“Residents starving here,” mayor alleges

“I see kids living In closets every day. Day In and day out”

Marchese Calls Charges “Defamation”

By Josh Resnek

The mayor claimed Everett residents are starving for lack of food, and their homes are being foreclosed upon because they can’t afford to pay the taxes, two major statements that he failed to verify with any evidence, dates, names, addresses, extemporaneous notes of any kind and copies of orders that he may have given to city employees to inspect such reports he talked about in the public forum.

The mayor’s claim that “I see kids living in closets every day. Day in and day out,” was considered a defamation by Councilor Mike Marchese.

“It’s all a lie. These charges were made by the mayor to divert interest from the Pope John controversy. In his desperation to persuade the city population that the city cannot afford to make more space for Everett’s public school children because people are starving, were made with no evidence, no corroboration by the Health Department, the Fire Department, the Police Department or the Department of Public Works,” Marchese said. “It was done to defame those against him.”

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I Came To Everett On A Calling; Others Felt Invaded By My Presence

By Josh Resnek

When Reverend Mimi Daniel came to live in Everett 14 years ago, she came here to save a dying congregation on Church Street.

She threw herself into her work.

She said being Black and Haitian, and speaking with an accent in Everett, rarely made her work easier for her among the white population at the time.

She said the situation has not improved during the past few years as the divide between Blacks and whites reached the new divide.

It is disheartening, she said, of the racism claims that have recently come to surface among the leadership at Everett city hall.

She recalled with simplicity and composure during an interview at the Leader Herald offices on Saturday afternoon, that she was met by racism and contempt when she first arrived, and she admitted, “I’ve had some really bad experiences throughout my time in the city.”

She said she was not shocked to learn that city hall is being investigated by the Federal government for racism, discrimination and retaliation.

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Supt. Tahiliani’s Discrimination Complaint Charges Racism, Sexism

Priya Tahiliani. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

Claims overt, blatant acts of discrimination and retaliation by mayor and “his cronies.”

By Josh Resnek

School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani is the first minority superintendent in the city’s history.

Her recent discrimination complaint made with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, as well as the allegations she has lodged against the mayor and the city, highlight the racism and sexism she claims she has been facing since coming to Everett.

In the complaint she describes her early months as a honeymoon that went bad.

“The institutional racism championed by Everett’s Mayor, Carlo DeMaria, and his cronies on the now re-formed School Committee is palpable,” Tahiliani claims.

“Mayor DeMaria pushed himself onto the School Committee, and with the assistance of his proxies on the committee has taken all the steps he can to deprive Tahiliani of her ability to meaningfully execute her duties and responsibilities. Her offense? Being a woman of color who refused to maintain a 100% White district level management staff and who stood against the School Committee’s flagrant refusal to comply with a Title IX investigation into its own members’ conduct,” it is alleged in her filing.

That was January, 2022.

Since that time, the world has changed for the mayor.

Revelations of his acceptance and acquiesence to racism and sexism during the past two months has led to the resignation of Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s chief of communications, Deanna Deveney.

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Globe report points to apathy about conflicts of interest, wrongdoing

By Josh Resnek

Without hyping conspiracy theories or becoming mired in he said she said anecdotal Everett accusations about public officials using their influence to better themselves, the Globe story Sunday explored Everett city hall’s conflicts of interest, favoritism, retaliation, racism, sexism and municipal corruption.

The Globe story was a salad mix of claims those outside the city will likely consider fantastic and unbelievable while those who live here, many of them who read the story, will say who cares? Nothing is going to change.

A trial lawyer with a great deal of Everett experience told the Leader Herald: “I liked the article. Very much on the corruption vibe, not the “he’s a bad guy” vibe. The Globe dispassionately discusses the Corey Street deal. The reporter did a nice job. Really well researched and gave the mayor and Antonelli ample opportunity to respond…and they did. The Globe used their words to passively aggressively reinforce the theme of the story.”


The story marked the moment the landscaper, snow remover, street digger and developer Greg Antonelli was revealed as a king pin of sorts with the mayor in his dominance over the city with city hall contracts large and small that were reported to be in the $8M range last year.

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Local Attorneys Fred and Michele Capone Continue to Celebrate Community in Everett Square

Sal Sacro stands behind a giant Easter Bunny.

Fred and Michele Capone, with the assistance of the Sacro Companies, have transformed their former political headquarters at 142 School Street into a warm and welcoming community space. Both Michele and Fred have extensive community service backgrounds and are using their 30 plus years of experience to bring joy to Everett Square. Working with a dedicated committee of volunteers, the first floor has lovingly been decorated for the holidays and seasons. Spring will soon be turning into summer, so keep an eye out for the new window displays and decorations!

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