Joshua Arnold Resnek (born January 23, 1950) is an Emmy Award-winning Boston Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PMjournalist and former Vice President and Editor of The Independent Newspaper Group. He has served as the Editor-at-Large for the Improper Bostonian magazine. His work has been published in The New York Times, The China Times, The Jerusalem Post, The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, The Boston Phoenix, Lawyers Weekly and the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, among many others. He has also appeared on national television as a commentator on 60 Minutes and Court TV. He is today a journalist, businessman and consultant and the owner of The Chelsea Press LLC, publisher of Casino Boston.


Resnek was born in Everett, Massachusetts on January 23, 1950 to Moses and Sarah Resnek of Marblehead, Massachusetts. He graduated from Marblehead High School in 1967 and from American University in 1971. Resnek was active in the university newspaper. He was American University’s Public Speaking Champion in 1970 and 1971. He worked as a legislative assistant to Congresswoman Margaret Heckler and later served as her campaign spokesperson during her run against Congressman Barney Frank in 1980.

Journalism career

Resnek began his career as a sports writer for The Lynn Daily Item in 1975, soon working as a reporter for The Beverly Times, and The Peabody News. In 1977, he began writing for The Chelsea Record, hired by Publisher (and father of current ING President Stephen Quigley) and former Mayor of Chelsea, Andrew P. Quigley.

Resnek then worked as a freelance Investigative Reporter, publishing muck-raking articles in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Boston Magazine on topics ranging from consumer fraud by large gasoline companies to a questionable Presidential Pardon system.

In 1997 Resnek won an Emmy Award for an investigative three part series on the Presidential Pardon System which appeared on NBC/TV Channel 7 Boston.

In 1998 Resnek was named Editor-at-Large for The Improper Bostonian, a Boston-based magazine, where he sponsored a series of provocative investigative stories.

Resnek then co-founded The Independent Newspaper Group in 1999 with partner and longtime friend Stephen Quigley. During the next 13 years, ING either bought or launched 12 weekly community newspapers including The Lynn Journal, The Revere Journal, The Chelsea Record, The Everett Independent, The East Boston Times Free Press, The Winthrop Transcript, The North End Regional Review, The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge, The Beacon Hill Times, The Back Bay Sun, The Jamaica Plain Gazette, and the Mission Hill Gazette. Resnek was chief editor and commentator until 2012.

In December of 2012, Resnek resigned from ING to pursue various business ventures, and to write a book. With a combined circulation of 80,000, the Independent Newspaper Group is currently the largest independent community newspaper group North of Boston.

In 2015 Resnek became the Publisher of the Jewish Journal based in Salem, Massachusetts. He resigned from that position in 2016.

In 2016 Resnek founded Casino Boston, a publication highlighting the coming of casino gambling to Boston Harbor in Everett.

Business Interests

Resnek founded owned and operated a variety of businesses over the decades, including the Beacon Café, voted Boston’s Best Irish Pub by Boston Magazine in the mid-1980’s.

He owned and operated 150 units of real estate in Chelsea, Winthrop, and Lynn during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

He founded and owns The Chelsea Press LLC a media company active since the 1980’s.

He is active presently and serves as the President of GlobeX Services & Solutions, LLC, a Boston based media and management company owned by his son Jacob Resnek and which represents a variety of companies including Vector Media of New York and PassPort Parking as well as the city of Boston.

Notable Works 

Through Brooklyn With Dismay, September 6, 1975, New York Times op-ed page. A ride through Brooklyn produces shocking sights and thoughts about the American experience.

Pardon Me, Mr. President, October 27, 1996, Boston Globe. Pals, pols and patrons historically have best chance of getting records erased

The Hangman Who Ended the Reich, October 14, 1996, Jerusalem Post. Fifty years ago the Third Reich came to an end at Landsberg Prison.

Private History of a Campaign That Failed, the tribulations of the press secretary for a candidate who hates the press, April, 1983, Boston Magazine. Insiders look at Heckler versus Barney Frank congressional battle.

Silent Witness, New leads in the notorious 1992 murder of a Northwest Airlines baggage handler, February 1997, Boston Magazine. Investigative report into death of Susan Taraskiewicz.

Hangman 10, October 1996, Boston Magazine. Story about Joseph Malta, a US Army Hangman who executed Hitler’s cabinet in 1946.

Terrorist Attack. It Could Happen in Boston. Improper Bostonian. October 6, 1998. Looking at the possibilities of a terrorist attack on Boston.

A Night With Boston’s Most Expensive Hooker, June 16, 1998. Improper Bostonian. A revealing look at a high class prostitute.

Usual Suspect, September 23, 1997, Improper Bostonian. Mastermind of biggest credit card fraud ever talks about unsolved murder.

Lord of the Ring, August 14, 2001. Improper Bostonian. Chelsea’s favorite son Johnny Ruiz faces the hottest summer of his life.

The Boy Next Door, July 1, 1997. Improper Bostonian. Accused murderer stands accused of sexual sadism and incredible savagery.

Liquor Violations By Fans at Issue-Licensing Body Not Told of Sports Venue Arrests, March 9, 1998, Boston Globe. Red Sox and fans arrested get free ride at courthouse.

Fuel Brand Deception, January 19, 1998. Boston Globe. Low grade fuel delivered and sold as premium in giant deception.

Asbestos in Rubble Not Health Threat, May 30, 1998. Boston Globe. Asbestos buried illegally at state hospital site.

Another Delay at Old Hospital Site, May 26, 1998. Boston Globe. Buried building with asbestos found on hospital site.

The Great Chelsea Fire of 1973 – Looking Back, October 18, 2012. Chelsea Record. Personal recollections of great fire by Chelsea Record editor who spent the day in the city as it burned 39 years ago.

He Beat a Conservative Republican to Get His Real Start in Congress. December 5, 2011. Beacon Hill Times. Barney Frank’s run for Congress against Margaret Heckler.

Resnek wrote and published more than10,000 editorials, features, and commentaries from 1999-2013.


The Evening News with Walter Cronkite (2012)


The Last House on Third Street (2014)


Resnek is married with four children. He lives in Lynn.     mobile: (978) 239-8860