Aruba vacation reactions heated

Leader Herald Facebook page commenters not happy


The mayor likes to tell his supporters that the Leader Herald is nasty, untruthful, and
involved in a personal plot – something dark and illegal – to end his mayoralty.

Our Facebook comments on his two-week Aruba vacation at a time of emergency attracted 3,800 visitors and more than 150 comments regarding the vacation.

This is what is called blowback.

After all, Everett people aren’t blind and stupid.

On the mayor’s Facebook site, under photographs of him all tan and ready to go . . . in the water in Aruba . . . this warning attributed to him is printed for all to see: “Stay at home. It saves lives.”

Whatever the mayor says about the Leader Herald is one thing.

How he attempts to deceive the people of this city writing about the value of family as the reason he took the Aruba jaunt during an emergency is something for the record books.

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On Zoom call from hotel room


The mayor has missed many meetings of the School Committee in the past several months, an indication to voters how sincere he is about becoming a voting member of the School Committee.

However, the mayor showed himself to be a full-out sneak attending last Monday’s ZOOM School Committee meeting from his hotel room inside the Ritz Carlton on the beach side of the island in Aruba while at the same time pretending to be in Everett.

He did not mention where he was. He acted as though he was in Everett.

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As Covid-19 rages in city, mayor was in Aruba

Who pays for Caribbean trips questions linger


When the mayor travels to Aruba, he most often stays at the Ritz-Carlton, one of the island’s most prestigious and expensive hotels.

An average room rental begins at $800, with suites and larger units renting for $1500 to $2500 a night.

The resort facility features a casino, among other luxuries.

In the past, the mayor has been questioned by some of his opponents about whether or not he pays for the accommodations, or whether supporters pay for him.

During the past two years, he has taken as many as five vacations in Aruba and has stayed at the Ritz-Carlton.

In addition, it is a part of Everett political folklore that for many years, the mayor’s flights were paid for by others who purchased the tickets for him.

Since the mayor has been investigated by the FBI (an open-ended investigation that has not yet been concluded), insiders claim he has become more careful about using his campaign account or allegedly unreported donations made by close supporters to pay for his flights and his suite rental.

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