Adrien’s endorsement a message

By endorsing Councilor Capone’s mayoral candidacy, Councilor Adrien is drawing a line in the sand.

She has said that she will not endorse and could never endorse the current mayor for a wide variety of personal and political reasons.

Her endorsement of Capone puts an exclamation point to Adrien’s thinking about who ought to be the next mayor of Everett, and what might he be bringing to city hall?

The line in the sand she has drawn is between her and the mayor.

He can’t stand her. She wants no part of him.

Capone, on the other hand, is more of Adrien’s type of candidate.

He is honest. He has personal integrity. He keeps his word. He is careful, thoughtful, incisive and he is ever the thinking man’s lawyer about many things.

Capone’s perspectives on life vastly differ from the mayor’s. Adrien perceives the mayor as someone who does not care for her, not just because she is Black and successful, but because she’s , Black and successful.

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Crimson Tide rocking and rolling

EHS quarterback Karmarri Ellerbe scrambles for a first down in the win against Revere. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

This year’s Crimson Tide has the look and the feel of the great rough and tumble, straight out winning teams of Super Bowl-winning stature.

Stellar performances by half a dozen young athletes with super skills combined with the team’s overall powerful together play have the Tide mowing down all comers.

Coaching of course counts for a lot – and the coaching is obviously first-rate as the Tide is right now 5-0 and ranked the third-best team in Massachusetts.

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We lost out on a $130 million firehouse

It is impossible to imagine just how badly the city was ripped off by Steve Wynn and his crew when they took the mayor to the cleaners on the host community agreement that was ultimately negotiated by the mayor.

The mayor settled for $30 million when Everett could have received $130 million for a new fire station in South Everett with all new equipment to be an adjunct to safety precautions necessary because of the presence of the casino and hotel.

The train left the station on that one back in 2018 when Encore was being built.

Why didn’t the mayor consult with others before shooting from the hip?

Was he star-struck by Steve Wynn and all his cohorts? Yes, he was.

Did it affect his performance? Yes, it did.

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Capone candidacy a threat to mayor’s house of cards

There’s a lot of risk for the mayor with Fred Capone breathing down his back.

For his part, Capone is making a good run, the honest run, the decent man’s run against a misfit who has some how tied up the city to do his bidding and to keep mouths shut during his 14-year mayoralty.

The mayor has a noose around the city’s neck. It is tied especially taught around the necks of all those standing in line to climb the steps to the Carlo gallows, keeping their mouths shut about his depravity to save their jobs, lest the trap door should swing open and the condemned speed through it on their way to ruin at the end of a rope.

The Carlo DeMaria house of cards for city employees and all others who are perceived to be in his way provides for swift punishment for all those who do not toe the DeMaria line exactly, day to day, all the time.

This includes businessmen and women, all political opponents, leaders of local organizations, and with the mayor’s recent appointment to the School Committee, teachers and administrators will be fearing for their jobs should they step out of line.

The mayor’s control of city hall’s social, political, and economic apparatus precludes debates of any kind about policy, decisions made, and underhanded deals going down.

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Get well Eric Demas

A week ago Monday, at a council meeting at city hall, Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas was called to make testimony about something or other.

Like a good soldier, Demas appeared.

For many of us watching the live proceedings on ECTV, we were shocked when Demas tried to speak.

He came wearing a mask. He took off the mask to speak.

He appeared to be fighting a very bad cold.

He was sneezing, coughing, sniffling, wheezing, and in general, he never should have appeared at that meeting.

In fact, we were quite surprised not one councilor made a mention that Demas should have stayed home and taken care of himself.

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