Good Luck to City Council President Dell Isola

The new Council President Richard Dell Isola leads a city council almost entirely dedicated and devoted to the whims and the wishes of the mayor.

The record will show that during the past legislative year led by Councilor Peter Napolitano that the mayor was not overturned on anything – not an appointment, a request for money, or new initiatives.

The mayor rules.

The council follows.

This is the modern incarnation of the council for better or worse.

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Terrence Kennedy On Top of the World

Governor’s Councillor and the noted Everett Attorney Terrence Kennedy will be swearing in Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito for their second term during a joint session of the Massachusetts House and Senate Thursday at noon at the Statehouse.

In this city’s long and enduring history, no elected public official has ever performed the swearing in of the governor and Lt. Governor who came from the city of Everett.

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The Pats Chase Another Super Bowl Berth

It would appear if they get a small break here and there, the Patriots will be advancing to a place a lot closer to the Super Bowl than we might have imagined two weeks ago.

Their great play last weekend versus the Jets showed the Pats in all their splendor – intercepting passes, stacking quarterbacks and stopping the Jets dead whenever they needed to.

For Tom Brady, the 41 year old quarterback we all have come to know and to love, it was another stellar day with passes drilled down the middle and nearly every call just the right one. He threw four touchdown passes!

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Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo

We wish to comment brie y on the bright life of Ersilia Matarazzo- Cataldo.

She died last week. She was waked at Rocco’s Funeral Home.

She is being buried amid a frenzy of sadness and tears. For her family and her many, many friends, her death is inexplicable.

How could this have happened to someone so good, so positive, so interested in others and her community?

Why is it always that the good often die long before their time?

We cannot answer such questions but we can speak to the memory of Mrs. Matarazzo-Cataldo.

What she leaves is an exclamation point for what was unfairly taken from her.

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