Matewsky’s streamlining succeeds

Since taking over the council presidency in January, Councilor Wayne Matewsky has promised to “slenderize” the meetings by keeping to the rules of order, and by efforting to suspend the habit of allowing eleven councilors to speak on each and every issue and to go on and on and on.

So far, his effort has succeeded.

Last week’s council meeting was a perfect example.

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Affordable housing

FEBRUARY 5: A construction worker for Heyland Development drives a earth moving machine at the redevelopment of the St. Therese’s on Broadway Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The mayor and the city council have imposed a linkage fee for developers building multi-unit apartment housing in Everett.

Only those developments not yet permitted for occupancy will be charged the fee.

The idea is to have developers set aside a percentage of their projects for affordable housing for Everett residents with limited income or housing insufficient for their needs.

This new linkage fee will do little to nothing to reduce the need for all kinds of affordable housing.

What Everett needs to do is to create a linkage with the $30 million a year coming in from Encore and to leverage some of that money to build its own affordable housing without having to shake down developers with yet another fee.

Everett remains a city of families more than it is a city of transients.

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George Lane

FEBRUARY 5: Redevelopment of the former St. Therese’s church site (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The new Director of Inspectional Services is George Lane.

This is a great appointment, not only for those who work side by side with him but for those developers building in Everett who expect professionalism at city hall.

Mr. Lane is highly respected.

He treats everyone the same way – with a sense of fairness and equity for all who use the department.

He takes the job of enforcing the city’s building codes seriously.

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Rep. McGonagle and the new speaker

The truth be known, Rep. McGonagle misses former Speaker Robert DeLeo, who retired last month as the longest serving speaker in Massachusetts history.

However, we are pleased to report that Rep. McGonagle has shown his ability to change with the times.

He has a great working relationship with the new Speaker Ron Mariano.

In fact, McGonagle is Mariano’s type of guy.

Mariano is a people person. He has a strong work ethic.

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

“Can’t Do That”.

I am writing to try to help our “Younger Generation” to understand “The Elderly.” Soon it will be a year since this deadly virus ravaged our lives. My wife and I were regularly going to the Com- munity Center gym. NOW, “Can’t Do That” – A visit to the Casino – NOW, “Can’t DoThat”-Go see a movie at the Revere cinema – NOW, “Can’t Do That” – To dinner with friends – NOW -”Can’t Do That” – Hug your kids/ grandkids – NOW -”Can’t Do That”…

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