Walter Carrington

Ambassador, statesman

There is no way one can capture the spirit of Walter Carrington by the written word. His resume, while certainly impressive, does not tell the full story. His own words better express this man’s heart and most of the quotes are from his essay, Remembrance of an Atypical Black American Boyhood Published by the Harvard Book Store in Paige Leaves: Essays Inspired by New England.

Walter Charles Carrington was born July 24, 1930 in New York City, New York to Marjorie Irene Hayes Carrington and Walter Randolph Carrington, an immigrant from Barbados. His mother and father divorced and Walter and his sister came to live with his father’s family on Cedar Terrace.

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Serving up some help at Abbondanza

Leader Herald Staff Report

On Monday, Abbondanza Ristorante owners Joe & Katrina Abbondanza along with the amazing team at Abbondanza Ristorante joined the community battle against Covid-19, donating and serving meals to the local front line heroes of the Everett Fire Department, Everett Police Department, and 911 Call Center.

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Thank you to the Everett Health Department

Steve Supino, the Executive Director of Health and Human Services for the City of Everett, should be congratulated for the leadership he has shown during this coronavirus epidemic.

He has stepped up to the plate big time.

He’s been around a long time.

He knows what he’s doing.

He understands how to organize a response to specified health needs. He is a credit to the Health Department and a complete gentleman who cares.

It is a dangerous moment to be a city health official in Everett The Health Department is the city’s first line of defense in this crucial period when the virus has been causing widespread sickness throughout the nation, and here in Everett.

Calls to this office have become a daily crush all day and into the night.

Everyone in the Health Department, Elaine Silva, Director of Health and Nursing, Sabrina Torra, Public Health Nurse, Joanne Agnes, Community Health Nurse, Caitlin Norden, Clerk and Paul Guarino, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, should be given the city’s thanks for a difficult job being well done on an a 24/7 basis.

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Profile of Uncle Jack

From the family of Jack McGrath

A crisp, nocturnal wind blows through the stadium. The crowd seethes with anticipation, for here is the long-awaited showdown between high school rivals, Peabody and Everett, a football game with Super Bowl ramifications and a unique announcer.

“Four Everett captains take the field for the coin toss,” the Everett announcer Jack McGrath explains, “DiFlorio, Denning (D-E-N-N-I-N-G), Naumann (N-A-U-M-A-N-N) and Nazarro.

McGrath clarifies the number change of quarterback Anthony ‘The Nucleus’ Nazarro in the Peabody program. Nazarro recently assumed the retired high school jersey number of his father who died of cancer three years ago.

The Everett High cheerleaders dance to the band’s version of “Hey”! “They are coached by Maureen DiBiaso, ‘The Effervescent Eagle’ of Estes Street,” McGrath’s proud voice proclaims.

The game resumes while Jack’s words permeate the silence of his shy, play-by-play announcer Bob Caramanica. Mr. McGrath utilizes a narrative teeming with alliterations and local histories.

“Yes, Omar ‘The Emperor’ Easy of Edith Street led by fullback ‘Bull’ Borgonzi completes another first down.”

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John “Jack” McGrath

The recent death of John “Jack” McGrath, the Prince of Pierce Avenue, brings to an end the charmed life and existence of the ultimate Everett sports booster, and local personality for whom Everett was a great and wonderful place.

Jack, as nearly everyone called him, was the quintessential Everett gentleman, an absolute gem of a man, who came of age in this city at a time when it was a far different place than it is today.

He was warm. He was gracious. He was smart. He had been a great athlete himself at Boston College.

He was, inarguably, the most popular and beloved Woburn court official living or dead. He spent his work life there as a probation officer.

He was a legend in Everett.

As the announcer for Everett High School Football program he gained widespread notoriety throughout the city and in the wider athletic community in Massachusetts.

For many many years he broadcast all kinds of athletic events in this city both large and small.

As the voice of the Crimson Tide, he was all about enabling Everett kids while at the same time serving the community he loved.

Jack McGrath died February 25.

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