Like Father, Like Son

One of the most ironic moments in the loss the Crimson Tide suffered at the hands of Central Catholic came when Nick Mazzie kicked a 33-yard field goal near to the end of the game that served as the winning points for Catholic Central.

In the life and times of young Nick Mazzie, this a moment to savor, and to remember for the rest of his life.

It was, after all, a huge moment in the young man’s life.

Beating Everett is like getting to the top of Mount Everest in Massachusetts high school football circles.

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About Leadership in Our City

Watching the mayor and Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire spar is something to behold.

Foresteire is a good 25 years older than the mayor but he gets up earlier, works harder and smarter, and usually comes out victorious at whatever he puts his mind to.

Unlike Foresteire, the mayor is fighting battles he cannot win with strategies that make little to no sense.

The mayor has a questionable work ethic. He’s obviously bored by his job. He doesn’t show up to his city hall office for days – but then, he just doesn’t care.

The mayor couldn’t manage an appearance at Friday night’s football game. He apparently called someone who was there near to the end of the game to ask what was going on.

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Is the City Broke?

Cartoon (2).jpg

By all accounts, it appears the city is broke. Inconceivable! Unbelievable! Impossible! Regrettably it appears to be true.

Even with the giant casino going up down the street – supposedly the city’s ticket to untold riches and security – the city’s cash coffers are almost dry and taxes are headed up by a good 11%.

Last week, the city borrowed $9 million without fanfare, proving again, the city didn’t have the money on hand to pay its upcoming bills.

The casino was supposed to set the city on a course of financial freedom and plenty.

This is how the mayor advertised it when he hooked top with Steven Wynn and fell in love with the man and his legend.

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Father Jerry Osterman

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 6.33.28 PM.png
Father Jerry Osterman speaking about his retirement from The Immaculate Conception Church after receiving a City Council commendation for his many, many years of devotion to the residents of Everett.

The retirement of Father Jerry Osterman from his commanding position as the spiritual leader of The Immaculate Conception Church has been a long time coming.

But now the day has come, as evidenced by the accolade set upon him at Monday evening’s council meeting by the city council.

A caring, gentlemanly, humble, but strong willed priest, Father Osterman will be missed.

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Crimson Tide Shines

Their record, a perfect 7-0 in the state’s top division, says it all about this year’s Crimson Tide football team.

The regular season perfect slate is like a beautiful painting.

What comes afterwards in the playoffs, well, that is the stuff for a museum and a place in Massachusetts football history.

The run to football greatness for the Crimson Tide begins on Friday.

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