The Twin Massacres

The slaughter of so many innocents by lunatic using automatic weapons and wearing body armor indicates something is very wrong in our nation.

Something must be done.
We are not certain exactly what that is, but something must be done. Doing something about the gun crisis and the massacre epidemic is

something a long time coming – and the weekend’s twin massacres will help the process along, we hope.

President Trump didn’t cause these twin massacres, both of which made no sense since the gunmen were killing randomly, without rhyme or reason.

What is needed is a rising up by Americans upset at the massacres – and this just doesn’t seem to be happening.

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The Leader Herald Experience

The mayor and his communications team no longer respond to any of our requests for information.

No one working for the city is allowed to speak with the Leader Herald.

The Leader Herald fails to print whatever the mayor wants, and what’s more, publishes investigative reports into the mayor’s excesses and potential illegal, unethical and irresponsible behavior.

The mayor fights back making every effort to undermine the newspaper.

In fact, the mayor told the publisher of the Leader Herald a year and half ago, “I will put you out of business in four weeks.”

Obviously, this has not happened.

Some of his faithful employees throw away our newspapers or attempt to disrupt our business from week to week or threaten certain businessmen and women from doing business with us…or else.

We remain fearless about his attacks on us.

The Leader Herald remains the newspaper of record in this city, as it has been since 1885.

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The Reinstitution of the Federal Death Penalty

Many of our readers learned over the weekend that the Federal death penalty has been reimposed.

Five executions of murderers on the Federal death row will be performed in December, according to reports appearing in the New York Times.

These are the five the government wants to execute: The men, whose ages range from 37 to 67, have each been convicted of heinous crimes, and together have been involved in the slayings of 13 victims. The cases fell under federal jurisdiction because of how or where they were carried out.

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The Encore Miracle Continues

It is at the same time extraordinary and unbelievable how the Encore Casino and Hotel is now operating day to day without impacting the public safety or the well being of the citizens of Everett.

For such a huge project, with so many employees and moving parts, generating so much money and paying such enormous taxes, to have so little real impact on the day to day well being of the city runs against nearly everything many of us believed was going to happen when the doors opened during the last week of June.

The traffic mess so many anticipated – and this included Encore officials – has never materialized. Traffic may impact the city greatly in the future as the casino’s business base expands but right now, traffic is manageable.

Again, it is so unlikely an occurrence that so great a commercial development can co-exist in this crowded city with almost no visible impact.

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Having a Primary is Doing the Right Thing

The city council’s decisive action Monday evening at city hall approving a primary for the at-large races in both the at-large council and school committee contests was what the late President John F. Kennedy might well have called a profile in courage.

By a 9-0 vote, with Councilors Leo McKinnon and Anthony DiPierro absent, the council stood up for what is right and just – for a primary to take place when it is warranted by circumstances set out in the city charter.

There was very little discussion publicly among the councilors regarding the decision to approve the primaries.

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