The mayor says we print lies

We are many things here at the Everett Leader Herald but we are not liars and we have never been called liars.

The mayor’s implication that the local press lies – and very likely that we lie when exploring his inadequacies or improprieties or those of the Wynn company – is not appreciated and falls below the standards by which the mayor should operate.

The mayor is free to say whatever he wants but he should be very careful about who he calls a liar and especially if it is the Everett Leader Herald he is referring to.

It is one thing for the mayor to claim that our editorials and reports are comprised of lies.

It is entirely another thing to be libeled by the mayor.

It isn’t right. It isn’t fair and he should control himself in the future about labelling us liars.

Kevin O’Donnell and Colleen Mejia doing Their jobs and quite well

The mayor’s chief of staff Kevin O’Donnell and City Solicitor Colleen Mejia are two unsung heroes working inside Everett City Hall.

We have watched or been in the presence of Mr. O’Donnell dozens of times.

He is always polite, prepared, and projecting the air of certainty about issues great and small for an administration that is very demanding and difficult at the same time.

Working for the mayor can be trying, an experience only those with strong spines can endure.

Mr. O’Donnell is such a man.

He very quietly dispatches the mayor’s important business with calm and ease. He is level headed and juggles many moving pieces from day to day.

We have never seen him flustered or heard him complain.

He is a soldier for the mayor but he remains his own man.

He’s a straight up guy that gives the city a better public image wherever and whenever he shows up. Continue reading Kevin O’Donnell and Colleen Mejia doing Their jobs and quite well

Editorials: April 18, 2018

The Wynn Conundrum;

We Suggest a New Owner

It is the opinion of the Leader Herald that Wynn Boston Harbor should not be the licensee for the project now being built despite being so monumentally important to the people of this city and its future financial well-being.

Steven Wynn’s appalling behavior and subsequent sale of all his stock in the company he founded as well as him resigning from his position as the company’s president is not enough to set the record straight; not nearly enough especially by today’s more stringent and remorseless standards. Continue reading Editorials: April 18, 2018

Everett Fire Rules

The Everett Fire Department’s involvement with and interest in the Wounded Veterans Movement speaks volumes about our firefighters devotion to one another and to those who have served the nation.

Using ice hockey as the glue that helps bind this effort is working wonders for publicity and participation, the kind that leads to more being done for our veterans.

We applaud the Everett Fire Department for participating in such an effort and showing leadership for our Wounded Veterans.

Come Clean With Exelon

With all due respect to the mayor and the need for privacy about the law suit the city has spent $1 million on against Exelon, can we at least nd out how we are doing?

Are we going to walk away with a win?

How is it looking? Are we going to lose our $1 million which has already been spent on a hopeless cause or are we going to prevail, a word the lawyers like to use?

Continue reading Come Clean With Exelon