Honoring Antonio Rossi

To honor his late father’s name, and his positive impact on his life and that of his brother, attorney and developer Anthony Rossi has made a series of major charitable donations to local educational institutions in his late father’s name.

To do such things for his late father in memory of him, is an honor for Rossi and it is more than this – he considers it his duty as his father gave so much to him, to his brother, to his mother and which has led to the success of the Rossi Family.

The late Mr. Rossi came from Italy to Everett from Italy in the 1960’s and brought up his family here on Harley Street.

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Attorney Anthony Rossi and Family giving back to honor his late father

The late Antonio Rossi, father of Attorney Anthony Rossi and his brother Terigi.

Leader Herald Staff

Attorney Anthony Rossi and his brother Terigi grew up in modest circumstances in the family home on Harley Street with his mother Gina, and his late father, Antonio.

To the Rossi Family’s great regret, Antonio died three years ago at the age of 75, leaving forever an empty space in the life and times of all the Rossi’s.

In a quest to honor the sacrifices his father made for him and his brother in the effort to educate them properly, Anthony Rossi has been making charitable contributions to the educational institutions he and his brother attended to honor the memory of his father.

The late Mr. Rossi was a machinist who came to Everett in the 1960’s from Italy and who worked long and hard to cement the future for his sons and his wife.

To give thanks for that sacrifice, Anthony Rossi has recently been giving back in honor of his father.

“I’m blessed. I was blessed to have such a good father. And so I am giving back. I want to carry on my father’s name to focus on the needs of Everett children, whether financial, emotional and to also contribute to make educational facilities everything they can be,” he told the Leader Herald.

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Around the city…

About Memorials we build

The memorial to the 9/11 dead in Everett Square. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

Wherever there is a memorial, I read the inscriptions, I check out the names and the dates of the placement of the memorial. The 9/11 memorial was placed in Everett Square around 2011, more than a decade after two Everett residents, the Trentini’s, perished on one of the flights that slammed into the World Trade Center on that fateful Day.

Memorials generally take many years to establish.

For instance, the World War II Memorial in Washington DC wasn’t built and dedicated until 2004 – almost 60 years after the end of the war in 1945.

The Bunker Hill Memorial took a good 75 years to build following the battle where some 1500 American patriots lost their lives standing up to the British Empire.

Here in Everett, squares and some street corners during the past three decades have memorialized the sacrifices of Everett residents who gave their lives in the service of their country in World War II and Korea and in Vietnam.

The 9/11 memorial speaks well of the city. Such a memorial is fitting and right.

Firefighters feel the pain

Everett firefighter did the right thing on 9/11 to honor not just the nearly 3,000 innocents who died in the terrorist bombings but to honor as well more than 300 members of the New York City Fire Department who gave their lives so others might live on that day.

Sunday’s 60 Minutes piece about the sacrifices made by the more than 300 dead in New York City on that day was a profound look at how first responders were not deterred by the hopelessness of the situation.

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Richard A. Gregoire

Richard A. Gregoire

Richard A. Gregoire a lifelong resident of Everett passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on September 13, 2023 at the age of 92. He was the beloved husband of the late Anna Marie ‘Anne’ (Catoggio) Gregoire with whom he shared 39 loving years of marriage.

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Everett’s Jake Willcox lighting up Ivy League

By Lorenzo Recupero

Former Everett High School quarterback and lifelong Everett native Jake Willcox is blazing a winning trail for Brown University football to start the season.

Kicking off his senior year, Willcox worked magic in leading the Bears to a 29-25 season-opening victory over Bryant, completing 36 passes for 355 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Willcox’s 3 scores and 355 yards through the air are both career-highs and earned him the Gold Helmet Award from the New England Football Writers Association.

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