Exelon trying to renegotiate assessment

Mystic Generating Station by Exelon. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The city’s second largest taxpayer and source of income is in ongoing negotiations with the Everett assessor’s department to redo its assessment for the 70 acres of land it owns along the Mystic River, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

Exelon owns the land and the giant oil-fired generators Mystic 8 and 9 which are scheduled to be retired in 2024.

When those two generators are sitting idly, the value of the land they occupy is not worth as much as when the generators are running and generating millions of dollars in revenues.

This is how Exelon will look at the re-evaluation.

The city’s opinion will be just the opposite.

The city’s reassessment is likely to show the value of the land has gone up greatly since the TIF was signed twenty years ago.

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Gerly Adrien Partnering with Two Others to Form Famous Food Combo in JP

By Josh Resnek

Everett’s Gerly Adrien is teaming up with two other business people to form a retail food outlet in Jamaica Plain called, Monumental Market.

This will be the coming together of three businesses, Lavender Bee Baking Company, Tipping Cow Ice Cream (which Adrien owns) and El Columbiano Coffee.

They will opening cup in a space once occupied by Monumental Cupcakes.

What is this all about?

It is all about great food and JP and joining forces to enjoy a success.

When Monumental Cupcakes owner Patti Hudson closed her Jamaica Plain cupcake shop earlier this year, she promised something “monumental” in its place, per the signs on the papered-up windows. That is indeed true: An innovative, nut-free, bakery and café (with ice cream) called Monumental Market is opening there this spring from three established, Boston- area wholesale companies— Lavender Bee Baking Co., Tipping Cow Ice Cream, and El Colombiano Coffee, as reported by Boston Magazine.

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