Takeover of Parlin Library Should be studied; and opposed

The mayor’s lust to control and to manipulate every organ of the city government and the services it delivers, and to demand from every city employee their absolute allegiance or they will be threatened withtermination, cannot and should not be allowed to pollute the offices of the administration, the leadership and the rank and file at the city’spublic libraries.

The mayor, his city solicitor and his chief of staff are right nowpreparing a takeover by the city of the library from the Board of Trustees, which is chaired by Attorney Michelle Capone, the wife ofCity Councilor Attorney Fred Capone.

Capone and her fellow board members have done a stellar job of administering the library.

The library right now is about the last refuge for administration free of the mayor’s nasty grasp.

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A coming traffic nightmare Is nearly upon us?

The expected opening of the casino at the end of June is going toresult, at least in the short term – for the first six months – with a trafficnightmare none of us have prepared ourselves for or maybe not.

After all, how do you prepare for an onslaught of traffic such as thereis expected to be if the casino opens at the end of June as expected?

It is a bit like trying to prepare for a tsunami or a cyclone.

It is one thing to know a potential traffic nightmare is almost upon us. It is quite another thing to prepare ourselves for it without knowing exactly how great a problem it is going to be when the doors open. No one right now can predict with any accuracy what the level of traffic difficulty will be when the casino opens.

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A giant what if regarding Encore And the future of the casino

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is beginning Tuesday and ending Thursday three days of long awaited testimony that will lead to a number of possibilities that are all of extraordinary importance to the city of Everett and everyone who owns property here or who has applied for a job at the casino/hotel site almost completed.

These hearings will determine – the decision the MGC makes after hearing testimony for three days – will result in Encore being granted its license neat and clean, no fuss or mess about it.

That is the first possibility and perhaps the most unlikely.

The second is that the license will be granted but with conditionsand a huge fine.

This is entirely possible and bettors say it is the most likely of the outcomes we can outline here on this editorial page.

The third possibility, and considered most remote – but a possibility -is that the MGC will find Encore unsuitable to hold a license for casinogaming in Massachusetts.

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Hanging in the Wind

With the Massachusetts Gaming Commission about to begin its public deliberations on its
long awaited investigation, the City of Everett should be saying its prayers that the MGC will look the other way, approve Wynn Resorts as the licensee, and to get on with the business of opening the place at the end of June.

If the MGC blinks, and fails to approve the license for Wynn Resorts/Encore, the city is facing a calamity quite unlike any it has faced in its long and enduring history.

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Thank you, Mrs. Gauthier

Since Janet Gauthier took over the reigns of the School Department as acting superintendent some months back she has done a stellar job of keeping things together and moving forward during a turbulent time when nothing seems certain in a place that was all about certainty for almost 30 years.

Mrs. Gauthier is her own person.

According to those watching she knows what she is doing, has a strong work ethic, and is setting the right example during a difficult time at the School Department.

We know this, Mrs. Gauthier will not allow the mayor’s office to take over the School Department.

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