The Boston Celtics

With official beginning of the summer now under our belts, and as we move on with our lives, there is the matter of the Boston Celtics losing the 7th game of a rather incredible series.

For those of us who have occasionally been down in our lives, coming back is always the dividing line, the defining bit about our lives, between the men and the boys or the girls and the women.

The Celtics comeback after nearly being beaten to death by the Miami Heat in three consecutive losses was nothing a modern day sensation.

Actually, it was a miracle.

The 7th game was to have been the triumph of all triumphs, the comeback of all comebacks.

Regrettably, it wasn’t.

Instead of triumph, the Celtics failed.

In the biggest moment to confront them during this dramatic season, the Celtics chose not to show up.

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The Beginning of Summer

The beginning of another summer of our lives is always a right of passage – at least every summer has the ability to change our lives.

None of us can know how a summer will affect us…not until the summer is over.

From year to year, editorialists with a sense of adventure, and of dread, write about the summer as it is upon us.

Summer is indeed upon us.

The heat of summer has not shown its sweaty hand…but it is for sure coming.

What we do not know at this moment is who will fall in love this summer?

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Rachael Rollins resigns

The probe into racism, discrimination and retaliation by the US Attorney’s office will not end with US Attorney Rachael Rollin’s resignation last week.

US Attorneys come and go.

Much of the senior staff remains.

In this case, Rollin’s departure has led to the elevation to acting US Attorney, Attorney Joshua Levy.

We don’t know very much about Levy but we know this: he now leads every investigation underway inside the US Attorney’s office in Boston.

This includes the Everett probe.

Lawyers we spoke with all agreed, the investigations don’t stop. The probes don’t stop when a US Attorney leaves.

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Robert Van Campen’s return

Attorney Robert Van Campen’s return to city politics as a candidate in Ward 5 after a more than a decade brake brings back into the Everett election scene a family man with integrity, never besmirched by controversy or scandal.

Van Campen is not your average candidate coming back for another run at public office.

His presence on the council for many years was marked by Van Campen’s sense of fairness and right and wrong and his lawyer’s sense of what is legal and just and what is not.

As a Ward 1 candidate for city council, he will be facing Vivian Nguyen.

Nguyen is the youngest councilor, perhaps 23.

Van Campen’s only election loss was to the mayor when he ran for mayor some years back.

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Will Fred Capone run?

Former Councilor Attorney Fred Capone has been very quiet in recent weeks.

Many residents and his supporters are wondering – will Ca- pone be running for a council seat?

And if he does get back on the council, or even if he fails to run, will he run again for mayor in two years?

These questions swirl around Capone during this period of quiet away from the council and the Everett political scene.

The widely assumption is if that Capone pulls papers and runs for a council seat, that that may just be the precursor to another try for the corner office – assuming his wins the council seat.

Or maybe not.

Some observers claim Capone’s last run against the mayor proved the mayor’s invincibility.

Many of the mayor’s closest supporters believe he cannot be beaten.

Would Capone try another run for mayor?

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