Patriots going nowhere with Newton


As former Patriot’s GOAT Tom Brady prepares for another run at the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots are going through the agonizingly painful motions of beginning another season without a quarterback capable of winning a championship.

That’s the major fact of life about the Patriots again this year.

With Cam Newton at the head of the offense, the Pats don’t have a chance of winning the division or of competing for the big prize, a visit to the Super Bowl.

It is a sad fact of reality that the Pats will be an average NFL competitor this year.

While Brady will remain superlative, the Pats will sink again without a great star leading the team.

How did it come to this?

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Patriot’s victory a triumph

A TV frame ofNew England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton heads off the field at Gillette Stadium after winning in the empty stadium. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


The Pat’s victory Sunday over the Dolphins raised spirits here substantially.

Without quarterback Tom Brady leading the pack into the new season for the first time in two decades, there were many, many questions about how the team would perform.

What was missing from the victory?

People in the stands.

There weren’t any.

The cheering we heard after a good play or a score or a great run, were canned cheering.

Canned cheering is to an empty football stadium where the game is being played on the field what canned laughter is to sit-coms shown on television.

America loves canned laughter.

I don’t. I’ve always hated it, made fun of it, mimicked it and finally turned the station. Not so with canned cheering at yesterday’s football matchup between the Patriots now led by Cam Newton facing the Dolphins.

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Pats sign Cam Newton, players say it’s brilliant

League reacts as star QB heads to Foxborough


In March Tom Brady officially left the Patriot’s and signed up to be a Buccaneer and suddenly, the juggernaut of the AFC (and the entire NFL, really) was relegated from a postseason fixture to a playoff wannabe.

Suddenly, all that has changed, and the Patriots are once again hovering closer to the top of the AFC (and NFL) power rankings with the signing of former league MVP, quarterback Cam Newton.

News of Newton’s signing with the Patriots blasted off around the league like the ceremonial muskets fired once the home team scores a touchdown at Gillette Stadium.

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