, the success begins there.

This sprawling, almost exotic, testament to Steve Wynn’s genius as a businessman, should become a beacon in the day and the night to those seeking luxury in their hotel accommodations, and the excitement of casino gambling with all the fixings, including Italian food prodigy Frankie DePasquale’s restaurant among many others.

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Playoff Worthy

By Lorenzo Recupero

The Crimson Tide baseball team found themselves in a playoff situation before the postseason ever started, as they competed in a win-or-go-home scenario at Glendale Park on Monday against Winchester.

They didn’t make it easy on themselves, either. A fielder’s choice by Greg Reed in the bottom of the seventh inning clinched the, 3-2, win and the team’s first visit to the postseason in three years.

Assistant coach Joe Lento Sr. could only describe picking up the victory in one word.

“Lucky,” said Lento, who admitted his team “just could not get anything going” when up to bat. Inconsistencies in the bullpen and at the plate led to a seesaw like season that was filled with plenty highs and lows, but in the end the Tide were able to pick up the must-win game against Winchester for their 10th victory, the exact number to clinch an MIAA division 1 playoff berth.

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Pocket Aces


Pitchers Celeste Fuccillo and Ariana Garay
Everett pitchers Celeste Fuccillo (#9) and Ariana Garay. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Prior to Monday’s regular season showdown with Salem (3-2, loss), the Lady Tide had already locked up a postseason berth. The team’s winning recipe throughout the season featured three key ingredients: a lockdown defense and two aces in the bullpen.

“Defensively they have been strong behind the pitching,” said head coach Stacy Schiavo of her team’s 12-8 regular season. “If opposing teams hit against our pitchers, I know the defense will back them up,” said Schiavo, making it clear offensive struggles are mostly to blame for the team’s losses as total error numbers defensively dipped significantly compared to last season.

“We need to hit [to get a playoff win] and when we have runners on we need to get them in and score some runs” said Schiavo, who is calling on her batters to help support the defense and whomever is on the mound. Sophomore Madison Smith currently leads the team with a .589 batting average and .621 slugging percentage.

Senior captain and catcher Kaylee Nearen, along with junior shortstop Maddy Duraes and junior infielder Victoria Bento have powered the resurgent defense for the Crimson Tide.

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— Eye on Everett —

Mayor and I talk about life, Donuts and Money

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

Kickback Carlo called me.

“We really need to talk.”

I agreed.

We met over a stack of stale honey dip donuts and bitter coffee on Monday afternoon at his empty donut shop on Squire Road in Revere which is for sale.

“Have a donut,” he offered. “No. I don’t eat them anymore,” I answered.

Kickback inhaled three donuts before we began talking.

“God, I’m hungry today,” he said, chewing the last bit of the third honey dip and wiping away the sugar coating from his lips with the side of his hand.

“Do you know anything about donuts?” he asked me to start off. “It’s a horrible business. Do you know that? You have work yourself to the bone just to get by,” he said.

“How would you know?” I asked him. “You’ve never worked a legitimate day in your life. What do you know about working to the bone? You have a terrible work ethic. Everyone at city hall knows this. You don’t work at all. You are rarely at city hall. ”

Kickback squirmed just a bit.

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