Wednesday Breakfast Club All About Friendship and Everett

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By Josh Resnek

Every first Wednesday of the month about 10 o’clock in the morning at the I-Hop on Route 1 about 30 older Everett buddies and lifelong friends collect for an early morning breakfast and the camaraderie that comes from having known one another for a lifetime.

It is an amazing scene, this breaking of bread with old Everett friends – all men – all in their 70’s, some still working, many who are retired, all of whom share the Everett experience.

It all began some years back with five Everett guys: Paul Noonan, Danny McGonagle, Buster Zanotti, Bob Russell – and Allan Armstrong.

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Dieting On My Own Terms

Sunday breakfast during diet time looks pretty Spartan but in reality, it is a small feast.


By Josh Resnek 

Many of us that put on extra pounds and who are vain decide to do something about it.

Whenever I have needed to lose weight, I do the following: smaller portions, skipping meals, no bread, no soda, no potatoes.

Salads most of the time with chicken – no red meat.

This always works for me. Perhaps my metabolism is such that the above works flawlessly.

About three months ago, I decided to lose 12 pounds.

I was up at 200. I’m 6 feet tall so the extra weight wasn’t so obvious but it was there and it bothered me.

I began a regimen of drinking lots of water, skipping breakfast, except for Sundays, and skipping dinner on most nights.

I came to rely on lunch and perhaps a few small snacks – a candy bar, an ice cream or a glass of cranberry juice and that was it – everyday.

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