The end of the pandemic

We believe it is reasonable to surmise that most of the population is extremely pleased that the pandemic – or at least – the rules governing us during the pandemic – appear to be coming to a long-awaited end.

Only the most unseen and unexpected catastrophe can cause us to return to the Draconian existence we have all led since March 2020.

Most noticeable about the end of the restrictions here is that many, many men, women, and children are still wearing facemasks.

This proves that returning to normal is not so easy after living abnormally for longer than one year.

What took almost one year of our lives away from us in the traditional sense of thinking, will likely take at least the year in front of us to correct itself.

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Transferring votes

There is a great deal of talk among the politically interested residents of this city about how the votes in the September primary will be divvied up.

Some believe the mayor controls the vote, that he, in fact, owns the vote, and that unless he releases those who have voted for him before, they will all vote for him again and again.

Many of those same people believe that the mayor’s friends in public office control the votes of those who vote for them. They believe those people can tell their supporters to vote for the mayor and their bidding will be automatically done.

Many believe all the city employees who are made to donate to the mayor will vote for him so they can keep their jobs.

If it was a simple as this for the mayor, we wouldn’t need to have an election.

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Does ECTV have a clue?

Last week’s ECTV broadcast of the city council meeting from the high school library was another failure.

For more than an hour, it was impossible trying to watch the meeting and to understand what the participants were saying.

Once again, the ECTV technician was unable to run a meeting so that the city councilors could be understood.

Some of us believe the ECTV people must be humorists or comedians and that they are deliberately trying to get us to laugh when we can’t understand what the councilors are saying.

After all, there is something poetic about such a scenario.

It is magnificent watching some of the councilors go on and on about nothing and we can’t make out what they are saying. Allowing this to go on, sometimes for 15 minutes, is hilarious, with many of the councilors simply pleased with themselves, delighted to be on tv talking but not really knowing anyone can make out what they are saying!

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Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we, as a nation of free people, pay homage to those who have died fighting for the United States of America.

We have said this many times before on our editorial pages over the years, but it takes something special to sign one’s life away to the armed forces of the United States and to spill one’s blood and to make the ultimate sacrifice in faraway places.

Many of us cannot imagine the terror and the pain of such a loss thousands of families have faced with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We salute the bravery of those who served and who have died. We regret the loss of American lives in foreign lands.

We often ask ourselves, why do we put our soldiers, sailors, and flyers in harm’s way for others?

What does it get us?

In the Civil War, the Union was saved, and slavery wiped out. In World War 1, our intervention helped to conquer the Germans.

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Integrity on file

Integrity matters in Everett.

Integrity is on display during this election season. Who, running for mayor, has integrity and who doesn’t is going to be a critical issue for Everett voters.

It will be up to Everett voters to decide whether or not Gerly Adrien, Fred Capone, and the mayor have the integrity and honesty to serve the people of this city.

To this end, the Leader Herald will be exploring all three candidate’s pasts.
Each of them owns an individual narrative, a unique story to tell about their lives, their ups and downs, their inadequacies, their triumphs, and their failures.

If there is a dark side to them, we will explore it.

We will reveal what the public record has to show about Adrien, Capone, and the mayor.

Everett is in a tough political environment.

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