The city versus Verizon a bad bet

The he city council has been denying Verizon to place a number of 5G antennae on poles in certain neighborhoods of the city for longer than a year. Many meetings have been held.

Hours and hours and have been spent on attempting to devalue and to deny these several 5G antennae, without which the city cannot be modern and offer proper internet and television services.

Many expressions of fear about a perceived health hazard caused by the antennae have been expressed by more than several councilors in an effort to agree with their constituents when they should be thinking on their own and using their heads.

Councilors and residents believing they will be irradiated by 5G forces are out of step with the science of the issue.

Residents are asking that these not be put up.

They try to make the case they are dangerous – and they are not.

This issue is destined to cost the city a fortune if it goes to court – and the city will lose.

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Removing names once honored

At the last meeting of the School Committee, the mayor entered a motion to have a name stripped from a location inside the high school.

The motion was sent to a committee for study and or action or both.

The name of the man once honored being put up for removal comes before he has had his day in court.

Most of us who think reasonably would agree, removing a name because of allegations and charges before those allegations have been proven and the man found guilty, is a premature.

In this case, the mayor is acting as judge and jury. He is asking as well that the School Committee endorse his action.

For the mayor, especially, to enter this motion shows bad judgment.

More to the point, it shows his indifference to similar allegations made against him in the past as those made against the once honored name.

The mayor also shows his tendency toward vindictiveness by entering the motion for the removal of the name.

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The Rep is a puppet, not a leader

With the democratic primary election less than two weeks away, the voters of Everett have to ask themselves one important question: What type of person do you want representing the City of Everett in the Massachusetts House of Representatives?

A civic minded, hardworking person or a lazy, lay about who does just enough to get by and who enjoys taking credit for passing bills he has not presented?

Make no mistake, that is exactly what this election is about. The incumbent Rep has managed to attach his name, and little else, to just about every piece of legislation winding its way through the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. What initiative has the Rep shown in his three terms in office? The answer is almost none.

Recently, the rep has taken credit for passing a bond bill that hasn’t yet been approved and has taken credit for passing a $10.5 million higher education bill for the disabled that was all Senator Sal DiDomenico’s exclusive doing.

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Matt Maddox sets example mayor should follow

The CEO of Wynn Resorts Matt Maddox, no stranger to Everett, has shown what we would call a real profile in largesse by giving up 176,000 shares of his stock and dividing it up between 240 of Wynn Resorts executive leadership team.

The idea is to maintain Wynn Resorts core strength, its leadership team of executives who have kept the company alive during the pandemic.

Instead of Maddox hoarding his stock for himself the way the mayor has hoarded his salary increase while laying off key employees.

Maddox has spread the wealth around for the good of the company.

The mayor does not spread the wealth around for the good of the city or for those employed by the city who he believes are working for him, exclusively.

The mayor is in the game to create wealth, for himself.

He doesn’t care much who he tosses under the bus or who loses their jobs or who has their salaries cut.

He cares mostly about one thing and one thing alone, himself. Nearly everyone who knows him knows this.

They vote for him out of fear, not out of love.

When the pandemic was about to shut down Everett, the mayor went on vacation to Aruba.

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Baker appoints Michelle Capone

Irony is a big part of politics, always. It is one of the components of politics that can make simple acts by the mayor look foolish.

Such is the case with Governor Charllie Baker appointing Attorney Michelle Capone as a State Library Trustee.

The State Library was created in 1826. It is located inside the State House since 1895.

If anyone in this city should have been heading the Everett Public Libraries, it should have been Attorney Capone.

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