Local Attorneys Fred and Michele Capone Continue to Celebrate Community in Everett Square

Sal Sacro stands behind a giant Easter Bunny.

Fred and Michele Capone, with the assistance of the Sacro Companies, have transformed their former political headquarters at 142 School Street into a warm and welcoming community space. Both Michele and Fred have extensive community service backgrounds and are using their 30 plus years of experience to bring joy to Everett Square. Working with a dedicated committee of volunteers, the first floor has lovingly been decorated for the holidays and seasons. Spring will soon be turning into summer, so keep an eye out for the new window displays and decorations!

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CARDILLO, Walter, Jr.

CARDILLO, Walter, Jr. of Saugus (formerly of Everett), passed away suddenly on April 23, 2022. Walter was born December 4, 1958, to the late Walter and Evelyn Cardillo (DeNunzio) of Everett.

Devoted husband of 37 years to Denise (Griffin) Cardillo of Saugus. Loving and proud father to Kristina and Kimberly Cardillo. Brother of Paul Cardillo of Everett. Best friend of his loyal granddog Leo, who was always by his side. He is also survived by many nieces and nephews.

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Am I In Everett? Yes I am! Incredible Really When You Give It A Thought

Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel A Psychedelic Trip

By Josh Resnek

Last Thursday I drove my Lexus to Joe Caruso’s Car Repair Shop down the Lynde, and dropped it off.

Leaving the casino after losing $100 on slot machines.

Then I took an unvarnished Everett walk to the casino.

I carried $200 in my front pocket.

I was ready to gamble $100 of the $200.

I felt very positive walking to the casino.

It is a walk between two worlds. The old remaining Everett world of two and three family homes and businesses here and there mixes indelicately with the larger parking lots and with the assemblage of properties put together by Wynn Resorts.

The assemblage is a post modern pastiche of outdated housing surrounded by car repair shops, several welding facilities, the sprawling LNG facility, the great brick electrical plant using oil to produce electricity, its giant brick chimneys reaching for the sky, and a mind boggling numbing parade of 18 wheel trucks rambling on the roads making the noise of Army tanks at full throttle as they sped by me.

It is an invigorating walk that sets the mind wandering.

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— Eye on Everett —

Carlo is in Florida but his head is somewhere else. He does not want to be here right now. He doesn’t want to be seen or talked to. Don’t forget how well I know him and how he thinks. For all intents and purposes, Carlo is hiding out.


– The Blue Suit speaking with Josh Resnek


Monday afternoon the Blue Suit and I drove down to Revere Beach. We ate at Kelly’s. That is, we got food to go from Kelly’s. Can you guess what the Blue Suit wanted? Sure you can. Two orders of clams, a lobster roll and a roast beef sandwich with a large fry and a chocolate frappe. I ordered a clam chowder. I paid. The tab came to $110.00. 

Had this been 1967, the tab would have been something like $18.00. 

Monday’s weather made us hungry. 

It was almost warm enough to eat outside. 

We chose to eat inside my Honda Fit parked at Eliot Circle by the beginning of the beach and watching the waves, which were rolling in like a herd of galloping Palominos. Sitting so close to the Blue Suit while he is eating…well…it is a fairly disgusting thing to do.

He gobbles his food. He spits when he talks. He burps and then he shovels more food into his mouth. He licks his fingers. He picks up his behind from the car seat just a bit and lets some air out. It is a bit like breathing in poison gas. 

“Please don’t do that again,” I told the Blue Suit. 

He apologized. 

He loves Kelly’s tartar sauce. He’d plunge a clam into the tartar sauce, then spread ketchup on it, and then it was into his mouth with French fries, cole slaw and sips of Coca Cola to get it down. He saved the lobster roll for last and alternated between bites of the roast beef sandwich and the lobster roll. When he finished with the food, he began sipping the frappe. 

He talked about Carlo. 

“Carlo is now facing the MCAD (Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination) complaint filed against him by the superintendent of schools. He just lost about $200,000 he would have received in longevity payments for the next four years and what’s worse, he believes the council or some outside counsel or attorney is going to force him to pay back the $180,000 he received. That money is gone. I know it is. He owes money everywhere,” the Blue Suit told me.

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