All Quiet on the Western Front

That is the title from what was arguably the greatest piece of literature to come out of the battlefields of World War 1

It is a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran of World War I. The book describes the German soldiers’ extreme physical and mental trauma during the war, and the detachment from civilian life felt by him upon returning home from the front.

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Question 2

Do you want dental insurance providers to rake in big fees from you and give you back in services much less than what you pay?

Do you want to be forever needing money to pay for dental needs which your insurer will not allow or approve because of their desire to keep their margins of profit obscenely high?

If your answer is “no”, then vote that way on Election Day for this ballot item.

If you want to even the playing field, to gain back some of the advantages that have been lost with dental providers who keep most of your payments and are stingy in giving you back what you need, then vote “yes.”

Who among us hasn’t suffered the indignity and the inequity of not having enough on hand cash to take care of expensive dental needs despite paying high premiums for dental care?

How this has come to pass is one of those mysteries about government allowing dental insurance providers to constantly raise their premiums and to artificially set boundaries on what they must provide in return.

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Pope John is a solution

Without wishing to sound like know it alls, we understand this: the Pope John facility is the best shorter term fix for the public schools overcrowding on the table.

And while Pope John is a solution, trailers for Everett’s public school children are not.

The time has come and is long overdue, in fact, to make a decision to move forward.

Each day that passes without a concerted effort being made to reduce the overcrowding problem it gets worse.

It does not matter what the council did about Pope John two years ago or three years ago.

That was then.

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Brady faces a new reality

It would appear that Tom Brady’s magical world, a place where all his dreams came true, is beginning to disintegrate.

The ageless wonder, pro football’s GOAT, is heading in a direction we cannot imagine.

He is getting divorced. If you’ve never been divorced and if you think celebrities private lives don’t matter, well, they do.

Getting divorced is messy business and it doesn’t matter if you are a blue collar working class stiff or a multi-millionaire handsome football player married to one of the world’s most stunning women.

When you choose football over your wife and kids at the age of 45, you suffer when your wife tells you she wants a divorce. Or maybe it was Brady who told Giselle he wants a divorce.

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The Last Gasps Of Warm Weather

If the warmer weather we have been experiencing were a person, then that person would be gasping for air in a battle to remain alive.

The warmer weather is not going to last.
Most of us don’t want to feel it go.

But we know it is doing a disappearing act.
Sooner rather than later we will be forced to turn on the heat in our homes or apartments.

This year that will be a costly act – that is – trading our money to stay warm at a time when it is going to cost more money to heat during a winter than ever before.

The price for electricity, gas and heating oil are all high and going higher.

Back to the point.

Enjoy what you can of these few precious days of warmth that remain on a calendar soon to be entirely devoted to the coming of winter.

The fall has been brilliant.

The leaves have turned and they are falling.

Soon the cold will grip us – and for many months.

That’s New England for you.