Capone has short story published


Gabby Capone, daughter of Michele and Fred Capone, recently had her short story The Lobster published in Cleaver Magazine, Philadelphia’s International Literary Publication.

Cleaver Magazine showcases art and literary work from both established and up and coming artists, writers, and poets.

Gabby has also been recognized as a Cleaver Emerging Artist.

Her tale is about a lobster that shows up unexpectedly at her doorstep.

It was one of 3,000 submissions this year, with only 7% accepted for publication.

Gabby is a 2019 graduate of Pope John XXIII High School, the final class to matriculate from the school. She has always loved creative writing and has won awards and accolades from the Everett Public Libraries Poetry contests for her poems Dartmouth, Mermaid, An Ode to the World Around Me, and Body.

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At $28 million, Encore’s Popeye One of world’s priciest sculptures

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 7.11.03 PM.png

by Josh Resnek

As a lover of sculpture, I can state unequivocally, there is nothing quite like Jeffrey Koon’s painted stainless steel masterpiece of Popeye, now appearing inside the Encore Hotel and Casino in our city.

The stainless steel Popeye is a $28 million piece of modern sculpture intended to draw people to it – and it absolutely, positively, will do just that.

Exactly how many is the only question and this will be answered after the opening and viewing the first several months financials and statistics. To have such a piece of modern art in Everett – well – there has never been anything even close to approximate this type of expensive artwork appearing in our city – or in any neighboring city in more than 300 years.

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Oliveira’s White Bull

A white bull placed in front of Oliviera’s Steak House on Broadway, signifying the restaurant’s connection to great beef, is undergoing the typical Everett City Hall runaround.

It has been noted by at least one city councilor who we like and respect that the bull is unclothed; that is to say, his private parts are showing.

Such a thought is purely subjective, as bulls are not known to wear clothing of any kind let alone underwear.

That being said, the owner has put a plastic bag over the bull’s rather indistinct private parts so as not to horrify passersby.

He has even said he would saw off the bull’s private parts, performing a castration really, which may or may not be against animal rights laws approved by the United Nations.

Can you imagine if Everett had a museum with ancient Roman statuary done by Michelangelo depicting a man undressed with his private parts showing? Would the museum be forced to cover the statue?

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Playwrite, producer Lisa Cocciardi Debuting new play on stage in Boston

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By Josh Resnek

Lisa Cocciardi grew up in Everett in a single family home on Jackson Ave. She attended schools here – the Webster School, the Parlin and Pope John, graduating in 1987 and then going out into the world to seek out her reason to live.

During the first week of April, her production company will be staging a play, ‘Compound Fractures,” at the Boston Playwrights Theater at 949 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

It is a triumphant return to where she went to college for Cocciardi, who attended Boston University.

It is, in a way, a defining moment at this time in her life.

She is articulate. She is warm. She is real – like the play she is producing.

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Excerpt from a 2016 Piece on Wynn’s Art Collection

The next day, after an excellent lunch at Chinois in the Forum Mall, which is the eighth wonder of the world, we all trooped back to our hotel to see the painting. We went into Wynn’s office, which is just off the casino, past a waiting area with a group of fantastic Warhols, past a secretary’s desk with a Matisse over it (a Matisse over a secretary’s desk!) Continue reading “Excerpt from a 2016 Piece on Wynn’s Art Collection”