10 Arrests made by EPD last week

Leader Herald Staff

The Everett Police Department reported making ten arrests last week for a variety of offenses.

They are as follows:

A 657 Broadway Everett resident, 43, was arrested for failure to appear in the district court on an outstanding warrant.

A 34-year-old Boston man who lives on Hamilton Street, Boston was arrested for distributing Class A drugs and for possessing Class B drugs when he was arrested.

A homeless Malden man, 34, was arrested for receiving a stolen motor vehicle, and for possession of Class A and Class B drugs.

A 5 Minton Road Billerica woman, 29, was arrested for receiving a stolen motor vehicle.

A 27-year-old 63 Hull Street, Milton resident was arrested for receiving a stolen motor vehicle and for failing to appear on an outstanding warrant with the district court.

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60 years and counting since the day the world stood still when JFK was killed

By Josh Resnek
The Leader Herald

A photograph of JFK I cut out of Life Magazine a few weeks after his assassination has remained with me for a lifetime.

I was 13 when he was killed in Dallas on a day those of us old enough to recall it will never forget.

That photo shown in the photograph accompanying this article reveals John F. Kennedy as most of us who lived through that era remember him – handsome, impeccably dressed, and looking quite unlike any president this nation had known up to the time he was killed in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

With all the troubles our government has been experiencing, nothing really compares to the fracture in the nation Kennedy’s assassination caused.

Killing an American president – and he likely died due to a government inspired conspiracy – is the rough equivalent of an atomic attack on our way of life.

When his brother Robert Kennedy died from an assassin’s bullet in 1968, the nation was being torn apart by radicalism and violence with the rich against the poor, whites against Blacks, women against men, and the old against the young.

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Championship Boxing Shipping up to Encore

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 6.28.52 PM.png

By Lorenzo Recupero

Encore Boston Harbor and Murphys Boxing is setting the stage for the first live-action entertainment of the summer at the newly opened 2.6 billion dollar resort.

Murphys Boxing, a promotion team founded in 2014 by the band Dropkick Murphys’ frontman Ken Casey, is collaborating with Encore for a championship title fight to take place at the entertainment venue within the resort.

On July 12, Stoneham’s Greg “The Villain”Vendetti will take on Michael Anderson of New Jersey for the IBA Junior Middleweight World Championship.

The 2,000 plus capacity venue at Encore will also play host to several other fights featuring the “who’s who” of Massachusetts boxers leading up to the main event.

Murphys Boxing’s Director of Communications, Chris Jay, expressed optimism for the future of the partnership with Encore and what it that means for boxing enthusiast in the area — and beyond — looking to have a unique and intimate boxing experience at a first-class venue.

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Wynn Resorts Denies Gattineri’s Claims, Files Countersuit

By Josh Resnek 

Several weeks back we reported Anthony Gattineri’s allegation that he was promised an extra $18 million by Wynn Resorts Rob DeSalvio in exchange for Gattineri’s approval of the Everett land deal where the casino is located, of which he was a part when the casino project was just getting underway.

He claimed he and DeSalvio shook hands on the deal.

Without that handshake, Gattineri asserts, the land deal for the casino would never have happened.

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