Friendly Sons of St. Patrick holding time at Encore

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By Josh Resnek

One of the city’s oldest continuous St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations organized and held by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick will take place at the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel in March.

This represents a significant move from the Connolly Center, where the celebration has been held in recent years.

It is also likely to represent a changing time as the price for entry is $100 per person with tables selling for $900, according to those organizing the event.

“What is going to happen to the elderly? Are they going to spend $100 each for their annual corned beef and cabbage dinner with all the fixings?” asked a local businessman who has attended the time for many years.

“How will they get to the Encore location? They won’t be walking there, I can assure you,” he added.

“Unless someone treats them, they won’t be there.”

The elderly comprise a large percentage of the total crowd expected to attend every year, and especially during recent years.

Recent St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have revealed a softening of the events lasting power.

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t what it used to be in Everett.

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$180,000 raised by mayor at fundraiser last Week

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A fabulous Christmas wreath adorns the Encore Hotel entrance. (Photo/Joseph Prezioso)

By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s well attended fundraiser at the Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino pulled in as much as $180,000 from a wide variety of contributors, according to sources close to the mayor.

A crush of developers, vendors, and city employees all showed up with checks to pay homage to the mayor, whose campaign chest has been depleted by a litany of bills including paying high monthly retainer fees for criminal attorneys representing him against the possibility of Federal prosecution.

Those who attended who spoke to the Leader Herald reported a large and boisterous crowd of supplicants wanting to thank the mayor for his business and to shake his hand.

“The largest part of the crowd was not from Everett. It was developers and suppliers, vendors and everyone connected with the largest projects put up in the city during the past decade. Everyone is required to attend and to say thank you with a check. It is a common practice although in Everett it has become a bit like religion,” said a source.

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Driving with cell phone a very bad Call

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By Josh Resnek

Driving while holding a cell phone has just been outlawed in Massachusetts.

Making a call or texting with a cell phone while driving is now illegal – and according to the State Police, the law will be enforced on the State’s highways.

Local police departments will also be implementing policies to enforce the law, which was signed into effect Monday afternoon at the State House by Governor Charlie Baker.

This means that all Everett drivers using cell phones while driving on the city’s many streets will be subjecting themselves to possible enforcement by the Everett Police Department.

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The parking Conundrum

The Zoning Board of Appeals is again torturing itself by wanting to require many dozens of new parking spaces to be provided for in newly planned for developments.

The tendency for the ZBA is to require the spaces, or the development cannot come to exist.

The ZBA is always posturing for all the right reasons – that is – every person who needs to park his car on the street they live on in this city ought to have a space to do so.

But of course, such a scenario is absolutely impossible.

That would be like bringing back yesterday, before the city was inundated and overrun by housing of every kind on crowded streets and the expansion of automobile ownership to include almost every Everett family.

Bringing back yesterday cannot be achieved.

Voting against outstanding, legitimate, multi-million residential developments because there are not enough parking spaces to justify them is a policy doomed to failure.

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