The virus is wreaking havoc

An EMT from Cataldo Ambulance administers a COVID-19 test at Rivergreen Park. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The lack of national leadership in containing the virus and eradicating it has led us to a point where it is out of control all across the nation.

This is where the outside has come inside for those of us who live in Everett and who have businesses here.

In many respects, the local economy has been ruined.

Thousands have been laid off.

Unemployment for those thousands out of work ends the day after Christmas.

Thousands more have become ill. Dozens have died.

The trend right now is soaring numbers of new infections, new hospitalizations, and added deaths.

Many thousands in Everett who have become infected have recovered from the virus only to find that its lingering effects make life miserable.

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Our condolences to the Matewsky family

Like many thousands of Everett residents, we know the Matewsky Family very well.

They are all very nice people — generous and caring about others.

Right now, they are suffering the loss of their beloved brother and son, Anthony Matewsky.

Mr. Matewsky died last week at the age of 68.

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What happens next without a stimulus

Without more direct aid from the Federal government to Americans in the form of a second stimulus, many, many local residents and homeowners are going to lose their properties.

They’ve already lost their jobs and their unemployment benefits which run out in another month.

Without further federal aid, the future is looking dismal for this city’s most needy residents, and for the city itself. For those who were employed in the cleaning industry and at restaurants, there are very few opportunities for a new job.

Many, many families are running low on funds.

The lines for free food are longer than they were during the complete shutdown of the economy – another bad sign of things to come.

There is no easy way to highlight just how serious a moment we are at.

The Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino has laid off more than 4,000 employees.

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The mayor retreats in the face of withering fire

The mayor has shown common political sense in removing his name – temporarily – from consideration for a voting membership on the School Committee.

The mayor is now facing three major fronts.

Call them cracks in the dam. Call them what you will.

The genie is out of the bottle for him with regard to serious racial issues being raised by Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien, the Boston Globe, the Leader Herald, and the fair-minded people of this city.

The mayor’s failure to comment on the City Council’s poor behavior two weeks ago, haranguing Adrien and urging her to resign, has not been resolved.

The racial overtones permeating and bandied about at that meeting, and at others, was embarrassing even by Everett City Council standards.

That the video of the hearing was erased, stolen, or ruined is another matter for a closer look at the Administration.

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No apologies forthcoming from the Council

At the City Council’s meeting two weeks ago, most of the council derided Councilor-at-Large Gerly Adrien for not attending the meeting in person.

Adrien felt their comments had racial overtones, especially the suggestion by several of the councilors who should have known better, who asked her to resign if she couldn’t do the job.

The meeting was ugly, a textbook example of mostly white councilors disturbed by having to serve with an assertive Black woman on the Council.

Adrien topped the ticket.

That gets her no respect from the present crew on the Council. With the notable exception of Councilor Fred Capone, Adrien has met the wrath of nearly every councilor since joining the body.

She is too noisy for the others. She is too concerned about things like racism, equality, servicing the poor and needy to have a positive impact on the crew she is sitting with as a councilor.

They don’t like her, and they let her know this.

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