The Crimson Tide at 800

Who would have thought when this all began in 1892 that the Everett Crimson Tide Football Team would achieve its 800th victory in 2018, 126 years later!

No one.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 7.54.53 PM.pngIt is an achievement quite hard to place into modern history, which
has come to be such a fleeting thing, with our society remembering
very little about our past, much less understanding anything about our present.

800 wins, as an old friend would have said, is “big medicine.”

800 of anything is a large number!

Indeed, 800 high school football victories is very big medicine at that.

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Adrien’s Future

Gerly Adrien’s political future went up a few notches here even with her loss to the rep.

Sometimes candidates who lose actually win.

She scored a huge vote, a quite unimaginable vote, much of it outside the boundaries of the aging organic Everett vote that bested her by not much of a margin in this last contest.

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Colin Kaepernick and the Flag

No matter how we try to be very liberal about all things these days, the NFL players kneeling to show whatever it is they have as a complaint about their lives in the United States of America or of our present days politics just seem awfully out of place to us.

The NFL players should leave their politics at home or inside the locker-room before they play the game.

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Senator John McCain

He was a Republican. He was a conservative. He was involved in the banking scandal that rocked the nation in the  late 1980’s. John McCain was many things.

Above all, he was a hero.

How he was shot down over Hanoi during his 23rd bombing mission, how both his arms were broken and his knee shattered, how he was made to walk through Hanoi being beaten, stabbed and kicked along the way, and then how he was thrown into solitary confinement for two years at the Hanoi Hilton – well – that isn’t even the beginning of the story about McCain’s captivity.

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