City a popular place to live

APRIL 23: Everett, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Affordable housing, friendly neighbors, mass transit cited by Boston Globe along with Lynn as up and coming communities to call home


Everett was highlighted as one of the most popular cities close to Boston to move to in a Boston Sunday Globe magazine piece on the red-hot real estate marketplace which finds properties for sale very tight in and around Boston.

Lynn was listed as one of the favored communities as well.

Both Everett and Lynn received kudos as comfortable and friendly places to live and to work.

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Adrien battles for respect


In a recent Boston Globe Op-Ed and during a radio appearance on the Jim Braude and Margery Egan news show on National Public Radio, Adrien addressed how she is being treated by her colleagues and the mayor since she was elected.

She was invited to appear on the radio show based on the revelations she made in the Globe Op-Ed.

Her appearance last week on NPR caused the mayor to demand equal time on the Braude and Egan Show, a request they granted to him late last week.

During his radio appearance, the mayor said Adrien was “rude and ignorant.”

Adrien had detailed her poor treatment by her council colleagues and the mayor since her election during her earlier appearance on the Braude, Egan Show.

She described being taunted, being threatened, and being asked to resign by several of her colleagues.

She also gave substance and detail to her belief that the mayor is out to get her and isn’t exactly trying to hide the animus he holds for her.

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‘I’m proud to be a Black woman in politics’


Black women are commonly stereotyped as too aggressive, too hostile, too angry.

Categorizing us with these labels has caused Black women to question how we can look, dress, or even speak to provide a softer image to the outside world. These words can negatively impact our careers, our reputation, and how people look at us.

In 2019, I became the first Black, Haitian-American woman to be elected for the city councilor at-large seat in my home- town of Everett. I did not run with the label of being the first or being Black. I campaigned on issues critical to my city, and Everett needed the most qualified person in the seat. With my background, family experiences, and work history, I believed I was that person. During my campaign, I spoke about my graduating from Bentley University and obtaining my MBA from Boston University. I talked about how I had eight years of work experience in the corporate and nonprofit sector, and about being a small-business owner.

In 2020, my City Council colleagues went to the media and labeled me as too aggressive and said that my ideas were too bold for Everett. The labels reminded me of the many tropes Black women have historically heard for scores of years. I sat and reflected on whether I was too aggressive to be on the Everett City Council. I still had my career to think about and my small business to protect from the impact of COVID-19.

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Boston media weighs in on Adrien battle with DiFlorio


A front page Boston Globe story on Councilor Gerly Adrien following last week’s virtual city council meeting depicted her and the council at odds, with the council president calling her a “problem” who had been trying to destroy our city from day one.”

Those were the exact words of Everett City Council President Rosa DiFlorio as published in the Boston Globe on the front-page Saturday.

By themselves, they are a stunning affirmation of Adrien’s claims that the council treats everyone with respect but her – and that they have answers for everything except for what she asks about.

“I honestly think it has to do with me being a Black woman,” Adrien said. “What could happen if we let this Black woman change things or make noise? I’m getting a lot more popular and they’re acknowledging that. And I think they’re scared of it.”

“First Black woman
on city council stands alone.

The Boston Globe, June 26

At the last meeting, Adrien sponsored 14 resolutions and dominated a debate that stretched for nearly four hours, according to the Globe report.

A similar report was published in last week’s Leader Herald, highlighting the animus that exists between Adrien and DiFlorio and many of the city council members who make a visible and audible effort to segregate her from the pack.

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Exelon battling environmental realities to keep Mystic Generating Station open

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 5.31.36 PM
Exelon’s Mystic Generating Station.  (Photo by JIM MAHONEY)

Power plant slated to be shuttered in 2024


Exelon, Everett’s largest taxpayer, is fighting for its right not only to continue producing energy at its plant but to do so long after its twilight and end had been planned for in 2024.

Environmentalists in Greater Boston are fighting to close down the power plant, which produces enormous amounts of energy for 1 million New England consumers but does so with an unmatched record locally for polluting the environment.

The Boston Globe published a news piece Monday that hit Exelon like a hammer over the head.

“The towering smokestacks of the state’s largest power plant have loomed for decades over the Boston area, spewing pollutants that produce smog, warm the planet, and exacerbate asthma and other respiratory illnesses, such as the coronavirus,” wrote the Globe.

The Mystic Generating Station as it is known locally, which is located on a sliver of land abutting Everett, was slated to close two years ago.

The City of Everett is presently involved in a law suit seeking more tax money from the entire Exelon position on the Everett coastline. The city has made the claim that the $15 million a year coming into the city treasury does not account for the true value of the company’s real estate and manufacturing assets.

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