EDITORIALS: February 22

Bad, Bad, Bad

The allegations of repeated and undifferentiated incidents of sexual harassment and assault against Steve Wynn as documented and reported by the Wall Street Journal, and what might ultimately occur as a result of these sickening revelations, is bad news for Everett, bad news for the mayor’s dream and bad news for all of us who put our future in Wynn’s capable hands. Continue reading EDITORIALS: February 22

EDITORIALS: January 25

DiBiaso Moves On

Just six weeks ago Everett’s legendary winningest coaching prodigy John DiBiaso announced his retirement after almost 39 years in the Everett Public School system.

His retirement produced lamentations from nearly everyone who realized what a tremendous loss for the city his retirement from our programs would be. Continue reading EDITORIALS: January 25

Editorials: January 18th

Frank Mastrocola, Businessman, Family Man, Son of Everett, at 92

The death of Frank Mastrocola at 92 a few days ago is a tremendous loss to all of us who knew him, who know his family, and who respect the Mastrocolas because, quite frankly, they are classy, successful, generous, educated Everett people who have always given back to the city where they got their start. Continue reading Editorials: January 18th

EDITORIALS: January 11

School Committeewoman Millie Cardello

The joint City Council/School Committee convention Monday evening at city hall elected Millie Cardello to serve the next two years on the School Committee.

The convention did the right thing.

Cardello has served the city and its children for nearly all of her adult life. She has a proven track record as a School Committeewoman, Councillor,and Alderman. Continue reading EDITORIALS: January 11