Roe versus Wade

Just at the moment when this nation couldn’t be more divided comes the US Supreme Court having already decided to overturn Roe-versus Wade.

We all learned this because the decision has already been written – for better or worse, more or less – and revealed to the US public because of a clandestine effort that resulted in the early release of the draft decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

A fury has erupted among those who believe women have the right to the sanctity of their own bodies and those who believe the government should dictate what is right for women and what is wrong.

More than half the nation believes abortion as it stands right now is acceptable, that unwanted children not provided for by an uncaring society is as bad an act as abortion.

The vocal and enormous opposition believes abortion is a crime against humanity, that life above all, always, is the choice to make.

Both sides have a point.

What are we to do about the Supreme Court making such a decision?

We must accept it and work around it. It depends what you believe in.

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Name Matarazzo Official City Historian

The Everett City Council should bestow the posthumous title of Everett City Historian upon Mr. Matarazzo with a portrait of himself and a plaque under it to be displayed on a wall inside the city council chamber.

During a long life, the late Mr. Matarazzo dedicated himself to preserving for posterity everything having to do with Everett history that is relevant.

This was not something simply done.

This incredible effort by Matarazzo took years and years, research and digging, interviews and the collection of anecdotal materials from Everett residents now long gone.

His two editions about the history of Everett which he wrote and published represent the only two such volumes in existence that creates a proper picture of Everett’s place in America during the 19th and 20th Centuries and into the 21st Century.

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Mayor Must Repay $180,000

The mayor is adept at turning lies into truths he does not wish to have questioned.

One such lie turned into truth by the mayor is the $180,000 he received in longevity payments which should not have totaled more than $10,000.

Bottom line: the mayor owes the taxpayers of this city $180,000.

How can we be sure of this?

Because he refused to task the $40,000 longevity this year. He didn’t take the payment this year because he was advised not to take it by lawyers.

He didn’t take the money because taking it would have created a further legal problem to the financial problem he is now facing having taken $180,000 that was not his to take.

The mayor said in a speech at the Chamber of Commerce recently that taking the money from him, the $40,000 a year longevity payment, can be construed as a garnishment of his wages.


The money was never his to take.

He knew this. He understood this. It was as clear to him as a $12,000 a year car allowance given to him by the city council he didn’t need. After all, he didn’t have a car.

The question is, what do you do when you awaken and find $40,000 in your checking account when you’re only supposed to get $2,500?

Most of us who are not pathological liars driven by greed would understand instantly – something is wrong.

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Let Them Speak

The city council does not understand the importance of allowing the public to speak.

As long as this situation is allowed to exist, there will be chaos at public meetings.

If a continuing effort by the council is made to constrain public expression at public meetings several results are likely to occur. One result of Council President John Hanlon’s old school effort to preside over public meetings like a disciplinarian is that he is meeting a new public that has no interest in following his archaic rules.

Hanlon also needs to carefully read the ordinance governing public speaking sessions which occur before the start of the twice monthly council meetings.

Coming before the council is made agonizing for those on the other side of the mayor because they risk retaliation and or the loss of their city jobs for speaking out.

In addition, the council tends to respect the rights of those who approve of Anthony DiPierro’s racist behavior while disapproving of those who ask for his resignation.

The council’s near to absolute silence regarding whether or not DiPierro should continue or should resign is a big part of the problem.

The council is proving itself to be a rubber stamp for the mayor.

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Jimmy Le and DiPierro Should Resign

Sexual assault and overt racism against Blacks and Browns should not and cannot be tolerated by this city and its public leaders.

Councilor Jimmy Le’s alleged bottom slaps of a colleague at a St. Patrick’s party recently was uncouth, illegal, harmful and destructive behavior.

We do not believe there is an adequate defense at all for such behavior by a grown man and a member of the city government against a colleague who he sits with.

Such behavior is repugnant and cannot be dismissed or let to slide as though Le made a mistake.

He should resign immediately.

As it is, the court has forbade Le from being in proximity to the colleague he allegedly harassed.

This makes it impossible for Le to attend council meetings in person.

Let the court decide Le’s innocence or guilt – actually, let the evidence be the judge.

Maybe the Bishop Brown will step in and forgive Le as he forgave DiPierro.

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