Happy Birthday Adam

Airman Adam Abdelgemid


Airman Adam Abdelgemid just celebrated his 21st birthday.

As a kid growing up in Everett, he was excited and full of life since attending his first class at Patty Cake Day care.This was followed by attending the George Keverian School, then onto Pioneer Charter and ending up at Saugus High School when his family moved out of the city.

He graduated from Salem State University. He made the Dean’s List. Those who know Adam speak of his intelligence and his humility.

Since he was a kid, he has worked at the family business on Ferry Street, The Ferry Street Service Station – best known for its low gasoline prices, car repair services and the members of the Abdelgemid Family who have worked hard and smart since immigrating from Egypt many years back.

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Veterans Day is everyday

Plaques, at Everett High School, salute veterans and service members from Everett. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

It is impossible to know exactly how many Everett men and women have joined the armed forces of the United States during war and peace since the nation was founded.

It is, we believe in the tens of thousands, beginning mainly with the Civil War and extending to the modern era when Everett men and women have served in World War2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world wherever American armed forces are deployed.

Signing your life away to the United States Armed forces takes courage.

Serving your country takes courage.

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Memorial Day ceremony special

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 10.18.23 AM
American flags fly in the breeze at Woodlawn Cemetery commemorating Memorial Day. (Photos by Jim Mahoney)

“Under the circumstances, it was awesome.” – Councilor Wayne Matewsky


Memorial Day in the age of Coronavirus was bit different this year.

Large crowds planting flags and listening to orations did not occur over the weekend.

What happened here Monday, however, showed the resiliency of the local community in its yearly affirmation of honoring those who gave their lives in the service of this nation.

“The respect that was shown under such dire conditions was amazing,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky, who attended the event at Woodlawn Cemetery.

“So much respect was shown. I cannot recall a more fitting Memorial Day tribute than what was put on by the city at Woodlawn Cemetery. It was unreal,” he added.

A procession of 75 automobiles led by Everett Police began at Everett High School and wound its way to the cemetery.

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Serving up some help at Abbondanza

Leader Herald Staff Report

On Monday, Abbondanza Ristorante owners Joe & Katrina Abbondanza along with the amazing team at Abbondanza Ristorante joined the community battle against Covid-19, donating and serving meals to the local front line heroes of the Everett Fire Department, Everett Police Department, and 911 Call Center.

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Sal DiDomenico’s legacy

The death over the weekend of Sal DiDomenico, the father of State Senator Sal DiDomenico, brings to an end the charmed life of a hard working and generous man who left this earth after spending a lifetime doing for others, and for his family, whom he loved.

Senator Sal wrote an impressive farewell to his father on his Facebook page – a long, passionate, personal message about his Dad that should be read. If you are a Facebook fan, go to the Senator Sal DiDomenico site and read it.

It reveals a side of Senator Sal’s humanity we do not ordinarily come in contact with.

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