Paul J. Larson, age 51, passed away on January 17, 2023 after a 5 year courageous battle with cancer. He was born on July 13, 1971 in Boston MA. Paul briefly served in the US Army and later worked as a glassier for Craftsman Glass before he became ill.

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Property tax bills soar

We have heard from many taxpayers that their property tax bills have soared.

Not only homeowners are complaining but business owners are complaining as well.

The complaints are not really heard by city hall.

They are largely ignored, scored up by our leaders as a distasteful but necessary part of life in the city of Everett.

There was a time, and it was not so long ago, when the city leadership touted the coming of the casino and hotel as the medicine to fix all of the city’s income and tax problems.

As good as the marriage has been between the city and Encore, it is simply not good enough.

Last month, Encore took in almost $70 million, an incredible sum of money that doesn’t begin to detail the full cash flow pouring into the casino owners pockets.

At that rate of income, Encore might very well be poised to take in almost $1 billion in a year sooner rather than later!

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Overcrowded public schools

Years, months and weeks have passed since the overcrowded public schools crisis came into the public light.

The Pope John saga has lost its legs, so to speak.

There is no rush by the city to do anything to reduce overcrowding.

Everett dragging its legs on this key issue at a time when the federal government is probing racism and discrimination here is probably not a good idea.

The confidence of some public officials that we are untouchable and that Everett will not be harmed or changed by the federal probe, we think, is a big mistake.

When the law is looking around at you, it is a good time to be transparent and to do the right thing.

It is not a good time to stick one’s head into the sand like an ostrich and to believe the headache will go away.

The city not rushing to reduce overcrowding in the public schools is the kind of inertia that reflects very poorly on leadership here.

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The Rev. Martin Luther King

The assassination by a white supremacist of the Reverend Martin Luther King when he was in the prime of his life is one of the great American tragedies of our modern era.

He was born into a nation praising itself as the greatest place on earth at a time when Black people were largely relegated to a second tier life in a racially segregated nation.

When he died, the nation was in turmoil over the Vietnam War, and race riots in nearly all the large American cities revealed a fractured society at odds with itself.

Through his words and actions, and with a pledge and promise of non-violence, King turned heads wherever he spoke.

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