EHS fall athletes honored by Boston Globe

Superintendent Priya Tahiliani stands alongside Everett High School football senior ath- letes at the school’s fall sports banquet held at St. Anthony’s in Malden earlier this month. (From left) Ralph Pierre, Nick Raymond, Tahiliani, Karmarri Ellerbe, and Kevin Ruiz.

Leader Herald Staff

A successful fall sports campaign at Everett High School produced plenty outstanding athletes across the school’s sports stage.

Included in the Boston Globe’s annual high school fall sports honors was EHS senior Karmarri Ellerbe, who was named All-Scholastic for his efforts at quarterback for the Crimson Tide. The bruising football star compiled 1,944 total yards and 18 touchdowns (10 rushing) on the year. In two seasons at QB, he amassed a 17-3 overall record while averaging over 9 yards per carry.

Listed below are all of Everett High School’s 2022-2023 fall sports honorees.

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When the smokestacks come down

Monday’s Boston Globe featured a detailed business piece regarding the future of the Everett waterfront in the area of lower Broadway.

The Globe reporter pointed out what we have known for quite some time, and that is, this area of Broadway can be transformed and very well might be transformed but the road to that place is filled with obstacles.

The first impediment to change is a company called Constellation, now trying to have the property it owns sold by March.

We reported this two months ago.

Constellation is trying to sell the area of the waterfront now crowded with brick smoke stacks that reach for the sky, and a generating plant, also of brick and cement which hold the last two working electric generators fired by oil in Greater Boston.

The brick generating plant is probably 5 million bricks and generators that stand four or five stories high and weigh tons and tons.

If billionaire businessman and Patriots owner Bob Kraft wants to build a soccer stadium on this 45 acre site, then he will have to outbid another energy company presently negotiating with Constellation for the sprawling property.

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Encore Boston Harbor sued over alleged “bait and switch”

From the Boston Globe

Encore Boston Harbor is being sued by a frequent patron, Jason Turley, who says the casino used a “bait and switch” tactic when it promised him – and hundreds of other patrons – a $300 gas card to come to the casino on April 23. Turley and “hundreds of other regular players” at the casino received an e-mail two days earlier in which Encore said Speedway gas gift cards would be handed out between noon and 6 p.m. on April 23. “No other conditions or requirements were provided in the email,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed in Middlesex Superior Court on Dec. 15. Turley and “hundreds of other regular patrons” showed up, but received $300 “free pay vouchers” instead of gas cards, the suit says.

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— Eye on Everett —


Private Conversations between the mayor’s favorite blue suit and Leader Herald Editor Josh Resnek.


Let’s face it, The mayor is a powerful guy. In Everett, there is not a man or woman more powerful than the mayor. Since he got himself elected in 2007, he has consolidated his power, oiled his various platforms, and arrived at a place where he appears to be an untouchable.

Many people who are opposed to the mayor, who opposed his re-election effort last year, quite often wonder aloud, “How has he managed to survive the rough equivalent of a series of cyclone bombs and go on and on as the mayor of Everett?”

This is a great question.

Is he protected and if so, from what and by whom?

We don’t have sufficient answers to any of these questions. Regrettably, we have no answer other than anecdotal thoughts and beliefs that point to one thing or another, and without evidence, notes, videos, witnesses and on and on, whatever we might think cannot be proven.

Over the weekend, the Boston Globe published two pieces, both about the mayor, in one way or another.

What did he think about these pieces?

Did he read them?

Did he comment to friends about them?

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Fine & Discrimination

Leader Staff

The serenity of the Thanksgiving weekend was broken just a bit by two news reports in the Boston Globe.

Dependent upon who you are and where you stand in the Everett political morass, the twin Globe articles were either devastating or just more of the same, destined to have no impact on law enforcement officials than they have for the past five years.

The first report detailed how Greg Antonelli, the well- known supporter of the mayor and Everett’s chief public contractor made illegal donations to the DeMaria campaign – which have been returned in addition to a fine of $6,000 Antonelli paid to the Office for Campaign and Public Finance.

This was a short piece but a telling piece. It revealed that Antonelli and his relatives talked with or were interrogated by officials at OCPF who apparently investigated Antonelli’s checking accounts and those of his relatives, in order to make ultimate determinations that illegal contributions had been made.

Antonelli will likely laugh off the $6,000 fine. He is a very successful businessman for whom paying a $6,000 fine is an inconvenience somewhat like a mosquito bite.

However Antonelli’s payment of the fine indicates his aura of invincibility has been broken by law enforcement – if you want to consider OCPF a law enforcement agency.

An agency of the Massachusetts state government actually investigated Antonelli, et al, and found wrongdoing and caused him to be like all of us who disobey the law. That is, he was made to admit he did something illegal. He was made to pay a fine.

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