Michael Matarazzo, Former City Clerk, Historian, Musician, Politician, Real Estate Broker – an Everett Man for All Seasons

By Josh Resnek

Michael Matarazzo, one of Everett’s best known and best liked former public officials, died suddenly last Thursday.

He was 68.

Mike “Marty” Matarazzo

Mr. Matarazzo’s death was made all the more difficult and impossible to deal with for his family and friends because it occurred so close to the recent death of his son, Michael in April at the age of 36.

Mr. Matarazzo was devastated and he was thrown into a state of deep despair by his son’s death – as was his entire family.

It is very likely that “Marty” as he was lovingly known, died of a broken heart.

Mike Matarazzo as city clerk was among the most widely known and respected public servants in Everett’s modern his- tory. He cast a substantial presence in the clerk’s office during his 11 year tenure as city clerk.

Mr. Matarazzo was a good looking man with a great smile and a hearty laugh and a good sense of humor. He was a major league character in the life and times of the city of Everett. He knew of what he spoke at all times. Residents with needs were always drawn to him – and he never disappointed them.

He was an honest, hard-working, intelligent public official at city hall as clerk and as a member of the former Board of Aldermen many years before.

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The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Josh Resnek

Martin Luther King moved the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people around the world when he was alive.

MLK has achieved a wider significance in death.

His triumphs over darkness for his people, for all people, stand as a historical monument to the violent era in which he lived and came into prominence.

His leadership of the non-violent movement to achieve racial equality and justice provided him one of the most powerful political and social platforms of the era.

He created a huge following.

Those of us old enough to recall him, when he was young, when we were young all instantly recognized his strong voice and his inflection, that of a Southern preacher singing the words that came out of him.

He was spiritual. He was hopeful. He set out on a path that brought him fame and applause as a young man.

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Happy Birthday Adam

Airman Adam Abdelgemid


Airman Adam Abdelgemid just celebrated his 21st birthday.

As a kid growing up in Everett, he was excited and full of life since attending his first class at Patty Cake Day care.This was followed by attending the George Keverian School, then onto Pioneer Charter and ending up at Saugus High School when his family moved out of the city.

He graduated from Salem State University. He made the Dean’s List. Those who know Adam speak of his intelligence and his humility.

Since he was a kid, he has worked at the family business on Ferry Street, The Ferry Street Service Station – best known for its low gasoline prices, car repair services and the members of the Abdelgemid Family who have worked hard and smart since immigrating from Egypt many years back.

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A debt I can never repay

Author thanks first responders for saving his life


Saturday, March 20th began like any other Saturday during a year of COVID.

I made breakfast for my mother.

APRIL 5: Everett Fire Engine 3 responds to a call. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

I made certain she had her morning medications. I helped my mom to get dressed and to be ready for the day.

A few days before, on the 16th of March, she turned 94 years.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and I ate some buttered toast.

My appetite didn’t feel too hearty that day less than one month ago.

Later that morning, I was feeling sick to my stomach.

I didn’t know really what to do. I went back to bed.

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