Around the city…

The Kiwanis Club

This year’s Kiwanis Club incarnation is slightly less political than in years past.

Led by Attorney Fred Capone and aided with worthy leadership by significant leaders in the community and the business community, the Kiwanis Club has entered a new realm.

Under Capone, the club will not be a hammer with a strong political presence.

Rather, Capone’s leadership is remaking the club into what it is supposed to be – a place for those wishing to give back and find friendly and welcoming where political agendas are literally, out the window.

Everett Kiwanis is rededicating itself to its mission of doing good for others in this community.

This, by itself, is an accomplishment, and credit to all those so willing to give their time to the organization.

An amazing transformation

From week to week we have been publishing a score of photographs showing nearly everything being built in this city today.

The above photograph reveals yet another major residential apartment complex going up along the Parkway. Residents of this apartment complex will be living in apartments that abut the Parkway – and until five years ago, this type of development was a pipe dream.

Development is good. More affordable housing would be nice, but for right now, getting these monster market rate residential housing projects up and running is vitally important to the city’s financial well-being.

The new soccer stadium is probably more important to snag right now than an abundance of residential housing projects.

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Around the city…

Christmas Tree and holiday lights at Wehner Park.

Christmas approaching!

Christmas isn’t just approaching. It is barreling down on us like a runaway freight train.

Christmas music can already be heard on radio stations. Christmas trees have been for sale locally for about ten days.

It is not the end of November and Christmas is already upon us.

The city will be having the traditional Christmas Tree Lighting celebration on December 1, from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in Everett Square.

The mayor and his family will be there to throw the switch, as they say, that lights the lights that so many residents take pleasure in seeing.

This Christmas season will prove to be the most costly in decades for all our residents, what with inflation – but inflation doesn’t do very much to dim the spirit that comes with Christmas.

See you at the Christmas Tree Lighting in Everett Square – and let’s all try to be very grateful that we’re all here to celebrate the holiday.

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Around the city…

Mayor endorses slate

A flyer (left) appearing to be that of the mayor made its way around the city during the past few days.

With that flyer, the mayor has endorsed a slate of candidates.

The mayor claims he hasn’t reached out to any of the candidates and that his endorsement is just that, his endorsement.

For city council he is endorsing Anthony DiPierro, Holly Garcia, Alfred Lattanzi, Katy Rogers, and David LaRosa Senatillika.

For school committee he has endorsed, Millie Cardello, Jason Marcus, James Mastrocola, Joseph D’Onofrio, Joseph LaMonica and Cynthia Sarnie.

Let’s see how meaningful his endorsements are when the votes are counted on Election Day.

A nice story

Last week, I went into one of my favorite Scratch Ticket stores in North Everett while delivering the Leader Herald. I bought a $5 ticket.

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Around the city…

Nahant Beach Sunday afternoon. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Down the beach

The long weekend served as a decent moment in many of our lives to stop for a moment and take stock of the day and of our time on this earth. Sunday was absolutely grand. Monday was grand. We have entered that part of the seasonal cycle when the earth is turning on its axis away from the sun, the daylight is shorter, the wind and the breeze was just a bit cooler, and for the first time, the feeling that fall is nearly upon us seemed to cause some good feeling among many of us.

At Nahant Beach, which most Everett residents prefer over Revere Beach, the weekend produced a wide variety of activities and visitors to the beach. Some people surfed on the waves which were rushing in like a herd of galloping Palaminos; others walked their dogs while some sat in beach chairs just staring out to the horizon sucking in the sun. Still others flew kites and some actually road their kites in the wind with vehicles that scooted across the beach at low tide. Wind surfers road the waves…and in all…it was a kaleidoscope of activities capturing the eye at Nahant Beach.

Even here in Everett, in older Victorian homes built with Southern exposures, the brilliance and the warmth of the afternoon light, the brilliance of the blue sky made this long weekend a welcome to the changing season. You only get so many of these in a lifetime. Try to enjoy these dramatic changes in the season.

There are only a handful of brilliant days like these before our heaters have to be turned on!

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Around the city…

Broadway and Church

The original Everett building housing its offices as a town were built at the corner of Broadway and Church Street.

Shown above, is the city hall as it appeared in 1919.

In the 1950’s, the city building was hopelessly out of date, and was inadequate for modern government, so a new one had to be built.

In 1960, the original city hall was demolished and replaced by the present building.

The present building is also outdated for a modern city like Everett.

One day, the present city hall will be demolished and replaced by something more in tune with the changing times.

That means many offices may not exist in a new configuration because nearly every major function having to do with permits and paper work of every kind will be done online by the time that day arrives.

In other words, a new city hall will be a slimmed down version of what is being used today, with most people needing not to come to city hall to do their business.

As for a mayor’s office, that probably won’t be necessary, either, as long as the mayor, whoever it is, has their cell phone.

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