Everett Supply put under the microscope

By Josh Resnek

The cozy relationship shared by the Lattanzi Family with the mayor was described fully and in revealing detail with unsurpassable simplicity the Boston Globe reported Sunday.

Al Lattanzi is a councilor and the owner of the hardware store on Main Street near the Malden line – a very popular hardware store that did more than $147,000 of business with the city last year, according to the Globe report.

Lattanzi’s wife, Dolores, is absolutely devoted to the mayor and is on his city hall payroll as his scheduler. She oversees a great deal of the donations that are made to his political campaigns. She works at city hall and she works out of the hardware store. How much scheduling the mayor requires is unknown to most and is shared between them.

Had the Globe gone back, say eight years, the reporter would have needed an adding machine to settle the bloated totals.

As it is, the Globe found, in one instance, that Lattanzi charged food trucks supplying Everett’s food shelters, $595.00 a day. The hardware store rents U-Haul trucks, a side attraction of sorts to selling hammers, shovels and everything else.

The per day charge is incredible but the Globe left that to our own thoughts.

Lattanzi’s son, Attorney Matt Lattanzi, has had a sure but swift rise at city hall since joining the city as an assistant city solicitor.

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Should Councilor Lattanzi Recuse Himself On City Budget Vote

In Most Cities This Would Be a No Brainer; Not Here

By Josh Resnek

There are many instances of husbands and wives working for the city of Everett as their livelihood.

There are numerous examples of police officers who have wives who work for the police department.

There are couples who work for the city and for the fire department.

There is no conflict of interest to speak of in those situations.

In nearly all such circumstances, It is perfectly legal for a husband and wife to work for different city departments in Everett.

City councilors should be held to higher standard here but they aren’t.

A city councilor who does the mayor’s bidding whether right or wrong, owes a great deal of their financial well-being to the city of Everett.

Lattanzi is such a councilor.

He owes a great deal to the mayor, and to the mayor’s award winning city budget for providing for him and his family.

He also owes a great deal to City Solicitor Colleen Mejia.

She has shown a disinterest in studying, evaluating and ruling on conflict of interest issues, especially with regard to the mayor’s closest friends and allies.

Lattanzi’s connection to the city’s money trough is the stuff of bold and brazen bank robbery.

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Councilor Lattanzi Must Recuse Himself 

Councilor Al Lattanzi should not be allowed to vote on the mayor’s longevity pay when it comes up for a vote next Tuesday. 

Doing so is blatant, outrageous, and transparently wrong. 

The city solicitor should inform him to stand down, to recuse himself for to do otherwise is to perpetuate a lie. 

Lattanzi participating in the debate and the vote about the mayor’s longevity, ie, the mayor’s salary, is an egregious error and a serious violation of ethical standards for the first term councilor whose devotion to the mayor above all is what matters to him. 

And why not? 

His son works as a lawyer for the city. His wife is employed by the city in the mayor’s office, and when not working, she is raising money for the mayor’s election efforts. 

In addition, Lattanzi’s hardware store is a city vendor, reaping the benefits of his relationship with the mayor. And Lattanzi is now collecting a city salary. 

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Lattanzi Announces Run for Ward 6 City Council

Leader Herald Staff Report

Alfred Lattanzi officially announced his candidacy for Ward 6 City Council today, and launched a Facebook page that seeks feedback from Everett Residents.

“I’m encouraged by the early support I have received for this run and I’m looking forward to knocking on every voter’s door to hear their ideas and to ask for their vote,” said Lattanzi.

Al Lattanzi has been an integral part of the Everett community his entire life, through serving on various local boards and commissions. He has served on the Traffic Commission and the Board of Directors of the Everett Credit Union, first as Director then Treasurer. In 2009, he was elected to the Everett Charter Commission, which produced our current city charter that was then ratified by the voters in 2011. He is currently a member of the newly established Everett Redevelopment Authority and the owner of Everett Supply & True Value Hardware store on Main Street.

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