The Crimson Tide

The Crimson Tide’s stumble in its first test this year against Central High School caused many high school savants and followers to reflect with awe.

“We haven’t seen a Crimson Tide loss out of the gate like this in a long, long time!”

This was indeed the case in the Crimson Tide’s 40-12 defeat at Everett Memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon.

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The Parlin Library

One of the mayor’s lawyers is now running the Parlin Library. Assistant City Solicitor Matt Lattanzi recently held a public meeting noting all the legal changes he has made so the library will fall under the laws of the land perfectly.

The mayor has a mania for the library to run his way or no way. The mayor’s bottom line is to run the library as another city department rather than having a chief librarian who knows what he or she is doing to meet the protocol for running a public library in a city like ours.

Attorney Lattanzi is perfect as the mayor’s messenger. Running the library as another city department allows the may- or to hire more employees, or in the case of the library, another convicted felon to carry on library business here.

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The Madison Street Tragedy

The death on Madison Street last week of two women trapped on the second floor of a raging inferno during a three alarm fire that consumed the multifamily structure should be a reminder to us all about how fragile our safety is in our homes.

This Madison Street structure was eaten alive by the fire in a matter of minutes.

Wooden homes especially, and multi-families in particular, can go up in flames in an instant, trapping residents inside with circumstances such that firefighters arriving minutes later cannot penetrate the flames, the severe heat and the thick smoke.

This is exactly what happened last week when Everett firefighters arriving on the scene made heroic efforts to gain entry to the second floor.

According to firefighters, the fire was bad enough but that the rooms and hallways crowded with furniture and clothes and piles of bric a brac made maneuvering inside an impossibility.

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Labor Day Marks Beginning of Greater Political Efforts

Labor Day for the city’s politicians and candidates is like the moment the horses come out of the gate for the big race.

From here on in it is really no holds barred for those wishing to get themselves re-elected for the umpteenth time or for the first time.

It is amazing how quickly September 23 will be here for the city council at large primary.

It is yet again even more amazing how fast the November finale will be upon us.

It appears there is more energy this year than in elections past among all those wishing to get elected.

The sign wars are over the top.

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