Sal Salchetta has 39th birthday

We won’t get into exactly what number birthday has passed for former councilman Sal Sachetta.

Lets say the late great comedian Jack Benny used to always joke to those who asked him about his age on his birthday well into his eighties, he always replied that he spent his lifetime being 39.

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Veterans Day is everyday

Plaques, at Everett High School, salute veterans and service members from Everett. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

It is impossible to know exactly how many Everett men and women have joined the armed forces of the United States during war and peace since the nation was founded.

It is, we believe in the tens of thousands, beginning mainly with the Civil War and extending to the modern era when Everett men and women have served in World War2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world wherever American armed forces are deployed.

Signing your life away to the United States Armed forces takes courage.

Serving your country takes courage.

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Everett WWII Marine laid to rest

A Marine Honor Guard prepares to move the casket of Pfc. Harry C. Morrissey to his grave. (Photo Courtesy of the DPAA.Mil/Facebook)

Harry C. Morrissey buried at Arlington National Cemetery, repatriated from Guadalcanal after 78 years

Marine Corps Pfc. Harry C. Morrissey, 27, of Everett, Massachusetts, killed during World War II, was buried Sept 22, 2020 at Arlington National Cemetery.

On October 9, 1942, Morrissey was a member of Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, participating in a main offensive action in the Battle of Guadalcanal. After nearly two months of battle, the regiment completed their action. However, due to rapid unit movement, Marines who had been killed in action were buried hastily. Morrissey and two other Marines from his battalion were reportedly interred in graves atop Hill 73.

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Walter Carrington

Ambassador, statesman

There is no way one can capture the spirit of Walter Carrington by the written word. His resume, while certainly impressive, does not tell the full story. His own words better express this man’s heart and most of the quotes are from his essay, Remembrance of an Atypical Black American Boyhood Published by the Harvard Book Store in Paige Leaves: Essays Inspired by New England.

Walter Charles Carrington was born July 24, 1930 in New York City, New York to Marjorie Irene Hayes Carrington and Walter Randolph Carrington, an immigrant from Barbados. His mother and father divorced and Walter and his sister came to live with his father’s family on Cedar Terrace.

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Serving up some help at Abbondanza

Leader Herald Staff Report

On Monday, Abbondanza Ristorante owners Joe & Katrina Abbondanza along with the amazing team at Abbondanza Ristorante joined the community battle against Covid-19, donating and serving meals to the local front line heroes of the Everett Fire Department, Everett Police Department, and 911 Call Center.

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