Those who are Running

The folks brave enough to place their name on the ballot for the upcoming city municipal election should realize this year’s contest is different than all the others that have come before.

With the casino and hotel contributing so much to the economic well being and stability of the city, close attention must be paid to the future, and how exactly the casino and hotel will either do the right thing, or be told what to do by a city government with a backbone.

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Part of the Miracle

The casino and hotel up and running makes this arguably about the most successful business summer in the city’s history.

The casino’s jobs number alone are staggering with almost 5,000 employees now receiving paychecks!

It is as if an entire new city has been built inside the present city of Everett.

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The Great Traffic Bust

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 8.07.38 PM
An Encore ferry makes its way through the Mystic river. (Photo by Jacob Resnek)

The opening of the Encore Casino and Hotel in our city has not led to the traffic Armageddon predicted by so many of our public officials, and even by the local media.

We were all mistaken, not so much by Encore’s inability to create a permanent traffic jam with its business running like a juggernaut but rather with its business running like a juggernaut without creating a traffic jam!

Let us be clear.

The place is booming, relatively in almost every way.

These folks know how to run a world class operation.

They weren’t about to be buried by traffic here endangering their enterprise.

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The Dead of Summer 2019

It is the dead of summer – that moment in the life and time of the Summer of 2019 when there is as much summer ahead of us as behind.

For those of us who love the New England summer, who deplore its brevity, who wait months for its coming only to watch it fly by like a race horse in an instant, the dead of summer moment is something to savor.

It is something to savor because the summer will be gone in a flash. At this very moment, we are dead in the thick of the heat and the warmth. We head out to the beach. We sit inside wanting to do nothing. We go on vacation. We try to concentrate at work.

Work seams meaningless when it is the dead of summer.

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