Senseless Killing

About three weeks ago, 12 Jews were slaughtered by a rabid anti-Semite in Pittsburgh. Last week, 12 young people just out for fun in California were slaughtered by a former Marine who went on a wild shooting spree.

In both cases, the shooters obviously were insane.

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Throwing Precious Cash at Lowering Taxes

The mayor’s apparent decision to toss the city’s last $10 million of cash at the tax rate in order to lower it by a fraction is bad business for the mayor, bad business for the city, and shows how little the city can do to stop taxes from rising, unless…the city cuts its spending.

The mayor and Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas have gone from appearing to know what they are doing with the city’s nite monetary resources, to lamenting, as the mayor did two weeks ago, that the city is facing difficult times.

Hoe can this be? How do we reverse this situation?

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The Enormity of Veterans Day

It is impossible for many of us from my generation – Baby Boomer – to understand what it was like for the young men and women of this city who signed away their lives to the United States of America during World II and who were sent to the far edges of this earth into war-torn infernos to sacrifice their lives, to be wounded and then to return.

Such is the case in every war commemorated by Veterans Day.

World War 1 saw 100,000 American men and women die in that exclusively European conflict which brought all the horrors of modern warfare to the misery of the trenched fields and open spaces upon which that war was waged.

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Mayor and CFO Cannot Be Trusted

Forensic Audit of City Budget Needed

The city’s questionable financial situation requires a closer look by forensic experts.

The city’s bloated budget is unsustainable, despite what we are repeatedly told by the mayor and his CFO, Eric Demas.

Recent events have proven the city is technically broke, despite a huge tax roll, and added payments in lieu of taxes from Wynn Resorts that total over $30 million.

The mayor’s recent assertion that “these are difficult times” gives a new insight into the financial trials and tribulations of our city, which should be rich in cash – instead we are nearly broke and borrowing millions to sustain the city’s credit rating.

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Like Father, Like Son

One of the most ironic moments in the loss the Crimson Tide suffered at the hands of Central Catholic came when Nick Mazzie kicked a 33-yard field goal near to the end of the game that served as the winning points for Catholic Central.

In the life and times of young Nick Mazzie, this a moment to savor, and to remember for the rest of his life.

It was, after all, a huge moment in the young man’s life.

Beating Everett is like getting to the top of Mount Everest in Massachusetts high school football circles.

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