Is A Moratorium The Answer?

There is the growing sentiment in this city, and it is shared by many longtime residents and homeowners, that Everett cannot go on building more and more housing units without the personality of the city being changed irrevocably forever.

More importantly, many longtime residents believe the city is being radically transformed, and in such a wholesale way by all the new construction going up and being allowed throughout all the neighborhoods, that they don’t recognize the city anymore.

A new wave of public voices is growing asking for a construction moratorium or at least a temporary stop to new construction.

What to do?

We are not certain a halt to new construction would be useful or financially appropriate.

The wave of new development in Everett is, for the most part, a giant plus.

Two new developments of 55 acres by the Everett waterfront and 95 acres bordering it and including the Exxon Mobil property are perfect locations for massive, unrestricted development of housing, and commercial business and industrial use.

Those two developments will ultimately create new neighborhoods more vibrant than anyone can right now imagine.

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Primary Day

Having a Primary Day election that will not be contested by candidates who lose claiming they lost because of election fraud is an encouraging reality about the basic integrity of Everett’s electoral apparatus.

Or let’s just agree it is quite unlikely such a situation could occur, and hasn’t occurred in generations here.

There is often much said about those voting here who do not live in the city but except for that and evidence that several dead people have been known to vote in previous elections, elections here are clean and neat.

With newer voting machines, they are also precise and exact with little space to make claims about votes or batches of them being stolen, hidden, thrown away or the such.

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Serena Williams Retires

Serena Williams (NPR.Org)

For the past 20 years, Serena Williams has been the top women’s tennis player in the world bar none.

Her record is such that she is now being touted as the GOAT – the greatest women’s tennis player of all time.

She is undoubtedly that.

Her retirement reminds all of us that we are all getting old.

At 40, Williams is the toast of the tennis world as she stares at changing her life off the court.

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The End of Summer

This week marks the end of summer.

As August turns to September, nearly all of us who have spent our lives in New England lament the passing of summer.

Summers are short. Our memories of some summers are lifelong.

There have been summers when we fell in love, when we fell out of love, when we roared in our youth at parties and summer style bashes, and there were summers when we couldn’t get up for any- thing, when we were sick, or recovering from illness or from the death of a love one.

There is not telling what a summer holds until it is done.

The summer of 2022 is done.

It is finished.

We waited all winter and spring for summer and then it just vanished, just like that, with the snap of a finger.

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Close to Home

The difficulties a candidate for District Attorney of Suffolk County is right now having after it was revealed by the Boston Globe that Ricardo Arroyo, a Boston City Councilor was investigated for two incidents of possible sexual assault more than 16 years ago, hits very close to home.

Arroyo claims he does not recall being investigated or visited by police for the two incidents but records reveal he was in fact notified and investigated as the Globe reported.

He says he was never informed.

It would appear his difficulties recalling two serious incidents of possible sexual assault and the investigations which followed could derail his candidacy for district attorney.

It could cloud as well his future as a Boston City Councilor.

Here in Everett, we have a mayor who was revealed to have had a number of claims made against him by at least three women claiming possible sexual assault and harassment, and reported in detail in the Boston Globe in 2014.

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