The Patriots

The Buffalo Bills rose to greatness Sunday against the lesser New England Patriots.

The season is done for the Patriots.

It has been done for quite some time.

In fact, we hoped for a big winning season but it was never meant to be.

It is sad to say but true all the way, the music stopped for the Patriots when Tom Brady left the nest.

And so, once again, we go back to our mantra which is – the Pat’s haven’t had a chance at a ring since Brady was allowed to leave or left on his own, however it came to pass.

This is a harsh reality we relive every Sunday in the post Brady era.

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The Lamar Hamlin miracle miracle a point of reference for Everett fans and residents

By Josh Resnek

For those of us who have had medical issues, whose lives have been occasionally interrupted by life threatening situations inside our homes or at the hospital or in the workplace, the Lamar Hamlin story is a reminder just how fragile life can be.

Think about it, as we suspect you have since the story came to dominate United States news windows last week, Hamlin, a professional football player, is alive today because trained medical technicians raced to his side when he collapsed on the field and his heart stopped beating.

Those medical technicians saved his life with CPR and by jolting his heart with a defibrillator.

That’s what Hamlin needed to sustain life, to sustain his life.

Here is a young man in the prime of his physical life, muscular and toned, fast and tough, unafraid of anything physical on the field that might touch him.

He makes a tackle. He gets up from the field. He takes two steps and he collapses.

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The Patriots in 2023

The last two weeks of 2022 have been horrific for the Patriots and for Mac Jones and for all of us who can still recall the glory days when Tom Brady led the Pats and the world seemed a far better place than it is today for New England football fans.

We have fallen down from the mountaintop in this dreary post Brady Pat’s world.

It was much better being on top than being 7-8 with a bit of the season still in front of us.

Boston sports writers are still harping on the possibility that the Pat’s could be play-off bound!

This goes to show you how foolish some sports writers can be. The Pat’s are done, even if they get to the playoffs.
Where could they possibly go in the playoffs?

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Patriots’ loss a game for the ages

By Josh Resnek

Last Sunday, we were treated to the Argentina-France finale at the World Cup in Qatar.

Those of us who paid attention, witnessed an incredible exhibition of soccer by great stars quite like no other in modern history.

Argentina’s victory, with Lionel Messi leading the charge, will long be remembered.

Then came later in the afternoon, a game I had almost completely forgotten about, the Pats v Las Vegas Raiders.

I put the game on at the beginning of the 4th quarter of play.

This was a good start.

Like everyone else watching the Pats Sunday, I watched them even up the score, and even take the lead.

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Crimson Tide basketball undefeated to start season

Behind both a formidable offense and defense, the Crimson Tide and coach Stanley Chamblain remain undefeated through two games.

With opening week wins over Greater Boston League rivals Revere (63-60) and Medford (60-45), the Tide (2-0) are off to a strong start.

Senior scorer Steven Cordero propelled the Tide in both wins, with 21 points against Revere and 25 points against Medford. In the in over Revere, Kevin Ruiz chipped in 15 points and David De Souza added 14 points. The trio scored a combined 50 points in the season opener.

“Although Steven was our high scorer in the second game [against Medford], it was our defense that guided us to victory,” said fifth-year coach Stanley Chamblain.  The Tide’s defense took control and corralled the Mustang offense, allowing just 45 points while forcing 19 turnovers.

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